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Avatar m tn Only problem is that it makes me feel quite tired after little activity like walking. After complaining about this tiredness to the doctor yesterday, he changed my drugs to 100mg Losartan (1 tablet per day) and 25mg Atenolol (2 tablets per day). Won’t the sudden stop of using amlodipine and propranolol bring problems; I thought they would just reduce the medication cause this is what I ultimately want, reduction of these meds until I stop using completely?
Avatar m tn I am on hypertension medication ( losartan 100mg, hctz 25md, spirolactone) I'm active in the gym, and pick up sports. What's the chances of sudden death with my condition? What is the chances of living a normal life? I'm doing all I can to be a healthier me. I never smoked, don't drink or anything my diets rather better than some.
20202111 tn?1492379275 I will also check back into getting a urologist to see what can be done about the stones. I take Losartan 100mg for blood pressure. I do still use whole foods and unprocessed products, but just haven't had the appetite or energy through this illness to go to the lengths I was doing prior. I was very engrossed in trying all sorts of low carb recipes and using the weekends to prepare everything for the weekend ahead.