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2055843 tn?1332431515 I know just how excruciating those kind of cramps can be. My mom had the same kind of cramps and she said they didn't feel much different from the pain she felt while giving birth O_o Again, talk to your doctors and I hope you can feel better soon!
1395422 tn?1308019851 Everyone woman knows what a menstrual cramp is. It may come as a surprise to many that menstrual cramps have another name. The medical term for these abdominal and pelvic pains is “dysmenorrhea”. More than 50% of women are affected each month by a certain degree of dysmenorrhea, and 15% of those women are experiencing severe cramping. Isn’t this PMS?
Avatar f tn Every month I get severe menstrual cramps. I have been to the gyno a few times looking for what I can do, but seem to be at a loss. I am not allowed to use hormonal treatments to help with the pain, such as the pill, because of other health concerns and no doctor wants to risk putting me on a hormonal treatment. Though the cramping doesn't respond very well to the pain medication I've been prescribed. At times I feel like curling up in the fetal position and just crying.
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy 7 months ago and I'm having pelvic cramps. I only have one ovary and this cramping is lower-middle area ... where I use to have a uterus. What's happening?
228463 tn?1216765121 I tried a Medrol dose pack last month and it did help by day 4 or so but don't want to ask for that again. I have also tried ibuprofen with no relief. Any comments or similarities please speak up! Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn I was wondering if there were any good natural methods to help with severe menstrual pain. I already exercise and I try to eat a well balanced diet.
Avatar f tn Since my son was born (28 months ago) I have had severe leg pain and numbness during menstruation. I don't have abdominal cramps or back pain, but the leg issues are so severe it is difficult to even walk. I am 25 with history of ovarian cycts, preterm delivery, but no other health issues. I am fit and active, eat well, practice yoga almost daily. No one's been able to determine what the problem is and pain releivers, exercise, nothing has helped. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Avatar m tn You have to go for testing of your minerals in your body. If you sweat a lot you have to replenish yourself with water and salts. Balanced diet and healthy breakfast is recommended for you. You need to strengthen your abdominal muscles by doing some floor exercises and also weight exercises which you can discuss with the trainer. Take care!
Avatar n tn I got my three days ago and am still having bad cramps as well. I agree w/ the poster who said it is more like labor pains then menstrual cramps. ugghh I am so frustrated I tried going for a walk today and the contractions (for lack of a better term) got so bad I had to stop. And umm, brooklynn86 I had sex last night and I do believe it made my cramping/back pain worse today.?? I wouldn't recommend it until the cramping at least lessens.
Avatar f tn I'm still having cramps, but they're definitely mild. Still, when you feel cramps that FEEL like menstrual cramps, you kind of freak out. I'm trying to stay positive and not think about it, but it's hard. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR TEST LWITTE! I'll be praying for you this week! Let us know how it goes!
Avatar n tn OMG You guys just don't know what a relief it is to know I'm not the only one having to deal with this worry..I ALWAYS get palpitations a week before my period during and after. I'm only 24 and I did do check ups but the DR said its not serious. Why did we have to be part of the unlucky! But anyway its comforting to know that I'm not alone!!!
Avatar f tn what could cause shortness of breath during my menstrual cycle? this began when i was 11 years old and i've now been dealing with it for 28 years. some months are worse than others. it usually just lasts a few days but is miserable. it can begin a few days before my period starts or during my period. it seems to be a hereditary thing. my mother and grandmother had the same problem and my daughter also seems to have it. i've asked doctors about it and nobody seems to have any clue.
451537 tn?1205689675 As for general menstrual cramps - everyone gets them. I find that Pamprin helps me the most (as it is designed for menstrual cramps). Oh and occasional constipation is part of life - everyone will have it once and a while. Remember that you are a teenager and your hormones are going crazy (I am 26 and sometimes I don't feel like hanging out with people or I get mood swings - which is very common in women especially during menstration).
Avatar n tn it's like being in labor, with no relief for at least 2-3 days. I NEVER had menstrual cramps before the procedure, just heavy bleeding. At this point I would prefer the bleeding in lieu of the severe cramping. My doctor said the ablation causes blood to be trapped in the uterus and unable to find it's way out. Now I am seriously considering a hysterectomy, the two days of pain cause me to lose work and I'm tired of it.
Avatar f tn I get so dizzy I can sit up or stand AMDwind up in a ball on the floor squirming and crying tried every aspirin or menstrual aspirin out there and it doesn't help at all. Sometimes I am able to force myself to throw up and I feel better, other times it doesn't work and I'm left to deal with it for an hour or so. I've gone to the e.r 4 times in the past year for this and they never take me seriously, they tell me its a stomach bug or "normal" without even running tests!
Avatar n tn It was a deeper cramp than with normal menstrual cramps. But, the bad news I also feel what seems to be menstrual cramps. Maybe three today. So I'm at a total loss. I have no idea if this is working or not. This my second time. Last time I transferred two embryos. My RE thought it would work, because the embies were in such good shape. But no, here I am a second time around. This two week wait is torture, but not as bad as the first time.
Avatar n tn i only transfered 1 five day blast and im 11weeks preggo! i had some mild cramps about 4 day after the transfer and i started doing hpt at 5 dp transfer. it was + and got darker every day! how many days past transfer are you and are you going to test with htp? i could not stand it. a girl that i met at my clinic and she did the same as me on the same days as me did not test + till 2 days before beta. let me know.
535822 tn?1443980380 Relief of eye strain, sinus problems, arthritis, muscle aches, ulcer pain, menstrual cramps, nausea, constipation and indigestion have been reported. Acupressure can help in inducing pain-free labor during pregnancy and has been used in lieu of pain killers for minor surgery. Acupressure has also been used to decrease swelling in the lower body caused by water retention.
228463 tn?1216765121 Called 1st neuro requested Medrol dose pack - took with some relief by 4th day. Early August - Same episode of temp increase and then sx increase happened again - went to neuro and he dismissed as "hypervigilance" gave rx for another antidepressant to add to original. Made an appt. w/ new neuro. Mid August saw Neuro #2: He did SEP - mildly abnormal both legs, EMG - left EDP positive, and NCV negative. Also did GTT, CK, Aldolase, Lyme - all negative.
Avatar n tn Other cases respond better to depot Lupron--this medication stops periods in addition to suppressing hormone levels so that endometriosis shrinks and quiets down. Laparoscopic surgery with laser is the best way to diagnose endometriosis, and many women get good relief for quite some time afterwards. One other thing that helps to quiet down endometriosis is moderate to intense aerobic exercise, such as distance running. I hope there is something here that might work for you!
355550 tn?1197033504 The past couple of days I've been drinking coffee in the morning to help me stay awake, and that seems to be helping. Do some women get hip pain as a part of menstrual symptoms? I haven't had my period this month yet, but am expecting it in the next week or so. My menstrual symptoms seem to have been getting worse in the past 3 years when I stopped taking birth control pills. I get really bad cramps to the point of not wanting to get out of bed, which I've never had before.
Avatar f tn Briefly exercising one's toes, or taking a short walk usually provides relief and resolves the problem. If poor circulation causes muscle cramps, Vitamin E might be a good choice for its blood-thinning and vasodilating properties. Gingko biloba also provides a blood-thinning effect and may be considered.
532984 tn?1521154833 Hi, ladies, I am a newbie here but I need advice from people that I trust most -- NO, not doctors but rather you who have been in the trenches! :) I am a 54 yr old post-menopausal woman and within the past few weeks have experienced a rather sudden onset of early satiety, nausea (no vomiting), abdominal pain and urinary frequency. I've also found myself having breathlessness, but not sure if that's just lack of exercise or not.
Avatar n tn I recently started using those Thermacare heat wraps for menstrual cramps. They are a god send! I usually start taking advil the day before my period so as to have a jumpstart on my pain. Then I take 4 advil every 6 - 8 hours for the first 2 or 3 days. To me, though, it sounds a little strange that you have always had very light periods with little pain, I assume. I would definatley see my gyn when you stop.
Avatar n tn I've never been one to take many medications but recently I've been having such severe menstrual cramps that I have to take some kind of medicine to remain functional throughout the day. When I take anything containing Aspirin I get really sick with symptoms including: running nose , asthma attacks, anxiety, and a rapid heart beat, so I've been taking low doses of Tylenol once a month. Recently I've noticed when I take Tylenol I get rather fatigued and get a runny nose.
Avatar f tn Cut down on salt and sodium in your diet to reduce fluid retention Use a heating pad or hot water bottle for abdominal cramping Get plenty of rest Eat a balanced diet Take calcium and magnesium supplements during your menstrual period to help ease pain and cramping Reduce intake of sugar and caffeine Avoid alcohol and cigarettes Try exercise like walking to promote deep breathing Take a hot bath Drink warm, herbal teas Massage the back to relax muscles massage deep heating oils into
Avatar f tn I had back labor. Mine was constant, but it felt like menstrual cramps. The pain in the front came and went. Two days prior I had the same thing, but the pain in front was constant. For this reason I didn't know I was in labor. Lol. I am FTM too and barely got to the hospital in time. I was dilated 6 cm by the time I got there. I think it was wasn't even an hour before I was fully dilated. Try taking a hot bath.
Avatar n tn I am 6 wks tomorrow and want to continue to exercise. I walk at a conservative pace on the treadmill and use some light wts. I have exercised for the past year or so, so what I am doing now is not different or increased. Just wondering what others are doing..
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Avatar n tn Thanks Nina, I am having pain from the cyst maybe, not sure about the polyp, although I have been having irregular periods and some with heavy bleeding. I have a history of severe menstrual cramps, but not usually irregular periods, but have missed periods for 2-3 months twice in the past two years, the most recent with this polyp showing up.