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Avatar f tn It could be a fungal infection possibly, and need Metronidazole treatment, or something similar. I think you definitely need to go back to the vet for a clear diagnosis, based on the recurrence of this problem, and a re-evaluation of her treatment.
1872406 tn?1320893991 Metronidazole, Forti Flora Packets, Azodyl Caps, Prednisone for a few days) and Famotidine tabs. Vet said prednisone is only for a few days because late next week, she wants to run an ACTH stimulation test on him and he'll need to be off the Prednisone for a few days so that when they run the test, that the prednisone won't cause a false test result for Addison's. Today Courage seems totally fine.
Avatar m tn The other thing is he has just recovered from a bout of dihrrea and is taking Metronidazole so they were reluctant to give him the antibiotic for the ear infection. I am reluctant to give it to him. In the past his ear infections have made him miserable with a fever and not very nice personality - none of which he has now. He is just content to lay by my side. I can't afford to keep bringing him back to the vet everyday, not to mention the stress it buts on him.
7219853 tn?1389292676 Way food are you feeding and how fatten? Are you giving any tray rests or supplements? My kids dogs, and a few others. Haven own had sillier issues. I suggested they're the dogs on Pro Plan Salmon for sensitive stomachs. Hey switch probably over two years ago now and the dogs have much improved and are healthy. You might try picking up a small bag and gradually transition over for a few weeks and see if that helps.
Avatar m tn We have an anti-nausea med and Metronidazole antibiotic. The antibiotic has a side effect of loss of appetite which is why we think she is not eating. We were going to do a CBC but the vet found the mass in the abdomen while checking on her when getting fluids. We went to the vet today to get the results of the xrays after the vet couldn't verify the problem. They were reviewed by a radiologist and they said the xrays were inconclusive.
1916673 tn?1420236870 I agree, it would be much better if this User Group wasn't needed, but as this dreadful disease affects one in every three dogs over the age of 12 yrs, I think it very much is needed - and people here are very supportive and kind hearted, despite their experiences and losses. Thank you for joining us.
Avatar m tn You may need a really good yard and house clean up with diluted bleach, and give a prolonged course of Panacur, or Metronidazole to all your dogs' simultaneously. I would continue the Metoclopramide while Ricky is on the Panacur or Metronidazole. Your dogs' may also benefit from 5mg. of pepcid each morning. Your vet could also prescribe Tylan Powder at 1/8 tsp per dog per day. Of course all of this must be done under your vet's supervision, and with your vet's advice.
Avatar m tn My boxer has had diarrhea for months - initially was a parasite, but has been on panacure 3 times, metronidazole 3 times, and prednisone, plus Prescription Diet Dry Food, Natural Lamb and Rice Dry has not cleared up. The "stools" are either formed slightly but very wet, or just a lump of "pudding", and always a yellowish color. We have also tried dog pro-biotics in between the above treatments.
Avatar m tn At the time she didn't seem to be showing any symptoms (no soft stool, etc), and our breeder had assured us upon her call that she had been dewormed with Panacur (fenbendazole) and that everything should be fine. Our vet gave us 2 weeks of what I believe was metronidazole. About a week ago Penny started having very soft stool. We took her into the vet yesterday for her rabies vaccination and a lepto booster, etc...
Avatar n tn I'm sorry you have waited so long for a reply. I have heard of Flagyl (Metronidazole) causing neurologic symptoms in dogs, but only usually if overdosed. This usually resolves itself when the medication is stopped. But I think you need to speak to your vet about this. All antibiotics, and antifungals can cause Gastro-intestinal side effects too. But in your dog's case, there was some diarrhea BEFORE medication with Metronidazole?
Avatar m tn ) Anyway, one of my dogs had a few episodes of intermittent vomiting and diarrhea for the past 5 days - her stool was jelly like and one had traces of blood, and her vomit is usually gloopy and yellowish and at one time, had a tinge of pink / red specks in it, and recently it appeared foamy.
Avatar m tn I have a 2 year old teacup Schnauzer & recently changed her diet to a raw diet. We used Stella & Chewy's raw food. The first week she did great, the second week she began vomiting, sometimes food, other times white foamy stuff. She laid around for about 2 or 3 days, but still had an appetite, loved her new food & drank the normal amount.
Avatar m tn fluid therapy with dexamethazone, and antibiotics. The antibiotic's that I use for diarrhea are Metronidazole or Tylan. I hope you dog is eating and drinking normally, but if not, she will have to see the veterinarian again. Adult dogs can go with out food for a few days without difficulty but puppies cannot since they have so little storage fat and can develop hypoglycemia very easily.
Avatar n tn You should be able to rid your dog of giardia completely with one or more courses of anti-giardia antibiotics followed by the Giardia Vax vaccine, and than with annual Giardia Vax vaccine. It may take several courses of antibiotic to completely eliminate the organism from the body, though. Dogs who shed giardia are not "carriers" they are merely still infected. The length of time for treatment is usually not long enough for persistant giardia infections.
Avatar f tn And I am wondering 2 things. Firstly....I had 3 dogs (mixed shep (Nestle) (who died the other day), a 2 year old pomeranian(Wubbzy) and a 6 year old min pin (Molly). For some reason (Wubbzy) would always eat Nestles poo but never ever ate my Molly's poo. I am wondering why that is. I thought vitamin deficiency, so I got Wubbzy some different food and slowly changed it. But Wubbzy still ate my Nestle's poo. I even gave Wubbzy a very small pc.
Avatar n tn Has your vet given him Lomotil (diphenoxylate) for the diarrhea, Tylan or Metronidazole? Have you tried a low residue diet, or a food allergy diet? I have seen dogs with gluten allergies have diarrhea until the gluten is stopped, and food allergies can occur any time in a dog’s life.
1475974 tn?1306884921 and I hate to even mention the amount of money we have spent...we love her very much! We have 2 dogs and 2 cats at home. This all started after we found her digging into an old pail of fish bait that she found behind a shed while on vacation. She was very sick and we took her to the Boston Road Animal Hospital and our Vet for treatment. She has never been the same since...weak, lethargic and its only getting worse. We took her to TUFTS after our Vet was just out of answers.
Avatar f tn Other breeds that are affected are Old English Sheepdogs, Shelties, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, longhaired Whippets, and two breeds that are not very well known, the Silken Windhound and the McNab. Two drugs that are very popular for use in dogs that should never be prescribed to dogs with the mutation are Ivermectin and loperamide (Immodium). Heartgard, a very popular heartworm preventative, contains ivermectin.
Avatar n tn Similar adverse changes are true regarding insulin production by your pets pancreas. Insulin is needed to prevent the development of pet diabetes in dogs and cats. Studies in dogs with Lymphoma Cancer documented elevated blood levels of lactate and insulin, neither of which declined, even when complete remission was achieved in clinical trials using a chemotherapeutic drug called doxorubicin.
Avatar f tn I've even gone to feeding him once a day, in the morning, which I've always despised, thinking he'd get it all out of him during the day, he's losing weight, but this morning there was poop in his crate as usual. I have 8 dogs in my beautiful kennel which has radiant heating in the floor, ceiling fans...They are let out into a LARGE fence in area usually every 4 hrs, no more than 6. They are fed and let out at 5:30 in the morning and final turnout is usually 10-11 PM.
Avatar f tn I will answer your question as the veterinary expert below. The antibiotic, metronidazole can cause seizures and other neurological problems at high doses in some dogs but, the neurological problems usually subside pretty quickly once the antibiotic is eliminated. I don't know if your dog was on metronidazole. Late seizure onset in a 10 year old dog can be caused by a metabolic disease, meningitis, encephalitis, or other neurological disease or infection, or a brain tumor.
408245 tn?1202057595 acute infectious (viral or bacterial) enteritis A course of Metronidazole antibiotic may be helpful. If IBD is suspected than the medicine called Tylan can be used at a very low dose long term to control diarrhea. All dogs with digestive issues should be placed on a probiotic supplement long term such as RX Biotic, I-Flora, Culturelle, or other. Probiotics contain all the good bacteria in the GI and help dramatically with digestion.
Avatar f tn The vet took a fecal smear, which was negative. Gave him Metronidazole 500 mg bid for 10 days and Foriflora for 30 days.No difference. She then tested him again for worms (negative) and put him on a dewormer just in case (Drontal Plus and Panacur). Still no improvement. He cont'd with loose stools daily and occasional watery diarrhea. A fecal culture was done to test for bacteria, which came up negative. We changed his diet to Iams low residue puppy.
746785 tn?1232984349 We weened him back on his regular kibble after he completed the meds and once again the diarrhea is back. Does anyone have experience in treating parasites in their dogs? Is it more likely the meds didn't clear the parasites completely? Was he treated with the right meds? From what I've read parasites are tricky to get rid of and often require several courses of medications. Before going back for another pricy vet visit, is there anything more I can do on my own?
Avatar m tn My 11 yr old yorkie is having mucus stools. Vet gave her metronidazole. To no avail. Both yorkies have eaten flint river pup food until about 2 months ago I changed them to senior formula. Vet also gave pro pectalin pills. No good. I started her on plain rice today and will try pumpkin. I am very frustrated with my vet as he seems not to explore many possibilities.
Avatar n tn They put her on antibiotic - Metronidazole, fortiflora supplment, and low residue diet. The next morning she was very lethargic and had extreme difficulty walking. It only worsened throughout day. The vet wanted to unltrasound but hospital said it was unnecessary. That night we took Xena back to hospital. We had to carry her to car. Once inside hospital she miraculously walked and was all peppy. The doctors at hospital did cbc work up.
Avatar n tn She has been having diarrhea, but i though ti was cause of a bug thats going around my whole neighborhood. All the dogs were sick for a few weeks. The vet put her on Metronidazole and it got better. Then it came another course of Metro. Now, i am concerned that this may be a more serious thing from the paint or whatever else they put on walls. It looks like she has only gotten though a few layers of paint. No big hole in the wall.
Avatar f tn Tylan is a REALLY good alternative to Metro. I've yet to have a dog respond to Metronidazole if Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is the problem. If food allergy is suspected, why not try a hydrolized protein diet? If you have not done so already. As much as I hate Pred, I would probably ask for a course in this situation. If it helps, your answer is likely an inflammed bowel. The cause is still unknown though.
Avatar n tn Usually by the time it reaches this point it's too late for medicine to clear it up. In the early stages we use Metronidazole but it's still a tough problem to clear. Also if we happen to get a bird in that needs treatment, we keep it isolated from other birds. Sounds like your first bird has passed this on. You really need a vet to help you out - for an exam, testing to see if it is trich and not something else like candidiasis, and then the meds with proper dosages.
Avatar f tn took the baby to the vet on saturday she put her & her mama(she has it also)on metronidazole suspension. vet told me that if they didnt improve by mon. to call back & try 2 get a stool sample. well its monday & there was no change so i took both cats in today and she put them on belladonna tablets. the stool sample came back ok. so now its a waiting game. thank you so much to everyone with comments they sure do help out alot.