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Avatar f tn I can't take coumadin due to a severe reaction to it. I've also had a reaction to Lovenox on the 12 hour dosing schedule but can tolerate (still have headaches and lots of little pains from it) it on an 18 hr schedule. I've never had a blood clot that I know of. I've also read that at 3 weeks, some people lose their hair on Lovenox (!) My ablation was simple in that my Hopkins doc said he only did one spot for atrial flutter. I may have to have another ablation if the a-fib comes back.
Avatar n tn following monday began warfarin 10mg, ended up in ER for anaphlactic reaction to warfarin that night (has had dvt history with warfarin and lovenox therapy before-no issues), began lovenox 80mg twice daily on next friday due to warfarin allergy and chain of clots "spreading" up his leg. He has been asleep since friday (other than to get up and use restroom and try to participate in family).
8650265 tn?1421569013 Is there something you did that helped your break out? Is it a reaction to the shot? It doesn't hurt or itch or anything but it looks like little tiny liquidy white head type zits like pin point sized. Did anyone else experience this?
162802 tn?1252124859 i went to th ER again and there was a doctor who said yes i agree with you i have seen this before you are having a reaction to the Lovenox. Take prednisone and you will be fine. well im asthmatic and have taken it many times and even had some at home! So i started wih 50 mgr a day for the first week. within 12 hours the fluid started to come off! 15lbs gone in 3 days. i felt So much better. the next week i was on 40 a day , next week 20 a day and then to 10...
Avatar n tn What are the reaction for a adult male 20 - 25 when you combine lovenox, cumadin, and also lortab? My husband has been diagnosed with a blood clot on his leg. But instead of getting the blood flowing and moving, like you think they would by having him move his leg, they are just having him lay there and is not allowed to walk. He has been in the hospital for several days now. They doubled his dose of cumadin to 2 - 10mg pills a day, with 2 injections of lovenox, and also lortab as needed.
Avatar n tn My doctor immediately put me on Lovenox injections (30 mg 2x's a day). I am also taking 200 mg of Prometrium a day. The outcome of this treatment seems hopeful. The injections don't hurt. It is a little scary, but my nurse reassured me. The medicine is very expensive (I got 30 days for about $300), but your insurance should pay. The high protein levels causes blood clots in the baby. I also get a weird reaction, rashes and itching. Respond back and we can keep in touch.
Avatar f tn Hyper coagulant without the presence of a clotting disorder History of superficial clot while taking 30mg subcutaneous Lovenox 2XD History of DVT in left leg, widespread from ankle to groin Chronic swelling in left leg (from impaired flow due to scarring) Chronic brief swelling of left arm - cause unknown Recent swelling in all extremities Recent pooling of blood in extremities, raised veins, pale purple to dark redish color, hot pink patches appear Moderate to sever joint pain at elbows &am
Avatar f tn 2 days later I was readmitted w/ DVT in left leg. Started on coumadin, lovenox, heparin and sent home on lov and coumadin. Experienced several days of muscle aches and flu-like symptoms and then developed migrating muscle pain. Over the course of months the muscle pain escalated and involved joint issues as well. All blood tests to diagnose condition were normal. at 2 months post, began to experience pain in lower left rib cage upon stretching, lifting or deep breathing.
Avatar n tn Currently my Dermatologists thinks it might have been a reaction to my old blood pressure medication - Amplodipine/Benzapryl. I have been suffering this for about 5 weeks. It started out with the usual red spots/rash that are common with Leukocytoclastic vasculitis. After a few days I ended up getting the extremely painful lesions on the feet and ankles. (Any google image search for Purpura lesions will show you what I am talking about). The Dermatologist sent me to see the Hemotologist.
Avatar n tn Another problem is I seemed to have developed an allergy to Lovenox. I was not allergic last August, but had to administer an injection prior to a recent March biopsy, and my tongue swelled and I became very thirsty. The pharmacist said not to take Lovenox again as that is an allergic reaction. I will need bridging for my upcoming surgery for expander to implant reconstruction. What other methods are available for bridging other than Lovenox?
Avatar m tn Also started taking Folic Acid for deficiency discovered by hematologist (had small DVT year and half ago - resolved quickly with Lovenox). I recently had a abdominal ultra-sound and upper GI series two weeks ago which were all negative. (was having some unexplained weight loss which seems to have stopped. SO NOW.. about a week and half ago I woke up feeling a fluttering sensation when I walked or got up.
2168049 tn?1346908769 My blood will not regualte and I was on 100 mg of Lovenoz twice a day for several months along with the pill. Now, it is Spetember and I am off the Lovenox and only on the blood thinning pill. I have gained 50 lbs from all this. Just his week my left knee infront and in back started to hurt me so bad I had been screaming and can not move or bend it, and the pain went down to my calf to the back of my ankle and into my toe's.
311310 tn?1214442997 The docs say its at least a 3b and she also has a clot in though sperior vena canva.. and into her neck ( she is on lovenox for this and has had stenting) My question is .. I know a cough is inevitable.. but has anyone found a way to help it? My mom coughs day and night/ sometimes worse than others of course. Right now she is going through Chemo.. However in May she already did chemo/radiation. The drs say they can't operate on non small cell in this advance stage.
564735 tn?1263947126 The transfusions arent bad and can make you feel a lot better. They will make sure you dont have a reaction to the blood and send you home with a sheet of some side effects if there is a reaction. My mom never had one.
1396846 tn?1332463110 I know it sounds crazy that I like manual injections but I was having bad site reactions with the auto ject so I switched to manual and let me tell you there is not a reaction one as of yet. I get a little itching but no welt, no lump, no redness. I inject it a lot slower than the autoject so I am sure that is what is helping. It is suppose to go in over 10 seconds but with the autoject it goes in in 5 seconds or less and leaving welts as big as my arm.
Avatar n tn I failed tysabri; allergic reaction. I did 2 doses of novantrone 3 months apart but they won't let me try again because wbc went down to below 1.1. I do not tolerate interferon like avonex or betaseron due to very high fevers. Most docs now refer to my MS as progressive relapsing. Meanwhile I am separately diagnosed with behcets disease due to apthous ulcers-non herpetic on eyes, inside mouth and 1 episode on genitals. i am on colchichine and plaquenil.
Avatar f tn It seems that every side effect a drug can cause, I experience it - including a near-death reaction to carbo last August. My doctor says she's confident that Topo will get a positive response, which I know means more months before we have to try something else.
Avatar m tn What happens if you have bad reaction to antibiotics and/or need general medical attention due to your health that may or may not be related to Lyme? Whom do you turn? Is your GP aware of your decision to disregard their advice and go on longterm antibiotic therapy? Is there any insurance conflict due to the fact that you're disregarding their recommendations, etc. I'm curious to hear how you have dealt with this situation.
377493 tn?1356505749 It is not approved for use in pregnant women. Since you have had this reaction twice, if you should ever be in that situation again (hope not) tell them you DON'T want cytotec.
Avatar n tn 1) the coumarins, which inhibit vit K and have been around since at least 50 years 2) heparin, which is derived mainly from pig intestines 2a) Low Molecular Weight Heparins, like Lovenox/enoxaparin - which are separated out from heparin by size and don't have the extra parts which make heparin erratic 2b) synthetic pentasaccharides, which have only the 5 sugar-chain that is the active part of heparin - like fondaparinux 3) direct Factor Xa inhibitors, like rivaroxaban and apixaban which might
415867 tn?1323369103 It said the main problem would be a possible skin reaction since your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy. They said if you do spray tanning to use a salon where a person does it rather than a machine so you can stop and take breaths as needed.
Avatar n tn the high risk OB says to just take Lovenox. So, how expensive is two shots of Lovenox/day for 10months? Also, you can't get an epidural if you're on blood could cause a stroke :( !! So hard to decide what to do....has anyone taken Plavix througout a pregnancy?
Avatar f tn SO, addressing the pain, he wants to do a ONB -he refuses to use steroids though due to my allergy/reaction to steroids in the past. He said 1st let's see if, by using other mess. injected, see if indeed it IS the greater ON that's the problem. Perhaps in future, maybe we'll visit the idea of adding a TINY bit of steroids to an injection, but he really doesn't want to do that given my reaction to steroids.
Avatar m tn I was put on Warfarin, Cartia and had to inject myself with Lovenox in the stomach and am still well-bruised all over my stomach. A few days later, I had an Echo and the results will be known next Tuesday. I'm still in shock thinking that it is not a panic attack. I believe the two (arrhythmia and panic are very much related) and one triggers the other. I know there are more test results to examine, but has anyone experienced similar crossover between mental and physical health?
12832842 tn?1448732401 At first I used the autoject because I'm scared of needles, but then I had to take Lovenox for two weeks, and they don't come with an injector. I discovered that it wasn't that hard, and the autoject device goes way too quickly. The most painful part is inserting it into the skin - once you get past the nerve layer, it doesn't hurt. If it does, it'll hurt when you inject the drug.
653618 tn?1260607243 Went through my first chemo, Carbo/Taxol on October 27th and had a dramatic allergic reaction to the Taxol but was able, after steroids were administered, to complete both chemos. My Dr. had me "jump right back on that horse" 40 minutes after the reaction to the taxol and I did okay. Just took longer to administer. Seven and a half hours later I was outta there. I start my 2nd chemo Nov. 17th and actually feel pretty good and ready to get on with it.
Avatar f tn In Valsalva test pulse reaction was weak. In deep breathing test respiratory arhythmia was weaker than normal. In orthostatic test blood pressure reactions were strong: at 30 sec systolic +47 and at 3 min systolic +87. Atenolol 50 mg and Thyroid 2,5 G were in use. As a conclusion of the autonomous nersvous systen test it was said that, the result did not clearly deviate from normal. The weak pulse reaction can result from already high pulse at the beginning.
Avatar f tn My nephrew's fiance several years ago developed clots throughout her body, was in ICU for weeks, and while tested for everything imaginable, the only thing they could come up with was a reaction to BCPs. Ironically she and another woman on a long plane ride developed the same syndrome within 24 hours of each other. Sometimes the exact cause is illusive. Are you on basic coumadin or Lovenox? I do hope you find the right physicians to monitor this for you.
2168049 tn?1346908769 My blood will not regualte and I was on 100 mg of Lovenoz twice a day for several months along with the pill. Now, it is Spetember and I am off the Lovenox and only on the blood thinning pill. I have gained 50 lbs from all this. Just his week my left knee infront and in back started to hurt me so bad I had been screaming and can not move or bend it, and the pain went down to my calf to the back of my ankle and into my toe's.
435652 tn?1204315393 For nearly a year, I'd get this shocking pain around my inner right ankle. My natural reaction was to look at it, and every time theres a vein (typically unseen) that will bulge out and appears to be about as big around as a pencil. The pain doesn't last too long, sometimes 5 minutes sometimes longer. It happens while walking, sitting, standing, lying down, etc. so it's not related to position I am sure. Usually within 5-10 minutes of the pain leaving, the vein goes down.