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Avatar m tn Many users find using collagen lip gloss is a great lip gloss for taking care of dry lips and chap lips. Especially best lip gloss when applied to treat sun burn and frost bitten lips as collagen lip gloss regenerates lips quickly. Additionally it is made of natural collagen derived from fish skins, and hypoallergenic so many people with skin problems or allergic to products can use the collagen lip gloss. http://collagen.
Avatar n tn I wud apply it all over and wait for an hour or so and just b4 going to sleep wud apply vaseline...dat seems to work. However if i apply lip gloss or lip balm(while going out ofcourse) it wud b alrite for a while but the next morning my lips would start to get dry and the tiny bumps pay their visit again :p.. this even after i remove any traces of the lip gloss/balm before going to bed..
225237 tn?1333142599 No offense, I'm describing myself. lol I wouldn't be seen in public without lip gloss, a little blush, and concealer, because I am otherwise so pale in the cheek and dark under the eye that I look decked out for Halloween.
Avatar n tn I've had this happen, and am somewhat confused by what causes it. I'm thinking I've become sensitive to certain products (lip gloss, sunscreen. other face creams). My lips look like I got collagen shots, except they are red and splotchy and itch, so it isn't a good look. I started using a gentle facial cleanser and avoid getting any type of product near my lips. All sorts of things are possible for side effects.
Avatar f tn I also used Carmex, anything that has petroleum in it (I am also thinking mineral oil) will pull moisture out of your lips to sit on the surface and it becomes a viscious cycle that does not clear up. I switched to something without them (including lip gloss, leaving my favorite lip gloss for special occasions because it REALLY is the perfect color) and they cleared up as long as I have enough fluid.