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200957 tn?1236140523 And I'm a federal employee. I went to get my Lovenox pre filled injections for 30 days, I handed them mine and they said 1000. I gave told them I ws covered by his as well, $40 is all I paid. Well enough babbeling just looking for answers.
1994832 tn?1484869872 It's more common that u would ever realise. I have had most testing done and by chance i decided to get this checked even though it did cost me alot of money, quite an expensive test, but it's worth it, especially if u test positive. I did and this can be treated. Google woman who had 18 miscarriages due to NK Cells. I urge all women who have experienced 2-3 or more miscarriages to get this test done. I wanted to share this info with u all.
Avatar f tn So he has decided to start injections. They should be here today or tomorrow. I am taking 75IU Gonal-F and 75IU Repronex a day until I see him Saturday and we will go from there. Anyone taken this combo? Any side effects? Did it work? Anybody who knows anything about this, your comments would be appreciated. Anyone else, your prayers / positive thoughts would be appreciated. We're really hoping this works on the first try.
Avatar n tn A final method is to use a low-molecular weight heparin that can be given as an injection at home. The disadvantage of this method is the cost of the injections. You can see that there are several different ways to manage this issue. Your doctor can recommend the approach that is best for you.
Avatar n tn I stayed in the hospital for five days, and was only allowed to leave because I was comfortable giving myself Lovenox injections. After that, I was on Coumadin and had my PT levels monitored reguarly. At the time, I was 31, and had been on birth control for years. I can't remember now if I was on Yasmin at the time, but had been at some point in my birth control-taking career. Like many of you, I have also never smoked. About six weeks after leaving the hospital, I got pregnant.
Avatar n tn My doctor said I have a blood clotting disorder and put me on aspirin and Lovenox injections everyday. I'm now 12 weeks and everything is going great! I also went to the high risk doctor on Friday and from the ultrasound, they found no markers for down syndrome, so all looks well! I know they are doing more blood work, but I was so glad to clearly see this healthy baby.
Avatar f tn I did start lovenox injections for the blood clotting disorder and that has been working out fine. I go on Monday to the dr for the nuchal test? whatever (sp?) They do a u/s and blood work for risk of whatever. I didn't want to do it but I want to see my baby again...see all is okay. I am's been postponed. I'd like to wait until I have the baby but I don't think that is realistic.
1907191 tn?1468104574 Will you be on heparin or lovenox? I will talk to my re about the lovenox and immune suppressants he mentioned he wanted me to take. I started stims yesterday. Tentative retrieval would be June 21,22,23 with 4 embryos transferred on day 3 this time instead of day 5 Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Tuesday!
Avatar n tn I have been on progesterone, estrace and am taking daily injections of Lovenox...My pregnancy test is scheduled for Wed the 21st. I am slightly crampy. Feel like i have to pee all the time. I have been doing the other alot as well. My boobs are slightly achy and i have a slight headache. Anyone else on Lovenox and similar symptoms? I am hoping from reading all your entries that this IS normal and i should not worry. This is the last time we are able to do this.
Avatar f tn I sure wish I could find or qualify for discounts on the follistim and menopur injections. ganirelix and novaral I also use along with estrogen and progesterone injections. If you hear of anything please keep me in mind. I am a member of the hearts club but it is so expensive, a 900iu cartridge of follistim is almost 850.00.
294043 tn?1354211546 And, we pregnant until about 5 weeks. (We now know I have a blood clotting disorder and will start Lovenox with next cycle). Talk with your ER about switching protocols. Best of luck to you sweety! Thinking of you and sending wishes your way.
Avatar f tn Once she shows, I call the RE for my baseline u/s and instructions on injections. It looks like I will start my injections somewhere around March 26th, making my ET date somewhere in mid April. I am so nervous as this is the first IVF ever for me. Last month was IUI #1, and I was so overstimulated that I ended up with OHSS. My RE basically said to plan on it happening again :o( I am so glad that I found you girls! Good luck to all of us!!!
1219580 tn?1297221739 I started my lupron last Friday (may 7th) and this Wednesday, I start the fsh injections....super excited, but kind of nervous! tentatively the ER is going to be around May 26th. It's always super comforting to find other people who are going through the same thing, especially when at times you feel like you're the only person going through it!
398459 tn?1262189744 Both sides of me are now a patch of bruises... the front from Lovenox injections, and the rear from PIO.... try sleeping with both sides tender......
1287560 tn?1272220121 So when af arives in July here we go again, on max menopur 450(2 injections a day) plus buserelin injection. good luck and best wishes to each and everyone of you beginning or for those who are in the middle of this process already.
Avatar n tn 8. He then started me on PRogesterone in Oil injections (once/day) and Lovenox injections (once/day). We saw the baby and the fluttering heartbeat last Wednesday, Feb 8th and were so excited and thought this was it after 5 unexplained m/cs we finally did it. We just had a 2nd US yesterday Wed, Feb 15th and the Dr couldn't find anything in my uterus but only looked via transvaginal US for a few seconds and right away said he thought it was another m/c.
Avatar n tn anyway he told us when we started this that the clomid was the lowest form of meds you can take but they are the cheapest he said clomid doesn't work that well and that almost all people will not get pregnant on their first iui he said it does happen but not often.He said the injections are so high(cost wise)because they are pure.Hhe said there is a bigger chance of having more then one on the injections but that injections were the better route.
Avatar n tn I had one to transfer, the quality was mid to low. I was put on the HCG injections, the nurse told me under the table that I could do a home pregnancy test one week after I finished the shots (the blood test was scheduled for two weeks). The home test was positive, as well as the blood test the week after.
1647691 tn?1363727302 First I must congratulate you for starting this new thread. The other one was getting pretty long...About 'natural' IVF, I understand your quizzical question. I reacted the same way too. I can only think that some patients choose this option due to health concerns such as OHSS and maybe other complications. Cost might be a factor too. But it seems to work for some and all I have to say is "Good on Ya".
1417531 tn?1365601325 I will be taking Lovenox starting the day of transfer which is a blood thinner shot. Looks like if all goes as planned my transfer will be around Aug 30th.
Avatar n tn Probably I re-injured the old spot, or it had never completely healed. I'm now on lovenox/starting coumadin. Luckily no neuro defecits either time. I, too, am frustrated by the lack of information on how to live with this scary diagnosis. I am a physician and have searched the medical literature. My doctor simply said avoid exertion, but she has no idea for how long, to what extent, etc. I'm already getting very depressed.
551343 tn?1506834118 I think stress is something we are all placed under far too much now, either at home or work. We are expected to bring up a family with little support, the cost of living is huge and children are subjected to bullying before they even start life. My grandson for example has post traumatic stress syndrome after enduring 3 years of bullying at school, started to cut himself and constantly talked about suicide. My daughter has M.E. I wonder why. Stress at work.
Avatar f tn Well, Unfortunately my progesterone and Oestrogen levels dropped dramatically in a couple of days so I am now on injections and tablets to boost the levels. Not so positive now but still hoping! Only a few more days to wait!
Avatar n tn I have experimented all the way up to 450mg/day and prematurely ovulated despite the proper injections to avoid it. 4. TAKE IT IN THE MORNING. After much research and my own switch from 3x/day to just the am I believe DHEA is primarily absorbed and converted to DHEA-S in the morning. So I took it 8am daily in my, what I’ll call second phase of experimenting. My Testosterone only then began to rise quite nicely and consistently and antral follicle count increase soon followed. 5.