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655875 tn?1295698707 I have a herniated c5-7 that is compressing on the spinal cord. I've been taking Maxalt with some of my migraines, which does help, but insurance only allows so many in a month and they are expensive. I've been also taking percocet in place of the maxalt, but it does not work as well for the headaches. Is there something I can do to try and prevent these migraines? Are there other natural alternatives rather then medication?
564491 tn?1320363993 I had been using Naproxym Sodium, as well as Maxalt up to twice a week. She doesn't want me on Maxalt anymore or Oxycodone (which usually helps a bit). Any suggestions? Also, what is CBT? Thank you, very much. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1025781'>Alternatives to benzodiazepines and ambien</a>.
Avatar n tn It should never be stopped abruptly because of the barbiturate component. There are some excellent meds for migraine. Imitrx, Zomig, and Maxalt. They are NOT habit forming so she should try one. I prefer the Maxalt because it's less harsh on the stomach. I hope this helps. Post with any questions and please don't let her stop cold turkey; it's a nightmare!! The potential for seizure activity is great. Good luck!
Avatar m tn i stop taking inderal and i take maxalt wafer so when i have a migraine i take 2 co-codamol 30-500 and take a maxalt wafer that melts on my tongue , and it does help it cuts the pain rite down pretty quick x
Avatar n tn I take 2 to 4 Maxalt with 1 to 2 oxycodone (10mg) or vicodin (500 mg) per day, I have chronic migraine. It's not really per day, it just seems like it since my migraine usually last 2 to 4 days too. Just recently found out am 5 weeks pregnant. So I stopped the Maxalt right away since it falls under category C. So I take either Oxy or Vicodin. Half the time I cut them in half. I usually take the other half later on when I start feeling the pain coming back.
Avatar n tn You also have to find a good neurosurgeon that you trust. Talk to your doctor about the other alternatives mentioned above. GOod luck.
Avatar n tn Back to the headaches-- I've had headaches everyday and I have also had full blown migraines almsot weekly. The normal migraine medicines, maxalt, relpax and frova barely help anymore. I finally went to an intsacare and they gave me fioricet, which some what helps for the daily/nightly headaches. I would also get really dizzy and disoriented. I was cooking dinner one night and out of nowhere became extremely dizzy, confused, disoriented and my heart started to race and I was terrified.
Avatar f tn In my opinion, based on personal experience and results of scientific trials, the fastest triptans are Zomig Nasal Spray and Maxalt-MLTs. I would strongly suggest not giving up on triptans just yet, and instead discussing triptans with your doctor and alternatives to the triptan that you previously have tried. I would suggest asking your doctor about Zomig Nasal Spray, Maxal-MLTs and Imitrex Injection. As for the narcotics you mentioned, codeine is almost always mixed with acetaminophen.
Avatar f tn no doctor has given me a plan or what i can try. I'm doing yoga, meditation, massage as quality of life is null and void. i need pain relief soon! any ideas?
Avatar f tn Have you tried Imitrex? (Not sure of the spelling) There are lots of alternatives other than pain pills. Lots of us suffer from pain, I myself have arthritis in my shoulder and both knees. I use the alternatives to pain pills. Surprisingly, they actually work. This is all about determination, and how bad you really want this. It will get better, just get through these next few days, first. One step at a time. Take care.
Avatar f tn I just have finally ran out of medications I can try. And that really blows. So, I have been trying to find alternatives but there aren't many that I haven't tried. So, that's getting to be annoying as well. Oh just make it stop.
Avatar n tn relpax worked great for the migranes but caused alottt of throat and jaw im on maxalt 10 mg..its migranes are constant! everyday all day for about 6 months now..thats wat is scaring me.can it be stress?
Avatar n tn amerge, imitrex, maxalt, axert, frova, and zomig. None have helped,some have made her feel worse. Also she has no nausea and is not sensitive to light or noise. Yes, there is family history of migraines and she is an adolescent. Does it sound like migraine? She also has impacted cuspids in a v-formation above her top front teeth with large cysts surrounding their crowns.
Avatar n tn I've tried imitrex without success. I now use maxalt but get a lot of rebound headaches and take too many pills. My neurologist is afraid of the cardiac side-effects but I cannot function without these pills. I just started verapamil as preventative treatment. She thinks I might have menstrual migraines but also mentioned the possiblilty of me having petit mal seizures. I laughed at her, but now I'm starting to wonder about it.
1337425 tn?1278177587 I go to a pain management center, and I'm on a lot of narcotics (similar to you) and also on other meds for nerve pain: Clonidine, Cymbalta and have tried Neurontin and Lyrica for nerve pain. They did give me a topical gel called Zoltran that helped a bit. After I told them it helped, they ended up giving me something from a special pharmacy that makes compounding creams and gels.
764912 tn?1322715443 If you're sure, then it is obviously something you're stuck with for a while, but if it was actually an allergy to a secondary ingredient in a particular manufacturer's formulation of the gadolinium-based product, you might have alternatives. Wikipedia (always a source you'll need to verify, IMHO) lists six names with Gadolinium, and six with iron oxide, and also discusses manganese solutions. It sounds, though, like they might not be as helpful in imaging for MS.
Avatar f tn With all due respect, alternative medicine such as biofeedback therapy, acupuncture and other relaxation techniques, are first stage processes and alternatives.....Not for advanced chronic pain sufferers who take fentanyl. This patient needs real answers, not hocus pocus medicine.
Avatar n tn Once I broke that cycle the headaches have become MUCH better. I take maxalt for my migraines as well as zomig...there are many out there that are non-narcotic and work like a miracle...please please get something like that and stay away from the ultram. I have not even had to take a migraine pill in over two weeks, and I was taking them like candy along with the Hydro and nothing was helping....
700067 tn?1332992883 - Topamax - Amitrityline - Physical therapy - Chiropractor - Massage therapy - Acupuncture - Maxalt (for the headaches) - Imitrex (for the headaches) - Celexa (for the anxiety-like symptoms) I also made dietary changes. I tried a gluten free diet for awhile as well as a dairy free diet. I can't do a vegetarian diet because I have tissue problems that require a lot of protein that can't be gained strictly from vitamins. I've also engaged in regular physical activity.
Avatar f tn In 2006 I was finally able to start prescription medication since I finally had insurance. Maxalt was tried first. The first time it worked but also pretty much knocked me out. The second time it knocked me out, but didn't relieve my migraine. After that, it stopped working. I started Topamax as a preventative and it did decrease the frequency of my migraines. I did have to have to dosage increased a few times. In 2010 I again had a difficult time getting them under control.
394687 tn?1290924440 There are risks with this drug but I have no other alternatives as the Enbrel has stopped working and I have tried all the other RA meds with no relief. I will try the Enbrel one more time tomorrow night and pray it doesn't floor me again - as I am already bed ridden. There is a box warning about virus infection re-occurrence in Rituxan but no contraindication. I need to research this - My Rheumy needs approval from my Hepatologist in order to start it.
Avatar n tn There are some wonderful, non-addictive migraine meds called triptans (Imitrez, Zomig, Maxalt) that can stop a migraine cold. Studies suggest that combining Vioxx (non-addictive NSAID, like ibuprofin but easier on the stomach) with a triptan may increase effectiveness.
701581 tn?1279139638 You should ask your doctor about switching triptans. Zomig Nasal Spray and Maxalt-MLTs (quick dissolve tablets) are some of the most statistically effective triptans. Imitrex Injection also works very well, but it is rarely prescribed since it is an injection. Although if you find that no other triptans work for you, then your doctor may prescribe Imitrex Injection. Combination treatment is also statistically much more effective then any single treatment alone.
560501 tn?1383616340 For that I'm diligent about my migraine prevention medication (topamax), and I *pounce* with my PRN migraine meds at the first sign of an actual attack (Maxalt-MLT or Sumavel Dosepro, depending on what type of migraine I'm having). **Tonya: I hope the new antibiotics work out better for you and that you're on the mend soon. I feel your pain (I think perhaps literally ... I'm waiting for a call back on the results of my urine culture ...
363682 tn?1299492962 The only thing I have been able to take and find relief is my prescription migraine med, Maxalt...but I still feel lousy and the headache lasts for 2 days..why has it changed in last couple years? I am very frustrated as I am not a heavy drinker, but like to socially drink now and then and it really bums my evening out when I have to stop at 2..if I don't, I pay the price!
Avatar f tn (My insurance will only pay 50% of the price of Imitrex or Maxalt, or any drug, and worse yet, limits me on how many a month, so I need a way to PREVENT migraines.) The real reason I need to drop Topamax is due to the Brain Fog. I work for a major corporation, and have made a few public blunders like forgetting stuff, in the last year. I have been so fuzzy in the brain that I'm not getting all my work done, and then even at home am just sitting there.
975514 tn?1325001538 It's very sad for those who suffer, and now with the recent discovery of the XMRV retrovirus, I hope new alternatives will become available to treat the infected people properly. Anyhow, please feel free to post questions about Fibromyalgia, or begin topics that you know about and would like to share, or just feel free to chime in and answer questions. :) Thank you for choosing to join our community!