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Avatar f tn Hey ladies Just a quick question- can anyone share their experiences with PIO vs. vaginal tablets. My RE says success rates are the same and I can choose. I will totally go with the tabs if they are just as good. But I didn't come this far to let something like a shot (granted I hear it is the worst) hold me back. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn I'm taking 81mg tablets of ASA (brand name Aspirin). Why 81 mg exactly, and not 79 or 80 or some other dosage? Is there empirical data to support a daily dosage of precisely 81 mg? Not likely. So, why 81? Just curious.
Avatar n tn Ten days after giving birth to my 1st baby I had a pulmonary embolism so had Clexane injections initially along with 6 months of warfarin tablets. I am scared of this happening again so this time I am wanting to have Clexane injections during the pregnancy to prevent. Does anyone know at what stage of pregnancy I am likely to start these injections?
Avatar n tn I am MTHFR 677TT. During my pregnancies, I was required to take shots of Lovenox and take a baby aspirin. My first two live births were two girls. No major issues. They were both IUGR babies, but have been heathly since birth (They are 33 months and 22 months now.) My third live birth was 9 months ago and he was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy at 11 days old. I was wondering if my gene mutation has anything at all to do with his condition.
Avatar f tn I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and during this pregnancy am having to take progesterone tablets, baby aspirin, and lovenox shots daily throughout the entirety of my pregnancy. if you have had more than three miscarriages it may be a good idea to speak to your physician about running additional blood test to see if you could have some kind of mutation in your blood that is causing you to have problems. I only have the mutation blood disorders when I am pregnant.
Avatar f tn Ive written many times..about my mom with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma stage 3. Had mastectomy mid October. Its just been one mess after another. Her oncologist says she is a rare case. She had PET scan, which was clean except for a hot spot on lung. Soo..had CAT scan last Tues. THAT ...showed blood clots in both lungs! Surprise to everyone. They quickly got treatment started for that--but also wanted to do lung biopsy. This has been so horrible. She had lung biopsy.
Avatar f tn I do not know if i need tablets to hold it or that when its done do i stay away from work and stress.Please somebody talk to me.
Avatar f tn ) Now, it was only this year that I got my diagnosis of MTHFR compound heterozygous and was started on the Lovenox. But I am told that I would have to have the LD baby aspirin for the rest of my life pregnant or not. I do notice from the ladies here and from other places, the common theme seems to be ovarian cysts, clotting, migraines, neuropathic pains (which I have to an extreme) and other symptoms, like weight gain or weight loss (which I have suffered both).
Avatar n tn the high risk OB says to just take Lovenox. So, how expensive is two shots of Lovenox/day for 10months? Also, you can't get an epidural if you're on blood could cause a stroke :( !! So hard to decide what to do....has anyone taken Plavix througout a pregnancy?
405614 tn?1329147714 It's not like I needed it for birth control..I have no uterus. I also had to pay for my Lovenox shots (blood thinners) when I got out of the hospital. They were $650 for 10 shots. My insurance company did reimburse me and I had to wait on a check from them, but I kept thinking, what if we didn't have that money in the bank to begin with...what then. This was something I needed and I had to have.
Avatar n tn after some blood work i found out that i have a blood clotting disorder that would cause me to miscarry. now i take a blood thinner once a day (lovenox) a baby aspirin and i get progesterone shots once a week. because of the clotting disorder and the five prior m/c im considered high risk so i see an ob and a perinatal specialist. getting pregnant wasn't the problem for me , it was having a successful pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I myself have had my genetic testing come back perfect but my re puts me on meds just incase (lovenox, prednisone) I'm 37 right now I know he will have more info me when we have the consultation but I want to have questions for him as well. I had caught him off guard with my emergency, he just got back from a trip the day I needed surgery and I could tell his heart was just as broken as DH and I. We have grown a very strong relationship with this man.
Avatar n tn That is good to know. I was just put on progesterone (tablets) becuase my first period following my miscarriage has gone on for over two weeks. So they are hoping this will help to build up my uterine lining and then when I stop taking them in two weeks I should have a more normal period...I am keeping my fingers crossed. But that is really good to know about taking it (suppositories) while you are pregnant. I will have to ask my doctor about that. Good luck with your pregnancy!
Avatar n tn So this cycle we did some lab work (simple stuff like thyroid, progesterone, etc) and started taking one baby aspirin daily. He also had us start progesterone tablets after ovulation incase we become pregnant this cycle. We will find out in about a week if we are pregnant or not and I'm really hoping if we are that this baby will stick! It may not be a bad idea for you to talk to your doc and see if there is anything they can do for you this time around.
Avatar n tn It told them I had had a bleed and they needed to find out why and quick , so they did another mri a longer one and then found the clot . I had been taking tablets for heavy period which later I found out can cause blood clots of this kind , no warnings on the leaflet ....
398459 tn?1262189744 Wanted to let you know that I too have MTHFR.... I have to take a baby aspirin a day, extra folic acid, and after retrieval start Lovenox injections ( a form of heparin) AND if we get preggo - then lovenox injections every day for the entire pregnancy---yippee..... I can't remember all the specifics of mine...I will have to dig out my paperwork to check and let you know..... Tijuana - what a great feeling!!!! love bosses and company's who do stuff like that!!!
Avatar n tn I was told that I would have to take lovenox shots 2 times a day throughout my whole pregnancy and 6 weeks later. you should see a high risk doctor.
653618 tn?1260607243 My anti nausea treatment was tablets at 9.p.m. and 3 a.m. the day before and early in the morning, just cant remember off hand then Ondansetron given just before Chemo treatment then two tablets 8pm and 8am daily for 48 hours, after the 48 hours I was still nauseous so eventually the Oncologist prescribed another 4 tablets. These can make you very constipated.
Avatar f tn I also formed a blood clot in my liver so now I am giving myself Lovenox shots in the stomac every morning. I go to a doctor on March 9th to start coumadin pills. Because of this I had to stop my birth control. They believe it could have contributed to why I got the blood clot during surgery. I am going more frequently (which is great from never going at all or feeling like your being ripped apart when you go) but because I am still on the liquid diet the bm's are also liquid.
Avatar m tn said no that it was to soon after the surgery and i could have a brain bleed. They said they would put a filter in and start me on Lovenox. After the filter was installed I through another clot. tests was performed and I have to factors for having clots. Prothrombin and Lupus anticoagulant the DR. said it could be hereditary my father died at age 89 and my mother died at age 32 so i'm guessing it was my mother. I told the DR.
Avatar n tn I take my prenatal plus three 800mcg folic acid tablets. The folic acid should take care of the problem from what I was told, but doc said we will check it again when I get preggo and It may or may not require Heparin use.
1907191 tn?1468104574 Will you be on heparin or lovenox? I will talk to my re about the lovenox and immune suppressants he mentioned he wanted me to take. I started stims yesterday. Tentative retrieval would be June 21,22,23 with 4 embryos transferred on day 3 this time instead of day 5 Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Tuesday!
Avatar n tn 5 days x 3 a day and that was it. NO REFILLS.... I am not sure if Torodol will be contraindicated with Lovenox or Heparin which we hippers and knee-ers nned for surgery to prevent blood clots but you may want to ask your doctor about Torodol. I think I am toooooo old to even think about having anything done now about this Sprhinture problems. Knees, heart and hips are now in my "age group".
Avatar n tn Probably I re-injured the old spot, or it had never completely healed. I'm now on lovenox/starting coumadin. Luckily no neuro defecits either time. I, too, am frustrated by the lack of information on how to live with this scary diagnosis. I am a physician and have searched the medical literature. My doctor simply said avoid exertion, but she has no idea for how long, to what extent, etc. I'm already getting very depressed.
Avatar n tn I am looking into acupuncture and I did buy a bottle of wheat grass tablets from whole foods. This month I am also trying to get regular exercise. I am glad you have started acupuncture - I hope your cycle starts very soon, keep us updated and all the very best. Carina - Hi there, thanks for sharing the info. I am reading more and more about how good acupuncture is will definitely look into it.
Avatar n tn so taking lovenox shots and projesterone too....good luck to all you will happen for you too!!!
1417531 tn?1365601325 I will be taking Lovenox starting the day of transfer which is a blood thinner shot. Looks like if all goes as planned my transfer will be around Aug 30th.