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Avatar n tn I have pain in my middle finger at the base knuckle on both sides when I move it, any ideas as to what could have caused this?
Avatar f tn I am having terrible pain in middle knuckle on both hands. First noticed the pain a number of years ago after driving metal fence posts in the ground with a large hammer. Pain now id severe. Finger will functin if knuckle is flat. To touch them, bump them or bend the intendified the now constant pain. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Avatar n tn I am having some knuckle pain on my right hand on my middle finger, however i do not remember hurting my hand at all, there is no swelling and i can keep it in the straight position however when i bend it the pain comes. any suggestions?
Avatar m tn ok first things first. The knuckle above my right middle finger is swollen. This is due to me constantly hitting hard surfaces. i have no pain in that particular finger or knuckle or any part of the hand but i cant fully raise my right ring finger. It gets to about half way and i cannot raise it anymore unless i force it up with my other hand. Apart from that i have full use of my right hand and no pain in or around the knuckle or finger. Any ideas whats wrong??
Avatar n tn It has been very painful especially at the middle knuckle. I have taken prednisone and in larger doses the pain and swelling abates but the effects of the prednisone are not wanted. In the past two months the pain at the knuckle subsided but moved to were the finger connects to the hand and that also swells but the finger as a whole is still swollen.
Avatar f tn I broke my finger, may 30th,middle one at the knuckle, went to the E R they xrayed and set it,splint etc. then went to my family doc...told me three more weeks if not better then orthopedic phys.The thing is the swelling is taking so long to go down, it has gone down some but i am I looking at surgery or is it to soon to tell ? And should I just go to the orthopedic phys. now or chill and wait ?
Avatar n tn she says itll take time but now its been a month or more it still hurs everytime i try to move my middle finger (knuckle).i triedputting ice and creams but nothings happening!! what should i do!??
Avatar m tn You may have severely bruised the bone, or fractured it by the force that went on the hand as you landed. An xray of the hand would be able to show whether you have caused damage to the bone. In the meantime strap the middle finger to the two either side to immobilise it. You can apply a lot of natural yogurt to that part and lightly bandage it. This helps by drawing out the inflammation. Keep your weight off that hand too until it is fully healed.
Avatar m tn when i grip anything with my right hand, like scissors or any hand tool, and squeeze, i get a sharp pain in my middle knuckle, i noticed it about a year ago, it was not bad at all at first, but over the last week its become a constant. all other knuckles on both hands are fantastic otherwise,im dont recall any injury or reason why this is happening, any ideas? thank you.
Avatar n tn My tendon keeps popping off my (r/h middle finger) knuckle. I cannot make a fist or hold anything which puts my hand in a fist position. for example: holding onto a knife, ironing, brushing daughters hair or mine come to think of it. All I did was shake the water out of a brush about 2 months ago. Physiotherapist says needs to heal itself? Swollen & bruised, I try not to use it but when you're not concentrating, bang you hear the suction break. Very painfull.
Avatar n tn So one time during a board breaking session i decided to do a 4 board punch. After i had completed the break, my middle knuckle(the knuckle that you are supposed to punch with) began to swell, and now it is normally twice the size of my other knuckle, and whenever i punch with it, it re-inflames, bruises, and begins to hurt again immediately after. After a short time it doesn't actually hurt unless my knuckle collides with some other object.
Avatar m tn I have had pain in the main knuckle of the middle finger. I cannot pinpoint the exact cause of the injury. about six weeks ago I noticed shooting pain when i pushed the middle finger laterally while isolated from the other fingers across the sides of the knuckle. I also feel sharp pain when making a tight fist in the main knuckle or gripping my hand tightly around the grip on a weight.
Avatar m tn I got home and iced it but it took couple days for the swelling to go down my middle knuckle doesn't hurt at all even tho it was huge strangley my knuckle beside my pinky finger really hurts if i bend the finger back towards my wrist the pain is unbariable! i can move it in a closed fist position and open wide i have yet gone to a doctor but i was wanting to know if someones done this before and if its something i can let heal and within a month it be fine?
Avatar f tn Also it hurts on my knuckle when pressure is applied. Should I get it looked again right away? Both my middle knuckle and the knuckle on my pointer finger still looks enlarged. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar f tn The last time that I broke it the doctor told me that there were bone fragments floating in my had near my middle knuckle. Nothing was done about it. Now however I am having some issues with that finger it is now not straight, swollen around the knuckle, there is alot of pain coming from that finger radiating up my arm and i can not straighten it out. Should go to the doctor? Is it the bone fragments that are causing this?
Avatar f tn For about a month now, my knuckle has been hurting pretty bad to bend it or even touch it. Today I noticed some swelling. Its my middle finger on my right hand and its swollen on the side closest to my pointer finger, its even a little red. As far as I can remember, I have never injuryed it. I use to be a package handler at FedEx Ground. I loaded the tractor trailer trucks but the last three months Iwas there, which ended last month, I was on light duty.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago I was hit in the hand by a field hockey ball that was shot from 5-7 feet away. It hit the knuckle of my middle finger which was out at the time as my hand was around my stick. It hurt terribly for about 10 minutes and then seemed fine the rest of the game. The next day I couldn't make a fist or completely straighten my fingers without a significant amount of pain. The Dr splinted it and sent my on my way.
4173185 tn?1350598279 Ok, a couple days ago I got very upset and punched a dresser that is made of very heavy wood...the dresser won. My pinky, finger beside my pinky, and middle finger are all swollen, so swollen I can't wear my engagement ring. My knuckles are swollen and hurt very bad, and my metacarpal region is swollen. All of the swollen parts hurt very bad and are bruised, the bruising is black, that's never happened to me before is black bruising normal?
Avatar m tn I'm a house painter and recently brought my hand down onto the sharp point of one of my painting tools. It cut into the side if my rt hand middle finger, middle joint (between the knuckle and the lower joint) It bled a bit and swelled up of course. That was over two weeks ago. I still have noticable swelling in that joint, especially on the rt side, and considerable pain. The rest of my hand hurts lately, probably from compensating for the lack of use of the middle finger. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn On my left hand, my index finger is longer than my middle finger, my ring finger is shorter than my middle finger. On my left had, my middle finger is shorter than both other fingers (ring & middle). It's nver caused any problems but I've always wondered why my Mom & I had it.
Avatar n tn I recently shook hands and immediately felt pain as if a tendon or a ligament ruptured under the mid knuckle/joint on my right middle finger. It was a broad pain with noticeable swelling. Now when I shake hands or grasp something tightly like a handle the same pain occurs. Also, now on that same finger but on the right side there is a small pea sized bump or nodule. If I close my fingers tightly it produces an acute sharp, stabbing, burning pain as if be stuck with a hot needle.
Avatar f tn is in the middle joint? If the pain in the finger on my right hand is being caused by an old trauma, why am I getting the exact same pain progression in two fingers on my left hand? And if it is not an old trauma, but a build up of calcium or bone material, doesn't the fact that it's happening to multiple joints at the same time indicate a bigger problem?
Avatar n tn Type your medical question here I was hit hard in the knuckle on my right hand between my pointer finger and middle finger. I have swelling, pain and I see what I think is a piece of bone under the skin.It is extremely sensitive when touched. Is it a broken knuckle?
488675 tn?1208993554 - The picture in the green circle is a side view of my hand/knuckles. When i press a finger on that middle knuckle and move my middle finger upwards and downwards, i feel as if one of my tendons is rubbing on a bone; i feel slight vibrating between the tendon and the bone when i do that motion, i also feel pain. The "rubbing" is not normal because my left hand's knuckle-joints are well lubricated and move smoothly without any pain. Please give me feedback.
Avatar f tn i immediately felt something go at the joint of mt middle finger.x ray shows nothing broken .could be a torn ligament i was told.still swollen and painful to move.could it be dislocated?
Avatar n tn I have done the same on my knuckle on my middle finger, got the thorn out but it's still red and quite painful, not sure if the thorn touched the bone,not sure how long to leave it before I seek help.
4682204 tn?1358017502 hand swelled up around middle finger hurt but started to feel better a little after a few months until two days ago when i got a massage and she pulled on my finger which sent excruciating pain through arm within two hours knuckle was swollen again and major pain in wrist can barely move my hand can't make fist or pick up things with it. Could I have chipped a bone and it traveled when she did that? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. If Dr. what kind?
Avatar n tn Come to find out i actually punched a screw that was sticking through the board directly in the center of my middle finger knuckle. I believe it went about a quarter of an inch deep into my knuckle and it hurts alot to straighten it out or touch it. Anyone know what i might have done to it and how can i make it better?
Avatar f tn Not knowing the vehicle was behind me, I swung my hang back and punched the car. I punch the middle finger, Hand knuckle. (The ones you see when you make a fist) Anyways, It was horrible pain... I had limited movement and it hurt to make a fist or touch it. But heres the catch, I did'nt go get an xray or anything when it happend. Please dont give me any hate... I didnt want to get surgery because i'm a cheerleader and i didnt want to be out of cheer, so I waited.
382218 tn?1341185087 Within a few weeks she had been to her primary doc and been sent immediately to the ortho surgeon. Infection had invaded the joint at the middle of her index finger. The bone had already been completely destroyed. Her first surgery removed the joint and surrounding infection. She took antibiotics and wore a splint on the painful and useless finger for a couple of months anticipating a joint replacement would be done last spring.