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Avatar n tn Are there any side effects from taking any one of the above injections? I would appreciate any help I can get. I've spent so much money on products that didn't work and it's quite frustrating to take drugs that have uncomfortable side effects and you don't see any results after suffering through them. Help.....
Avatar n tn Then why not you just create your own lip plumper at the home in a fraction of the cost and get lovely results? To make a lip plumper at the home, you just require few common things. The results are temporary, but you can make use of your own lip plumper whenever you want to have beautiful lips in the whole day. You can make your own lip plumper, with the following steps.
Avatar n tn I am reading about the Lip-O-Den and how it claims to work quickly for those who want to lose weight fast on the website!? I am presently going to a clinic in Houston that offers the HCG/B12 shots for $12. Is there a clinic in Houston that offers the Lip-O-Den? I know you can purchase from Thoughts anyone!!?
Avatar n tn If you look at most of the ingredients in your lip glosses/chapsticks/or any other lip product that you are allergic to, you can almost pinpoint what is causing your bad reactions. It's different for everyone, so I can't provide an answer for you guys, but I can tell you that I am allergic to Chapstick, Carmex, MAC lipglasses/glosses soft lips, and other random free chapsticks that I had gotten as gifts, ie rosebud's.
Avatar n tn Instead of paying the $147 to start the injections and paying $45 a week to receive the Lip-B-12-B-6 shots. With our income budget....I decided to go to my local Herbal Vitamin store and see what they had. They had a Lipotropic pill, B-12 Sublingual & A Mega multi which has another ample amount of B vitamins and other minerals...which I was already taking off and on. But not 2 times a day. All together those pills..which should last me about a month or so...was $63.
Avatar f tn not bad overaging 12.20 per shot.
Avatar f tn The doctor didn't know what he was doing and I ended up with a top lip that looks like a duck bill. Is there any way I can get this stuff out of my lip and return it to the way is was? If so, about how much would that cost and would it be worth it?
Avatar n tn I did not think much of it at first but its bothering me now. I have a bump inside my lower looks as if its filled with some clear liquid..i used to just pop it with a needle or just bite it until it pops then clean it up...i have noo idea what it is and I am starting to worry about it. Can any one please help me?
Avatar m tn is it normal for a dermatologist to prescribe Valtrex for these lip injections. She said it's so you won't break out after the injections. I'm not the expert so I'm hoping someone could shed some light. Thanks!
219241 tn?1413541365 Oh my aching split lip! 4 plus hours yesterday afternoon in the dentist that guy a masochist or what???? He is a lovely guy, funny too. He was nice and made sure I had two horse injections of numbing agent in to the top gum line. Got out his buzz saw and promptly zapped away my old teeth.....THAT was the point of no return for me. I got a little sad, but was eager then to get on with it.
Avatar f tn I had metacril injections two weeks ago in Costa Rica to my lips and nasalabial folds. The metacril in the bottom lip has now turned into hard bumps, which I think was the result of going and having my teeth whitened afterwards and the Zoom laser hitting that area so long. Has anyone else had experience with metacril? Any recommended plastic surgeons in the Dallas area I can go to and follow up with this issue? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I am not sure why I thought of this, but by the way it flew I worried it could be a bat (live in a NYC suburb and have never seen one before but somehow this is what I thought). The area above my upper lip feels sore (where this thing smacked into me) but I do not see any marks or redness. Of course, I went online and read that a bite from a bat can be too small to detect. I also read that rabies vaccinations can cost thousands of dollars and I do not have that much money.
Avatar n tn I just had my first treatment, and it was more painful than I expected, although they told me afterward that patients seem to report that the belly is the most painful area. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to drive myself home! I waited in my car about 30 minutes. They put an elastic wrap around me and some small ice packs before I left, and I used a topical lidocaine cream on the area and took two extra-strength Tylenol before the treatment.
Avatar n tn hi my 8 month old half persian cat also has sores on his lips and inside his mouth we went to the vet before and they prescribed a cream they said he had an infection we used the cream and it went but then shortly after it came back again so we went back to the vets and they said it's cos his imune systems low he needs some more injections so they gave him 2 injections and prescribed for him another type of medicine which's bright violet and you put it on his sore and it stains the skin but tha
Avatar f tn And as for all the enthusiastic lip service being paid worldwide to the ideal of the eradication of hepC, lip service is all it will ever be until the cost of these drugs is properly addressed.
Avatar n tn I getting the injections i have gotten 3 in my lower abs and 1 inthe upper I have so many lumps im already on an month break ...I do regret getting the shots because I have not seen any real results,instead Ive gotten larger in the areas treated I'm going to be patient and wait 4 results....I just wish I knew when results are goind 2 show....
739070 tn?1338607002 Took Plaquenil for 3 years with no change in symptoms. Went today to have lip biopsy done after seeing academic neuro and his choice of rheumatologist. New rheumy doubted Sjogren's but he was difficult to understand and with the communication difficulties I neglected to ask him why the joint pain. He ordered several labs and results are not in yet.
Avatar n tn I also have thought that it could possibly be Fordyce, but the small patch of bumps on my lip are sooo tiny and are the same color as my lip that it doesn't seem to match the Fordyce symptoms. Like you, my lips are dry (they normally are not) and the small patch of very tiny bumps feels scaly when i run my tongue over it. It's really not noticeable to other people (my sister couldn't even see what I was talking about), but I would like to know what it is and what is causing it.
Avatar n tn Just about 2 months ago I began developing strange allergic reactions. They have occurred on my feet, hands, back of knee, upper thigh, lip and now tongue. I have gone to the doctor before and they said it was contact dermatitis. I have not figured out what I'm allergic to yet and am still waiting for a call back from the allergy department. Last night, I woke up at about 3am with a swollen tongue. It really freaked me out.
Avatar m tn We are now looking at a very expensive therapy, Xolair (Omalizumab) injections at $750 a pop. Before taking the plunge I am seeking personal experiences with this ************** for autoimmune urticaria so that we can make a more informed decision. I have read a number of studies and understand that immediate and delayed anaphylaxis has occurred on rare occasion in clinical trials. Any stories would be helpful to know.
Avatar n tn Epsom Salt baths help when I am so tense and cannot get relief, massages are good too but the cost adds up, chiropractic is great as well, but once again the cost adds up. I have heard stories where others have gone in for invasive surgery and the recovery is just as long and painful with no real difference in the outcome. I found that low impact excercise for my shoulder/arm/neck such as painting or swimming with the long strokes helps with atrophy.
Avatar n tn I've recently had a second episode of symptoms of MS, it was four years ago that I had a mild one (lip only bells palsy.) Since late December I have had a brain MRI, an upper and lower MRI, nerve tests, blood tests and most recently a Spinal Tap. My last symptoms were tingling and numbing of feet, legs, hands, lower back and torso. I felt what has been described as the "MS Hug" and I was very fatigued.
Avatar n tn rashes when I was pregnant with either of my children. I had HCG in my system then - a lot more - for a lot longer. I may try the injections again next week to see if it happens again - then I'll know for sure!! Thanks for everyones input!
Avatar n tn I started with phentermine after my daughter was born with B12 shots and went from 170 - 110 and then got pregnant with my son and again went back to doc's for phentermine and b12 after my son was born and went from 150 - 120 and then within the years, I went back up to 140 and went back on phentermine and have gotton down to about 127 average and just want to have energy and maintain weight would these B12-Lip pills or injections work? Thanks for you input.
Avatar n tn at Lipodissolve in Chesterfield Valley (MO) is the best. Sara also gets the injections - she said that she has had everyone there give her the injections - and she didn't notice any difference. I sure did. My 3rd treatment with someone different was so painful and the swelling was really bad. I also think she injected into one of the past lumps that had not dissolved totally.
Avatar n tn I've already tried antibotics for bacteria, and something that cost me an arm and a leg for virus, so what's in store for Fungus?
514916 tn?1224521687 They send out reminders to every one of their patients every year, and it costs them a couple of dollars to make 500 or 600 times the cost of the vaccine itself plus the cost of the office visit. In a hospital that has a couple of hundred clients, it's a nice way to fill the bank account. Be aware that vaccines every year are, as I said, not only not necessary, they can sometimes be dangerous.
Avatar n tn There is a new serum blood-draw test that is more accurate that was released abt 2yrs ago. Many docs don't know of it/use to own tests/don't think cost justifies/stuck in a rut! Can't remember name but will look if interested. The shots over time have not wk'd & I know many in same boat. You may be taking wrong injections if not recent tested. Is response inflammation/hives/rash? Your immune system sounds like it's in overload of meds.
Avatar f tn HAH It is a personal decision, and other than the mammoth boob jobs, who cares what anyone else thinks..... you are doing it for yourself! Okay and maybe the huge lip injections, I guess that is my point if it's that noticeable you need a new plastic surgeon or psychiatrist!