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Avatar m tn as a starting point for your research, realizing that losartan is probably the weakest ARB out there and that others are much stronger. I realize Marfan has been ruled out but the mechanism for action in these drugs appears to be the same for other connective tissue diseases. After reading up on the research, contact the clinic of Dr. Hal Dietz at Johns Hopkins for an evaluation or for a recommendation for a more knowledgeable pediatric cardiologist in your area.
Avatar m tn Below is a list of the medications you are taking and the dosage at which they are prescribed. Losartan 25, 50 and 100mg Toprol-XL dosage 25, 50 and 100mg Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5, 25, 50, and 100mg GENERIC NAME: escitalopram BRAND NAME: Lexapro DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Escitalopram is an oral drug that is used for treating depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Chemically, escitalopram is similar to citalopram (Celexa).
Avatar n tn Ribavirin is a nucleoside analogue meaning that this molecule has the potential to incorporate into the (preferrably only the viral-but very probably not) genome in place of the corresponding real nucleoside. Ribavirin acts also on a competitive way (competition with the nucleoside which it replaces), that is the very reason why ribavirin should have a certain concentration to be effective.
Avatar n tn Beta blockers same to help then make them worse, though for now beta blockers seem to have tremendously for the last 3 years or is because of the added ARB losartan with the beta blocker. I also have glucose intolerance for about 15 years, never got any worse dont need medication for it, I find when my blood sugar is low it will trigger a few.
Avatar n tn To address the statement HF has a symptom of sweating is not correct. The confusion regarding sweating and heart conditions may be due to a heart attack can cause nausea, sweating, etc., BUT heart failure does NOT have a symptom of sweating. I have had CHF and there is no sweating involved, and I have researched the subject and answered the question several times in the past...its a matter of confusing HA and HF.. It can be explained and there has been a study done on the subject.
192055 tn?1263559137 Well..... its kinda great to know that my hubby isnt the only one... he is getting quite stressed about this..... we did his penis a bit of an injury one night...... not sure if it qualifies as Peyronies or not.. but since then. seems to have a bend to one side,, wether flaccid or erect. So much so that it makes sex uncomfortable for him.... Last couple of months, it has started the retracting thing......
Avatar n tn I keep a pile of energy bars in the office and gulp one down at the very first hint of weakness, shaking, which seems to go away in about ten minutes. If I don't, the symptoms quickly intensify until I am so shaky and weak that I can't remain in a sitting position. I've had blood/urine test and was told all is ok. Here's the curious part. Last two days, instead of gulping down an energy bar, I've been taking Vitamin B-12 that dissolves under the tongue.