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Avatar f tn Thank you and I know I'm worried about what I was reading about epidural while taking lovenox, debates on when you should stop prior to surgery for pregnancy; possibly bleeding too much. That and I do not get numb underneath my skin so another c-section would be a bit uncomfortable since I passed out last time from all the pain and I like to be aware what is going on. That and if anything goes wrong I'd be passed out before I knew so....
873190 tn?1304816575 The last two times, they wanted to wait and see a heartbeat before starting the blood thinners. I'm now 31 weeks and will continue Lovenox until I get a little closer to delivery, then switch to heparin, since it has a shorter half life and they don't want you to be on blood thinners the day of delivery. Of course, I will never know whether the reason this pregnancy continued was due to the Lovenox or just a conicidence...but I was not taking any chances this time, and I'm glad I didn't.
Avatar f tn There have been times when we have to change somebody from lovenox to heparin ( another blood thinner) and the pharmacy will tell us that we have to wait at least 8 hours after the last lovenox shot; meaning it is usually out of the body by that time. There is not a blood test for lovenox. If you were on coumadin or heparin they could check your INR or PTT to check if the meds need to be increased or decreased but there is not one for lovenox. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I have never had any problems and have had surgery before so my moms doctor said i may not need to be worried about it. But my mom doesnt kniw for sure which it is and said its not the more common one, the factor 5. Im kinda nervous but i wish you the best!!
Avatar f tn I had a scheduled induction with my first and they had me stop the Lovenox 2 days before to avoid any excessive bleeding. We will have a scheduled induction again with this one. However I'm on a lower dose than you are and my clotting issue is estrogen related... I only need to take the injections for 6 weeks after the baby is born. I've never found the injection pain that bad...
Avatar n tn Recently, I had a total knee replacement. Lovenox was used to bridge before and after surgery. I have used Lovenox many times in the last three years for various procedures etc. I have never had a problem. But, this time, Lovenox was started the day after surgery and coumadin on the day of surgery. Within two days I began to bleed into the knee...four units of blood replacement were required not to mention all the other complications.
Avatar f tn My GYN doctor wants to put me on blood thinners BEFORE the surgery because I have a blood clot history. Does anyone here have this same type of history and had to be on blood thinners before the surgery? I am a bit concerned about this because I am afraid of bleeding during the surgery due to the blood thinners. From my understanding I will have to be on the blood thinners a couple of days before surgery. Anyway, this really scares me.
1569985 tn?1328251082 I am going to a different hospital for oncology and they want me to discontinue Warfarin 7 days before and use a Lovenox bridge injection for the interim. I called my regular EP and they say no need. What would you do? 7 days seems a long time without blood thinner -- I'm on it because I'm at risk for strokes, right? Any comments and/or advice would be welcome. Also, any pep talks welcome!
281219 tn?1219118514 I just got back from my high-risk OB appt and they have switched me to Heparin (Low-Molecular Weight, I believe) because it IS reversible should I go into labor unexpectadly, whereas Lovenox is not. I can't remember the reversal med, but it exists so that should I require an emergency c-section, they would give me this shot and send me on my way. The gal that asked me the question wanted to know about risks of c-section while being anti-coagulated.
Avatar n tn What I did was stop the Coumadin 5 days before, and then 4 days before started Lovenox to bridge up until the surgery (Lovenox is a subcutaneous injection and is a Low Molecular Weight Heparin that will keep the blot thin enough to prevent clotting). The night of the day of the procedure I had, I restarted the Coumadin, and the following day after the surgery used Lovenox for 2 days giving the Coumadin time to begin building back up again.
Avatar n tn Given my history of a DVT, my age (53),and the fact that I am very overweight, what sort of treatment before and/or after surgery should I have to address the high risk of another DVT following surgery?? 2. Since I'm known to be at increased risk for cervical cancer due to the HPV, should we also be looking at removing the cervix as well? 3. What are my options/best alternatives for treating/dealing with menopause symptoms since I can't use HRT??
Avatar n tn ( I do have a slightly higher than normal range of platelet count but they werent concerned about clotting with me and i am also overweight) If you are concerned you are at risk of clotting post op, Talk to the nurses and the dr before surgery and after surgery about what you can do to prevent them. Obviously getting up and moving is the best thing, but the first day, you're likely not going to want to move too much.
Avatar f tn Looks like I will have to wait until December 10th for my surgery, since I have to go off Coumidin (use due to mechanical aortic valve) for 5 days before surgery, and then bridge the coumidin with Lovenox injections 2 days prior. Thanks again for your suggestions.
Avatar n tn Also, they will take you off coumadin for your surgery which you realise is a risk, and probably put you on Lovenox to prevent clots but decrease risk for bleeding. Good lick tomorrow.
Avatar n tn for surgery due to the a-fib and are concerned about taking me off the Coumadin before surgery (which they seem to feel they need to do and then to give Heparin during the surgery) due to the possibility of an a-fib event and its potential clots. I'm not keen on the surgery to begin with and, with the doctors being so concerned, I'm almost scared.
1704915 tn?1357604854 I am happy to know that everything has been checked out before moving forward with surgery so I avoid as many complications as possible. I also learned that IBS and SIBO symptoms I am having are due to the issues with the colon and are not a seperate issue as I have been told by other doctors. So if you are being told you have these be sure you do and it's not a side effect of something more major! Like a dieing colon!
Avatar n tn oh, for lovenox, I think if you end up using it, you should also know that people who use lovenox and need to have surgery actually go off the lovenox for 24 hours before surgery then resume lovenox after the surgery when it is safe. I guess it is hard to know when you would go into labor, so it may be hard to know when to stop the lovenox.
Avatar n tn OK, I am gettin ready to have ablation surgery for SVT. What should I expect post-op? I am seriously freaking out about this. I have never had SVT until 9 months ago when I took Sudafed. My doctor says that I was born with SVT and that the Sudafed just triggered it. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?
Avatar m tn It has never converted for one minute since the flutter has started. Then I take shots of Lovenox two days before and 2 to 3 days afterwards the ablation. Is this what others have done? I am really scared having gone on this long, as the bottom part of my heart is just scar tissue from previous ht. attacks. Just want to get it over with. Anyone? Please let me know about the Protime and Lovenox bit, as it worries me! Thanks everyone!
523025 tn?1227561225 We discussed my section and the doctor wants me off all lovenox/heparin for at least a week before he does the surgery. Since i went into labor with my daughter at 39 weeks he thinks i'll go earlier than that with this one. So he is giving me an amnio at 37.5 weeks to see if her lungs are developed - if so he said he will deliver her between 37.5 and 38 weeks. That means Christmas baby for me!!! He's also giving me a sono at my my next appt. on the 14th.
Avatar n tn 8 and was told to bridge Plavix with Lovenox. Shouldn't he be off of the Plavix 5 days before starting the Lovenox since Plavix has a 5 day duration?
Avatar f tn He couldn't believe I wasn't immediately put on a blood thinner. Since my surgery is so close he put me on Lovenox for now. He also told me when he puts me on Comaden?? after the surgery I can't eat greens -they contain vitamin K.
Avatar f tn Since my surgery is so close he put me on Lovenox for now. He also told me when he puts me on Comaden?? after the surgery I can't eat greens -they contain vitamin K. So I then went to the anticoagulants unit where a pharmacist showed me how to administer this medicine and she told me that it would be ok to take tonight even though I already took a baby aspirin and to call her to see if I should continue taking my aspirin with the Lovenox ( not wantint to step on the Nuerolgist toes).
Avatar f tn I've had pulmonary embolism before I was pregnant. I had 3 clots in one lung and two in the other. It was quite painful and I was treated with warfarin/coumadin pills and eventually the clots dissolved. Warfarin is NOT to be taken when pregnant because it will effect the baby so Lovenox/ heparin shots are often prescribed seeing as it is faster acting and won't reach the baby.
Avatar m tn I recently suffered a fall and shattered my ankle (tib and fun). I'm currently in an external fixator and have pre-op scheduled for Monday next week followed by my first surgery the following Thursday. Dr's are telling me my best option is fusing the ankle in my last surgery. This is mh first broken bone. I guess I'm just wanting a second opinion as fusing sounds so drastic. I'm being treated through Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.
330481 tn?1309491843 ) PS: anyone started the lovenox FIRST before even starting stims or is it usually after confirmed pregnancy? ohhhh, and how expensive is it? Thanks girls and SOOOO glad to be back :) HUGS and SSBD!
1569985 tn?1328251082 Best I can recall I forgot one time to stop the warfarin, or I was off only the night before the colonoscopy. There were no problems. I take my warfarin before bed, so my time off warfarin is more like 1.5 days than two days. I go back on warfarin right after the exam, may take 7.5 mg instead of the usual 5 mg to get back on INR faster. I believe being off of warfarin increases my risk of a clot, but the risk is still low.
Avatar n tn This doesn't mean anything is wrong. It's just like you can suddenly be allergic to something that never bothered you before in your life. Don't worry about it.
Avatar n tn my husband is 51 years old and has had by-pass surgery,and has a mechanical valve and is having sever side effects from the coumadin. We need a safe alternative for coumadin without compromising his health. We are looking for a doctor to help support this transition.We reside in PA. and hope to find a medical doctor that will monitor this change, what is your opinion?