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757137 tn?1347200053 It won't harm the eye or vision but side effects include redness and irritation on the eye and dark pigmentation around the edge of the lids. Plus the stuff is extremely expensive expect to pay about $120 per bottle. If you stop the meds they stop growning It works on most people, we've used it for years as lumigan for glaucoma. as with any medicine it doesn't work on everyone.
Avatar m tn There is two different brands that say they have the same effect as Latisse but they cost much less than Latisse. They are Lumigan, and Bimatoprost. My question is do they actually have the same effect like Latisse? what is the diffrence??
Avatar m tn regarding Lumigan and others like it, have people experienced growth of eyebrows and hair elsewhere as well like scalp hair? or is there good understanding of the active ingredients,that they can also help brows and scalp hair too? I am not only thinning fair eyelashes, but also fair hair and eyebrows and in my 40s with only slight graying. so has lumigan been studied long enough to know if fair skinned/hair people get similar darkening and lenghtening benefits?
284078 tn?1282620298 Anyway, I wanted to let you know that this product really does work. Early results with LATISSE with my patients and from other doctors I know, confirms my belief. It works very well and this stuff is the real deal - but understand that it will not work on everyone. I estimate that about 20% of people might not get much response and about 5% may have to stop the product due to irritation, itching or redness of the lids or eyes.
Avatar f tn The only eyelashes that I ever pull out are a few that grow into my eye at the corner of my eye lids closesy to my nose. The rest twitch and itch and fall out, and my eyelids are about three times more swollen then they use to be....
Avatar n tn See an Eye MD ophthalmologist. Find one near you (in USA) at Disease needs to be ruled out like blepharitis. Psychological pulling out of the lashes--trichotillomania--needs to be excluded. There is a new medicine to make eyelashes grown.
Avatar n tn One of the drops in this family of glaucoma medicines (Lumigan) is sold in a different form (Latisse) by plastic surgeons and dermatologists for eye lash growth.
Avatar f tn org The glaucoma drops Xalatan, Lumigan and Travitan Z grown eyelashes in about 70% of the people that use them. The FDA has just approved a formulation of lumigan called Latisse for use to grow eyelashes.
1775444 tn?1319261910 My eyelashes are short and sparse(want them to be really long,curly and strong).To make matters worse, they fall out, which drives me insane!!! I've big eyes but I 'd kill for beautiful, long,curly and attractive lashes that 'll make the guys crazy for me! I am 16. Do you think I can make my lashes grow long and beautiful?(I 'd hate "no" for an answer but please be honest!) If yes, how? HELP!!!
Avatar f tn Hair loss is not a problem with glaucoma drops and in fact one group of drops (prostaglandin antilogs-Xalatan, Lumigan, Travitan-Z) actually grown hair. About 70% of people on these medications exhibit thicker longer lashes. The makers of Lumigan recently started to market the very same drops under the name Latisse for eyelash growth. I understand that they also looked into using it as a treatment for baldness but its too expensive to cover a large area like the scalp.