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Avatar m tn you pose good questions, and I doubt there's any 'the answer is' answers for them. One observation I find interesting is: "I notice that I no longer get aroused when imagining a sexual situation or seeing women that I find attractive walk by".
1611319 tn?1378621999 I too am confused if it is the low vit D or what the heck is going on. I hope you can get some answers and I would love hear from you if you do find out anything. Thyroid issues and all that goes along with it is so exhausting and frustrating. Hugs to you both!
Avatar m tn // 1) Cured: some signs include return of very full, spontaneous erections, and high libido when thinking about real girls.... but it doesn't happen for every guy. The primary sign is strong full erection when masturbating using only sensation - no fantasy. 2) Masturbation does not cause ED, porn does.
Avatar n tn it's strange b/c i didn't think the bloating and heart thing could be linked. i kept googling both symptons until i came up with this site that answers all my questions. i will call my ob/gyn monday to see what's up and find out how to ease the symptons. good luck to everyone!
Avatar f tn I ask these questions because in my private practice, I see more and more people who want to talk about fears around erotica, rather than the real issue for them, which is sexual dissatisfaction. Sometimes we don't realize we're dissatisfied because it's more convenient to blame something else. As I said, it's time to have a long talk with your partner and decide what you want to do--together--to improve your sexual relationship.
Avatar f tn Hi Terry, see the post a question above well just hit on it and a way you go to post your question, thats if its for erectile dysfunction, but if its for mens health the go to that forum, and if a sexual matter then go to that forum, OK Happy post ing.
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Avatar n tn Hi Just after some answers my self. Came off the pill after 7 day break and withdrawel bleed on 24th November. Decided we will casually see what happens, not had period yet, is probably to early. About 3 days after stopping the pill i got what i believe to be ovulation pains, in th past when been off the pill i have felt this around ovulation. Very specific pain in right lower abdomen. In the last three weeks i have felt completely different.
Avatar f tn that's exactly what i was thinking will.....does it really matter? i was born very good looking and no one questions why; why him and not me....???? ahhh, well that's what i think....i guess the very good looking people get HCV me...
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Avatar n tn It was very difficult to go back to work and have to put on my best poker face along with all the staff's questions and rumors and gossip. But who cares about that right? sometimes woman worry about stupidities such as that when I should have only worried about whether I was gonna live or die or be able to have children again.
Avatar n tn I think you should post your question in a urology forum or the mens health forum to get the answers to your questions. Also, you could see your own doctor and discuss it with him/her. Sorry to not be of much help.
Avatar n tn Just an update, 8 days later I am completely healed! And yes this problem really sucks =(, I wish good health to all woman with this condition.
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Avatar n tn and that is --if there is a next time or if any family member has anything done and i am to be the caregiver, i am going to not only answer questions but demand answers--i want them to answer questions and to have me and my loved ones treated as if we were their family members and not just another case. just because they do this day in and day out--and all went well for my husband as far as the surgery was concerned, this has been the most frightened i have ever been in my entire life.
Avatar n tn Health-wise Im a 39 yr old male in excellent shape and overall good health. Stress-wise I have a low stress life and job. I get ample sleep, eat healthily, and exercise 3-4 times per week. I'm not on any medications and I take a mens multi-vitamin nightly. Effectively, the only thijng that has changed/happened since pre vasectomy (when I had very intense and pleasurable orgasims) is the vasectomy surgety itself.
2094297 tn?1345392693 What I picked up was a lot of concern for your health situation and a desire to be supportive of you during this period. Take good care.
Avatar m tn now i live in canada so of coarse all my treatments and appointments are free but because this would not be considered an 'emergency' situation this may take many months! i need some answers now please. my mental health is FAST deteriorating!
Avatar n tn Only a reliable competent doctor should be giving any advice to patients. They come here for answers, ideas, and advice for a direction on their suffering and they don't need an arrogant want to be trying to give them help off of something you may have read on another sight and then try to pass it on to them.
Avatar n tn A few months ago, I was advised to consider taking GC. For the past two weeks I have been taking GC and my hubby taking one a day mens. While reading all your wonderful feedbacks, i have decided to ask my hubby to take the GC and folic acid as well to increase our chances. Today is the first day of a new cycle, hopefully, after almost a year of trying, God will grant us our hearts desire to conceive this cycle. Please pray for us and we pray for all those TTC.
123759 tn?1226934204 I was just being negative and thought it was too good to be true. Well, I went to the bathroom and nothing. I waited for my results, and the nurse called me very quickly. All she said was congradulations and I almost fainted. The cramps, and PMS signs went away after a few days, after the reality that I was pregnant set in.
Avatar f tn He had earned people choice award in 2010, he was listed in the top doctors in mens health magazine, and also listed in Good housekeeping. He was very clear and easy to understand. He went over a few things and then asked me to list some of the headache triggers. Before I was even done listing them he stopped me. He said I am convinced, normally I am conservative, but everything your saying is very typical chiari.
1963551 tn?1325604592 The Christmas card I got from him was from a postoffice that I tracked down to service (Tyler area), I am going to start from there and check to see what all mens facilities are in that area. Thanks for all your kindness and cares..Im better today and hope I can just get through this one day at a time.
Avatar n tn Be sure to have some button up shirts and jammies. I bought some mens button ups and wore some of hubbyies old ones.I just pinned my drain to my shirt. Don't pin them to your pants. In case you forget. Montana and Ziggy - I had to cancel my surgery. A long story but I don't have the money now. Going to see someone new week after next and hopefully can reschedule in January. Don't know how after being Christmas but maybe I'll ask Santa for some new boobs. I will explain more later.
Avatar n tn there a side of this incident that teaches me to practice more on safe sex, i believe that everythings happens for a reason, and the message for me is to look after my health more, limit encounters and practice safe sex..thanks heavens.....
Avatar n tn and the point of the body grabbing nutrients to sustain an embryo (feigned) now explains and answers some questions I had. thank you all... And a special thank you to fightu... without your input here, I think that the plethora of information provided by Thatgirl would not have covered as much as it did..
Avatar n tn I am the Community Leader in the Chiari Forum and invite u to stop by and read the health pages or some of the threads.
521840 tn?1348844371 Research has shown that when children can not meet adult expectations at school and home, they are at-risk for secondary mental health problems like depression or anxiety. Children with undiagnosed disabilities often feel terrible. When kids feel terrible they may become disruptive, avoidant, or even aggressive. It makes sense if you think about it from the child's perspective, who can be happy spending six hours a day feeling like a failure or getting punished?