Low glucose levels in blood during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that it sounds like you are experiencing episodes of low blood sugar which many women have during pregnancy. A good suggestion that can help with symptoms is to keep a bit of something in your stomach all the time Many women have told me about Cheerios, or Goldfiish Crackers These symptoms do NOT mean that you have diabetes, but if my patients have a suspicious history or family history of diabletes, I might suggest a few blood sugar checks too.
20922415 tn?1661860103 Progesterone is one of the sexual hormones in the female bodies maintains and regulates sexual well-being. In males, it is produced in a small amount for sperm development. It is the main and vital hormone that plays a significant role in menstrual cycle health preparing the body for conception and development of pregnancy. 1.
8485484 tn?1408936473 • A test showing glucose levels during pregnancy can be a sure shot way of monitoring the sugar levels. A low blood sugar level chart will help in diagnosing the condition immediately. Treatment • Whenever you feel dizzy or lightheaded, just lie down on the floor so that you do not end up hurting yourself. It's advisable to lie down on the left side, since it facilitates more blood supply to the brain and heart. • If you are unable to move, you could simply rest your head on the knees.
Avatar n tn I know many people who suffer from hypoglycemia, and some who even will completely pass out if glucose gets low. That is rare, for in most cases, the person feels crummy for a while, but the body eventually regulates the sugar levels. During a hypo episode (as a type 1 diabetic, of course I have occasionally overdosed by accident when my insulin didn't properly match the food carbs I ate), the eyes feel dry and vision CAN change temporarily.
Avatar f tn d talk to your doctor that is low do you get shaky during the day? That is a sign that you do not have enough sugar in your body maybe eat a banana or some fruits check again....
231441 tn?1333892766 Regardless of the results of your glucose test, you should continue to keep an eye on your blood sugars during your pregnancy because you are at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes given your history. You will stil need to gain adequate weight to nourish your baby, but you should aim for about 25-30 pounds during the pregnancy and not too much over that, so that you can limit your chances of having abnormal glucoses during the pregnancy. Hope this helps. Good luck and take care!
Avatar n tn Three hours before I run, I reduce my basal rate to .15 units/hour, and my blood glucose levels are usually the EXACT same when I am finished. My blood sugar is not high before starting either. It seems like the three hour mark is right when my BG starts to go up, but by starting my run at that time, it doesn't have time to go up very much. Having the pump connected to you can be a pain in the neck ,but they are totally worth it...seriously..especially for runners.
Avatar n tn have you tested your glucose levels when these symptoms hit you? You may find that your glucose levels have dropped too low, for these are some of the symptoms of low blood sugar. Many people do mention tingling in hands when glucose levels drop too low. I would heartily recommend that the next time this happens, you do an immediate glucose test, and then perhaps test again about 45 minutes later.
Avatar n tn However, it was much more important to keep the after-pregnancy glucose levels low. Her doctors wanted between meal glucose readings never to go above about 130. For a gestational diabetic, this could mean having to reduce carbohydrate intake, for without any kind of blood-sugar lowering medication, carbohydrate intake is the only thing you can actually control. A typical "diabetic diet" is built on a system that uses a fairly high percentage of carbohydrates.
910435 tn?1296748610 People with this type tend to rise in the morning with higher than normal blood glucose levels, and after eating may have a drop in blood glucose levels. I call it a reverse spin cycle [no pun intended]. A lot of doctors have not been made aware or just do not know how to treat LADA. Frequent testing before meals and after meals to see how foods affect your blood glucose is a must. Bad carbs and starches are bad guys so pay strict attention to the intake. Do you have a home glucose meter?
Avatar f tn Has anyone dealt with low blood sugar during pregnancy? I took my 1 hr glucose test- I had black coffee prior to the drinking the glucose drink, then 1 hr of nothing and my blood draw. My level came back at 65. My midwiNenmade a passing comment about it bein low and watching for symptoms of lightheadedness but wasn't concerned. What were your numbers if you were deemed low blood sugar? Any other symptoms? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I always take 2 or 3 pulkas or chapathis during night every day and i dont eat rice during night.. But whenever i check the blood glucose levels with the glucometer, i find that the fasting values are not within the range of normal values viz 110 for fasting. but the post lunch levels always within the normal range of viz 140.The random levels always varies from 125 to 150. Kindly advise me whether i am diabetic and do i have to take medicine for diabetes?
Avatar n tn During pregnancy, it is dangerous to have high blood sugar. Using insulin is safe....remember that your own pancreas produces insulin.
Avatar n tn By eating at night you may be able to help your morning blood sugar be a bit lower. When you have extended fasting your liver can put out glucose. By eating a small snack you may be able to prevent your liver doing this. hope this helps. Please come back and let us know how you're going. Often diabetes in preganncy will get worse as the pregnancy progresses (insulin resistance increases as the pregnancy progresses and the placenta grows).
Avatar n tn For more information on pregnancy in general and especially diabetes in pregnancy copy and paste this web address in your browser http://medicalcenter.osu.edu/patientcare/patient_education/index.cfm?maincontent=maincategory.cfm&categoryID=131.0#123.0 It will take you to the Ohio State Medical Center site for pregnancy and diabetes in pregnancy. This is where my OB was and where I delivered. If you would like any more info just let me know.
Avatar m tn some dizziness is caused by your inner ear being out of whack so from laying down to standing up could be the dizzy part but shaky... also hypotension(blood pressure too low) when you get up especially if you get up fast...
863754 tn?1239144755 My aunt is in the hospital, as I type this, fighting to stay alive. After speaking with the doctors about her condition, I've discovered that they have absolutely no idea why she's dying. I'm posting here in the hopes of saving her life. For some reason, her blood glucose levels won't stabilize. They'll give her a shot of glucose to get her levels up, but in the matter of a few hours, it's back down to around 50 or 60 and they have to give her another shot.
1461994 tn?1285897132 Then today, I got a copy of my blood tests in the mail and it kind of freaked me out that my blood sugar increased so quickily. I made the decision to undergo Tx now since my chances are good with 2B and I have no liver damage yet but I do not want to trade one serious disease for another. Before Tx, I felt healthy and energetic, walked 5-10 miles everyday. Now I get tired just walking a couple of blocks to the store, I had to take a medical leave from work.
Avatar n tn I am a very tightly controlled diabetic, and because I keep my baseline glucose levels low, I often have slight drops in glucose or mild hypoglycemia. Sometimes when this happens, I have the same symptoms you describe. Like you, my heart has been checked out by a cardiologist and is healthy. This, in my case, is just a reaction to the drop in glucose levels. I don't always have these symptoms, but it can happen.
Avatar n tn Hello, A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fiber-containing foods, and low-fat milk is advised. Consumption of foods with a low glucose levels appears to reduce postprandial glucose rise and improve glycemic control. Reduced calorie and nonnutritive sweeteners(better avoided in epileptics) are useful.
Avatar n tn Hello, Im am 17 weeks pregnant and went in today to have the 3 hour glucose test performed. I had Gestational Diabetes in my second pregnancy, but it skipped my third pregnancy. This is my fourth. After the test I did not eat or drink anything for about 1/2 an hour, because we were picking up my son from school and getting lunch. Within 20 minutes of finishing the test, I got really shaky and sweating (Its in the 20's today) while waiting in line for my food.
Avatar n tn It is normal for blood sugar levels to be messed up during pregnancy, but this is something you should see your doctor about very soon. Being dizzy and having speech problems often has to do with blood pressure and the subsequent amount of oxygen getting to the brain. There's no need to panic, but do address the issue now before things get out of control or more difficult to manage later down the road. Your baby is fine, and the best thing you can do for her is to take care of yourself.