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Avatar f tn I'm def getting birth control afterwords, I'm not getting any type if iud and ill never get the shot! I'm.think.of the birth control I used a couple years ago called loestrin 24. I liked it I didn't gain weight or breske out.
Avatar n tn I too got them a lot while on Yaz. I switched to Loestrin and still got them frequently. But they were reduced when I started wiping my vagina a few times a day with a tissue and water only in addition to bathing daily. Drying with a blow dryer after showers and keeping the area dry through the day. Salt baths seemed to help some too. You also are at higher risk if you are diabetic and have sex frequently.
Avatar m tn Since i recall i have been irregular with my periods. Sometimes my period is normal and sometimes it is not. I've been married for 5 years, i used a birth control for around 5 months and decided not to use it since it caused me he aches. We used condoms but then we started having unprotected sex but all this time i have not gotten pregnant i knew i had a problem and sort of ignored it. We have decided to see a doctor and see what can be done.
Avatar f tn never had burning or pain. The only thing that I can recall is short-lived tingling in the genital area, that almost seems to occur daily since I became obsessed with the thought of genital herpes. (It is possible that this has always occurred but I was not as aware of it). I also think I should add that I have had "coldsores" since I was a child. I have never officially gotten tested for HSV1, but they are pretty characteristic of oral herpes. So here are a few questions.
Avatar f tn After explaining my pain, the gyno advised that she suspected I have endo. She put me on LoEstrin to take continuously (no placebo week), and told me to come back in May. The last 16 days I have been discharging black stuff, along with regular menses. I have been in a lot of pain, particularly aching in my lower right back, which sometimes radiates up my spine and down my right leg.
Avatar f tn I notice you are from Arizona and I recall seeing quite a few individuals from there and Florida who have sun induced headaches - this is no joke for some people.
Avatar f tn My OB is suggesting I switch to Loestrin 24 fe but I just don't know if I'm willing to go through another potential merry-goround.
Avatar f tn I've been on the Nuva Ring for a year and at first i didnt' get any side effects but maybe 3-4 months ago ive had terrible mood swings, i feel very depressed, mayor loss of hair, i also got a tingling on my right arm and currently experience leg pain..often get headaches, weight gain, breast enlargement, spotty darkening of my skin (face). I'm getting off the Nuva Ring this month. I don't recommend it!
Avatar n tn About 4 weeks ago my Dr. switched me from Loestrin to Seasonique... At first I thought everything was great, but today I realized that it was about 4 weeks ago that I started having really strange headaches. They are not exactly a miagrane yet they don't feel completely like a stress headache either. However, i teach so that could definetly be the probelm. I have been mood recently too. I just thought it was the headache caused by stress.
Avatar n tn I have not masturbated without heavy bleeding (very very dark blood) since I started the depo as I recall,and most of the time I bleed throughout and/or after intercourse. I had the same result on my papsmear as well, so there must be a connection. It is not only messy, it is embarrassing and luckily I have been with the same man since this whole thing started and he is very understanding but I had to buy cheap towels so we could actually have sex and not ruin the sheets.
299260 tn?1304219705 When I was on them for years before ttc, I was on loestrin, the lowest dose of estrogen, because it makes me sick... so, I'm sure it'll be a fun two weeks on bcp's! ;) luvkayln: How was the wedding? You had a busy weekend, but I'm glad you have today off to recover! =) Yay, I finally got my +opk! It's a week late, but I guess that's expected, huh? At least I know I'll O Tues or Wed. and then can count down to AF ;) Did you hear about the earthquake last night?
Avatar f tn my blood test showed a hormonal imbalance- LH and FSH levels were inverted (i don't know what that means, but she said it made sense with my having such an irregular period). I was given birth control pills, Loestrin 24 Fe, to take for 3 mnths then go back for followup... i'm supposed to start when my period starts. I'm still waiting for it. My last period ended April 6th...
Avatar n tn Only one worked, which was loestrin 24. The Bleeding is moderate with smaller clots, I have cramping and these weird contraction type things. I am now on a pill called Low Ovural that is bogus I was on it 1 month the bleeding never stopped-my Doc keeps saying give it time....hope much time Lady? Until I bleed over? This whole situation makes me wish I was born a male!!!!!
Avatar n tn YES, I recall noticing the first cuts after I started to shave again...I have been shaving for years..but it was only in the last year, that I noticed a recurrence of these cuts (also around my menstrual cycle). I've had cuts even when I'm not sexually active. SO it sounds like there are multitudes of factors that could contribute to these 'cuts': fragrance pads/tampons/tissue, abrasive shaving, etc. I will look into the same recommendations to sooth the skin and make it more elastic.
Avatar n tn it could have been spred by a cold sore but i dont recall him having anything like that either. i do have the tears as well as the bump, so i dont know what is going on with me. i want to know but i dont know what i will do if its herpes.
298579 tn?1192250448 I am a mother of a 8 year old son but I was soooo young that I don't actually recall if I had these symptoms 11 How long does your pain last? Sometimes as long as 20mins 12 When the pain passes, will it return if you resume sexual activity? Normally, I'm ready to go to bed after sex and once I get past the pain I experience I'm even more tired...the pain alone wears me out. 13 Describe the pain you feel. Lower belly and rectum pain and pain after sex.....