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Avatar n tn I have a mechanical aortic heart valve I need a inguinal hernia surgery What is the "standard" protocol for this bridging I am 56 years old, 200 lbs What is the standard lovenox dosage
Avatar n tn What I did was stop the Coumadin 5 days before, and then 4 days before started Lovenox to bridge up until the surgery (Lovenox is a subcutaneous injection and is a Low Molecular Weight Heparin that will keep the blot thin enough to prevent clotting). The night of the day of the procedure I had, I restarted the Coumadin, and the following day after the surgery used Lovenox for 2 days giving the Coumadin time to begin building back up again.
Avatar f tn The most common one is Lovenox, but some people can't take Lovenox. I use one called Arixtra, when I need it. Both Lovenox and Arixtra are shots that you give yourself at home. Arixtra is a once-a-day injection; I'm not sure if Lovenox is given once a day or twice a day. A doctor or nurse can show you how to give yourself the shots. The injection will make a blue spot under your skin that looks like a bruise, but it is not painful.
Avatar n tn I will need bridging for my upcoming surgery for expander to implant reconstruction. What other methods are available for bridging other than Lovenox? Also, is it better to keep walking, or should I spend more time lying down? I am very discouraged. Thank you for any advice.
Avatar n tn It was theorized that new clot formed after the Plavix was stopped and embolized when it was resumed since he suffered a right MCA stroke 21 days post op. He is now on Coumadin and needs right hip replacement. Bridging with Lovenox pre and post op is planned. Should he have TEE during or after this surgery? If clot is detected how would it be treated? Would Pradaxa be considered instead of Coumadin post op? Thank you for your input.
Avatar n tn The usual bridging agent is called Lovenox, although there are others. I have used one called Arixtra. You need to consult with your cardiologist and/or surgeon and get the full details of what they want you do do to prepare for the surgery. I can't imagine that you can have bypass surgery on coumadin. Most surgeons don't want to do any kind of surgery on even aspirin.