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Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome. These are good questions to discuss with your prescribing doctor. There are several in the class of cholesterol lowering medications that lipitor is in and there are a couple of adjust therapies that maybe would help as well. Your doctor will be the best to help guide you. Is it your LDL cholesterol that you are trying to lower?
Avatar f tn He is very athletic always kept himself extremely fit. He was put on a dose of Lipitor of 20 mg and developed joint pain. His doctor reduced the amount to 10 mg. Now he is still experiencing extreme joint pain in his hip and has swelling of a finger joint and has injured his knee somehow without his knowledge. He has gone from a strong fit man to someone who hobbles around in less than 4 months. Is the Lipitor doing damage to his joints as well as causing pain?
Avatar n tn My mom's been on Lipitor for about 2 and a half weeks and her body is still trying to get use to her medication..... are there any symptoms that she should beware of that are normal?
Avatar n tn I am taking Lipitor 20Mg once a day. I have been off my diet and eating all the wrong foods. I am Constpated & Bloated and have heartburn. The Side effects of Lipitor are the same. Does Lipitor bother alot of people with IBS. Can this just be a coincidence or is it the Lipitor I stopped for a few days felt a little better but still had side effect. Went back on the lipitor and still have the IBS symptoms.
Avatar f tn though your comments on penicillin helping with arthritic pain may sound odd ! I actually had the same experience I was given penicillin for a chest infection and after a couple of days my 'normally' constant neck pain improved so much I almost felt 'normal' again!! I am considering Lyme as I was bitten by a tick prior to neck pain - penicilin is a treatmenrt for LYME!!!
Avatar f tn I started 20 mg lipitor/day. My c reactive protein is 18. I was sent to a rheumatologist and he started me on Plaquenil 200mg a day for the first month then up to 400mg a day. He has not given me a diagnosis, Lupus or Arthritis. I have been on both meds for about a week. Too soon to notice any changes. I am to return to my doctor for the Lipitor check in one month and the rheumatologist in three months. My concern is with the elevated c reactive protein.
Avatar n tn I was on Lipitor, shortly thereafter suffered pain that I thought was arthritis. After a year I stopped taking it with Docs permission. That was five months ago and feel great. IS there lasting damage?
Avatar f tn The only meds I'm on is some xanax and nexium. That shouldn't do it. I was on Lipitor for quite some time and that's very hard on the liver. Wondering if that did damage. I went off it several months ago and now my cholesterol is back up. Cardiologist wants me back on Lipitor but it will just make my enzymes go back up. "catch22". I always had taken the prednisone pack dosage for my asthma and that could have activated my TB but it didn't. Whew!!!
Avatar f tn I stopped the lipitor 3 days ago and the pain in my legs has stopped and feet are some better. I go to the dr. soon so I will tell her. I have stopped the lipitor before for a few days and gotten back to normal.
Avatar n tn I started having bigger break out and inflamation in my joints and pelvic and they did alot of testing and Diagnosed me with Psoridic Arthritis, I've been on Oxy ER 20 mg 2x a day.It sure has kept the pain at bay. It took along time but it has built up enough to help. I still have some stiffness and pelvic pain durning the night and first thing in the am, but its nothing like it was.
390388 tn?1279639813 was up alittle (211 total) and liver test was ok. hsCRP LOL don't ask. Maybe all the pains are from arthritis. ??? TSH has dropped some since being on Levothyroxine so I guess all is well. TSH from 1.52 to .98 FT4 from .78 to 0.66 and T4 is staying the same.
Avatar n tn I had a consultation to have this nonsurgical procedure for fat reduction by microinjections of PPD, done on my abs and chin. The doctor who directs the clinic is a MD, FACS. I understand the two naturally occuring chemicals, phospatidylcholine (soy product/lethicin) and deoxycholate (bile acid) shrink & dissolve fat cells as a detergent. The inflammatory response of the body completes the destruction of the fat cells and are excreted in the urine. The phosph.
Avatar n tn I was going to post something, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was?!?!?!?! Has anyone seen my Lipitor??? LOL Actually, I've had no probs w/ Lipitor and consider it a life saver. Helped lower my cholesterol from 370-ish to 120. All my levels (HDL/LDL) are within acceptible ranges for the first time. Most drugs I've taken have some serious side effects. Guess we all just have to make the decision if the risk is worth the gain.
Avatar n tn Of more importance may be your use of Lipitor. Take the time to acquaint yourself with the various problems associated with Lipitor use and note in these same sources the argument that there IS NO study demonstrating high blood cholesterol causes heart disease.
Avatar n tn I have degenerative disc disease and herniated disc L-4 and L-5. I have horrible pain in my left outer thigh. It is sporadic, but when it happens all I can do is scream!!! It feels like fireworks on going off. If anyone know what that is or has any advice please let me know. My doc put me on gabapentin and said it is neuropothy, it has not helped at all. The last several months my feet and ankles swell to the point I can't walk!
Avatar n tn I do also have other health problems, such as an extended bowel due to long term infection (which could cause dehydration as it causes constipation), arthritis and spondilosis in my back and a few hernias.
Avatar f tn Yes most definitely high tsh levels do raise your cholesterol. Normally when my tsh rises my hands feel heavy ( like arthritis ) and fingers will tingle. Another thing that happens to me is my eyes swell up and are puffy. I also get a lethargic feeling of constantly tired. Sometimes the hair falls off my legs.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Metformin when I was diagnosed with PCOS. It made me deathly ill... it doesn't effect everyone that way but I know quite a few that it does. I took it with food, before food, after food, with bread, with Tums AND food and on and on. LOL I am now going to try the hcg injection for weight loss as well as the fact that I've read it helps with the PCOS symptoms, excessive facial hair etc. I know one friend that had great luck with losing weight on Metformin.
Avatar f tn I also feel depressed all the time and I have horrible muscle pain and body aches. I can be perfectly fine one day and the next day I wake up and my whole body aches for weeks. It's so bad I feel like I've been run over by an 18 wheeler truck. It's so bad that I can barely move and I'm miserable. Then it will suddenly go away just as quickly and mysteriously as it came on. I also can't do anything physical now without getting severe muscle pain.
Avatar n tn Based on the MIBI results the cardiolog informed me that I, recently, suffered a heart failure and that my heart's performance is at the 52%. He prescribed Lipitor 10 mg and asked me to be careful with my diet. After having taken the second pill of Lipitor I felt tightness in my chest and subsequently discontinued this medication and informed the cardiologist accordingly. My cholesterol level has always been within the normal range and many times below it.
Avatar f tn This does not mean you symptoms won't get better, but it takes time to rule out all other issues. It can also cause arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and even has been linked to Lupus. With so many symptoms being the same in several categories it is hard to rule out others. Get to a good Arthritic group of Doctors or doctor such as a rheumatogist because they do run specialized tests that most regular MD's do not know anything about.
Avatar n tn Asthma High cholestrerol(take lipitor) Slightly high blood sugars(take Metformin 1000mg) Osteo Arthritis (take Nebumetone and am mostly imobile since weight gain and weakness started) Tachycardia (Heart rate regularly runs around 90) Low blood pressure syncopy (occational since childhood) PCOS (hysterectomy 12 years ago and still have ovaries)
Avatar n tn some days i feel good, other days are bad. today i felt really tired all day and had a slight headache at work. i get only 6 hours of sleep so maybe that has something to do with it. maybe it was lack of oxygen in the work place. however, there is a something, a certain energy which i didnt have pre tx. i even went jogging without getting poooped as i did pre tx. there is a sense of normalcy that i had lost pre tx. i felt really great a few weeks ago.
1268551 tn?1270388066 is there a relation acute gout arthritis after coronary stenting? how it works? what drugs can relieve the pain. he got plavix, lipitor, zyloric, cardioaspirin.
Avatar n tn It could be Plantar Fasciatis or Rheumatoid Arthritis or could be related to different types of medication such as Lipitor. I am not a doctor and have only found this information out when quickly Goggling it. I suggest going to your local GP/doctor to see if they can figure it out. I have had problems with the opposite thing to you, as i get pain when i am active and walking and it goes away after rest. My doctor doesn't have a clue, so i guess i have to get use to it.
Avatar f tn Outside of my lower extremities aches, which I credit to arthritis, I feel fine. Both doctors, arthritis and cardiologist, keep drawing blood with these rates still climbing. After a year of this circle, and being a believer in preventive mediciene, my concern is should I be concerne?
Avatar m tn For example, an older person may begin taking Lipitor for high cholesterol and Prilosec for acid reflux. These two medications can cause tinnitus as an adverse effect. This individual also is has seasonal allergies causing frequent nasal congestion, another cause of tinnitus. In addition, the natural aging process can cause deterioration of the cochlea in the inner ear which can cause or contribute to the development of ringing ears.
Avatar f tn and generic for lipitor and plavix. No answers from primary doctor or dentist on cause. Lab work normal. Trying to determine cause of Xerostomia and best treatment to prevent future problems. Help!!!
211940 tn?1267884866 My ortho said the xrays showed arthritis in my elbow and some in the shoulder. I have had two shots of corizone and the pain on the inside of the upper arm has now increased almost as badly as the outter upper arm. Please, someone out there must have an answer, there are too many of us.
Avatar n tn These were successful, and she was precribed Lipitor , and encouraged to continue a good diet. My mom also discovered during the process of preperation for surgery that she has a leaking valve in her heart and is prescibed enalerpril (pardon my spelling). Please help me to understand the reson for the breakdown in her body most recently.