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Avatar n tn Also I just read that the Herpes strain that causes cold sores can be transmitted to the genitals resulting in genital herpes! So if one of your gfs has had cold sores and gave you oral, then it could be transmitted. You should ask your doctor about a blood test in order to look for the antibodies. If you went to so many doctors, then surely one of them would have done a blood test. But in any case go to your doctor or the local health dept before you give this to someone else.
Avatar n tn maybe your mother just has some misinformation about the causes of yeast infection...? regardless, she absolutely should not have been angry with you. it could have been caused by any number of things and it happens to every woman. oceans3, i do recall buying a 7-day Target brand medication once for 8.99, so you weren't far off; just have to shell out a few more bucks for the quicker fix.
Avatar m tn HSV-1? Impetigo? Balantis? Yeast Infection? Psoriasis? Should I wrap my penis with gauze to prevent it from rubbing up against my clothes? (I've tried men's pads and adult penis ended up rubbing against them)....
Avatar n tn Next morning when I woke up I noticed something like a yeast infection on my penis (white stuff like some remains after one uses an eraser), I concluded its a yeast infection because I am allergic to ammoxycylin and it causes the same reaction on my penis. So, I applied Nyaderm (Nystatin Oinment USP) which is an antifungal cream . Later that day when I talked to my friend he told me that he got the same white stuff on his penis as well.
Avatar f tn My gf had a pap smear done and they just told her she had a yeast infection. I'm starting to think that this is something else rather than herpes. It only burns during urination not after. When I drink a lot of water it does not burn. Grace, what else could it be? I've been reading about EVERY std there is some match and some don't. I've also been reading about kidney infections and prostate infections.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the STD forum. I'll try to help. On balance, yeast (or some other sort of non-STD inflammation) seems more likely than herpes, at least for your current symptoms. And certainly antibiotic therapy can lead to yeast overgrowth, which can happen quite quickly. However, herpes is always a consideration for penile sores.
Avatar n tn About 2 months ago I had this terrible itchy feeling in and outside my vagina that I thought was a yeast infection. I couldn't get into the doctor right away so I took Monistat 3. For some reason I didn't use the 3rd night but felt fine after a few days and my symptoms were gone for a few weeks. Then it came back, just much less severe but won't go away. There is hardly any discomfort on the outside only a tiny bit of burning every once and while.
Avatar n tn I had my first yeast infection like 3 month ago, 2 weeks ago I went to the gyno and she gave me a pill name Fluconazole (Difulcan) first it was only 1 pill.She told me that this pill is so strong that it will stay in my body for a month. That I shouldn't have sex again in a month but she never told me nothing about monistat, I know about this cream 'cause before I went to the gyno I was using it. So ladys NO SEX IN A MONTH....
Avatar n tn But despite extensive research, no male counterpart has been found; the male partners' examinations and all lab tests are entirely normal; and treating affected women's male partners makes no difference in whether the problem persists or recurs in women. At the same time, some couples report that if they avoid sex for a while, or use condoms consistently, the BV clears up--but usually even those things make no difference.
Avatar m tn a doctor checked my prostate and says it is enlarged which could cause penis pain around the tip. a burning sensation though normal? what does this sound like? i got some cream for a yeast infection & fucidin. any help would be appreciated. i am looking into a referral for a specialist as this has been awhile. all tests including multiple swabs, urine, and physical examinations came back negative. i never had a herpes test though. only examinations and a couple of those at that.
Avatar n tn And her symptoms sound typical for yeast, not herpes -- which does not cause general redness and itching of the genitals. (Herpes sores can itch -- but without actual sores, herpes is unlikely.) Monistat and other yeast medications do not work instantaneously; it takes a couple days for symptoms to improve. In addition, because your other sexual exposures were condom protected, it is very unlikely you caught herpes.
Avatar n tn The doctor admitted that pre-diabetic neuropathy was a reach for her because she didn't know what else it could be. She firmly does not believe a yeast or fungal infection or any kind of worm infection would cause my left foot to tingle. She observed the sole of my left foot that had a pinhole scar in it from stepping on a nail 4 years ago. She said the wound closed over so a fungal infection via that wound was unlikely. So, there we are. I am hopeful the lack of symptoms will continue.
Avatar m tn In my late teens I remember some red itchy spots that went away with some cream. I think it was a male yeast infection or something. Perhaps that's what's going on now. Will use monistat if they return. Thank you so much for all your support. You've been 10x helpful than my GF's midwives.
Avatar m tn I'll try to help, but when all is said and done, the answers are going to come from direct health care by a knowledgeable provider, not through online search or any expert forum, including this one. You describe symptoms compatible with yeast infection or any number of other causes of vulvar inflammation, but not likely due to any STD. Herpes may be a possible explanation, but even with the initial outbreak, the symptoms don't usually last this long.
380741 tn?1205627967 You may not have herpes, but it's possible you may have hpv, some type of parasite infection, Candida, etc or even recurring yeast infections. Most IC'ers have high protein, blood in their urine, and sometimes the urine has a strong odor. All this is representation of an infection or virus. Although, there's no bacteria present in the urine. I was diagnosed with hpv 15 years old, I believe that's the source of my IC. I'm currently on a 10 day cleansing .
Avatar n tn remedy I can find but the relief is only temporary (if at all). I am addicted to sugar so was interested to read that this could be a yeast infection. I also noticed that on a recent holiday the symptoms slowly improved. I was stress and makeup free (lipstick and lipliner noticeably aggravate my upper lip). I considered that I may have become allergic to my cats, but I spent all day working in a cat shelter on the weekend and had no problems.
Avatar n tn They called and said I had a VERY bad yeast infection. This time I started feeling similar to the last time. By day 3 I was swollen and red again with mild itching and a white/clear stretchy discharge. I have been with a new partner since Nov. 2005 and these problems have started since then. I seem to be irritated down there almost always after we have sex. Do you think maybe it's his body chemistry that isn't mixing well with my "inside"?
Avatar f tn Had a urinary culture done, and everything came back normal except fungal infection. The yeast infection is still present today, although much better than what it was. week 6: started getting mild headaches that would come and go throughout the day, along with a tingling sensation that would run from the top rear of my left leg (hamstring) down to my left foot. The tingling sensation also comes and goes. Some days I don't feel it at all. These symptoms are still present today.
Avatar m tn Children may grow slowly or be sick a lot. How is HIV infection diagnosed? Because early HIV infection often causes no symptoms, a doctor or other health care provider usually can diagnose it by testing a person's blood for the presence of antibodies (disease-fighting proteins) to HIV. HIV antibodies generally do not reach detectable levels in the blood for one to three months following infection.
Avatar n tn I will continue applying the yeast treatment daily until 2 weeks has elapsed (perhaps changing to a non-steroid anti-yeast cream) and inform my current partner she may have a yeast infection to prevent reinfection between us. I will inform my GP next time of the likely possibility of yeast (since she had prescribed me 3 weeks of antibiotics to clear up the ureaplasma) and consult my local SHC next time I have any STD concerns.
Avatar m tn I thought maybe it was a yeast infection and applied some monistat cream to the affected area last night. The head of my penis still burns a small amount and I pee a little more frequently with some mild burning on occasion but nothing major. Also, there has been some skin peeling in the area below the head of my penis. This morning, briefly (maybe 10 seconds) I had a tingle in my scrotum, like the skin around my testicles tingled feeling like it was the hair follicules.
Avatar n tn your nose should not in itself cause boils or blisters, just makes them harder to treat if they do. Recurring blisters in yr face however can have a lot of causes. Obviously herpes and bacterial infection ('impetigo like') could be easily found out and treated. But if it is allergy based, it might be more difficult to discover what is the exact agens causing it.
Avatar m tn A lot of the things you are picking up on would have gone unnoticed if you weren't worried about having herpes. I think your fine. You could simply have a male yeast infection, they are very common. Just relax and enjoy your day. We are here for you.
Avatar n tn Came down with a big sore bump inside my left nostril. Entire left side of nose became red and swollen. Went to Prime Care and test showed "light staph infection". Have been taking double-strength Bactrim along with Valtrex in case it could be the start of shingles. It has been 4 days on meds with no improvement, but no rash either. Extremely painful. Wake up every 2 hours and need Vicodin. Seems to radiate into cheek. Scalp itches now.
Avatar n tn Just recently I slepted with someone when the condom broke, like 3 seconds later I pulled out after it broke. What are the chances of any infection of anything resulting from this condom breaking? I immediately put on a new condom and continued. last couple of days my back of my neck has been feeling sore when i move it around, as well as my upper legs where my lower buttox meet my thighs. They feel sore when I move around , what can this be? Any advice you can provide will be greatful?
Avatar m tn HSV can cause symptoms often confused with a yeast infection in females. How was the yeast infection diagnosis made? Based on symptoms alone or based on tests? If it was based on tests, then those are quite reliable. White tongue could be a sign of oral thrush, which could be related to your girlfriend's yeast. The flank pain does sound like it could be NGU though, that would not be typical of HSV but could be for NGU.
Avatar n tn so how did i get yeast infection if not from my wife's yeast infection. also, i just noticed tiny scabs from the base of the head of my penis. its hard to see but if i strecth the head, u can see it. also, after the oral sex, i placed a condom on and had vaginal sex. not sure if this has an effect. thanks for another respone.
Avatar n tn (Thrush--oral yeast infection--can occur soon after initial HIV infection, but that causes soreness of the mouth and white patches, not individual sores.) You don't need to worry about HIV any more than you did when we discussed it in the earlier thread.
Avatar f tn I was worried about a penis itch I had for many weeks after this encounter but no sores appeared so I put it behind me. I tested positive for a slight yeast infection which I used antifungal cream for for about 4 weeks as directed from my doctor. My doctor told me this yeast infection was unlikely linked to the CSW encounter. I was negative for other STDs but was not tested for herpes. Blood tests for HSV in Australia are discouraged and difficult to get.