Metrogyl in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn On day 15, 18 injection fertigyn 2000 on day 19, 5DPO @ 11am, my progesterone level was at 130.9; M.D suggested Metrogyl 200mg for 3 days thrice in a day. Now I have to wait another week to take a pregnancy test. Does anyone have any suggestions/comments to my case? Am I pregnant??? Have no early symtems of pregnency.
Avatar n tn Subchorionic Haemorrhage seen in the upper part of uterine cavity Tests: Platelet count, Lupus Anti Coagulent Test, Anti Cardiolipin IGA/IGM/IGG, Blood Urea, Urine routine/culture. Report : All Normal * Dec 27 little irritation in the urinary area. Urine culture Report : No growth Drugs: Proliser syrup * Jan 6 bleeding leading to miscarriage. Ultrasound found that after the first scan there was no growth of the foetus. DNC performed.
357139 tn?1220104712 My eldest sis has a 5 yr old son...she was in UK during her early pregnancy and duing that time she was diagonised with Pulmonary TB..other than that no history of TB in the father had dry cough for a long time before spinal TB was tht has stopped...