Lip augmentation swelling

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Avatar n tn With me I have no EBV or other virus like many as I have read on medical forums such as this - although as a child I had viral meningitis. Surgical implant? Possibly the collagen used in a lip augmentation I had, and an implant my daughter has as well? Vaccinations? How to begin there? Medicines? Possible. Lack of {iodine}? Environmental would be difficult (- I have mercury fillings but my daughter does not. Killed that theory).
Avatar m tn a rare condition associated with prolonged erection of the clitoris, an erection lasting for more than 6 hr and unassociated with genital arousal, causing engorgement, swelling, and pain in the clitoris and immediately adjacent area. The mechanism of female priapism is not well understood, but it is likely to be similar to that of male priapism (Arntzen and de Boer, 2006; Unger and Walters, 2014).
Avatar n tn I had an old girdle type thing from a long time ago. I wore it for 24 hours. Next day - minimal swelling. Made such a difference in how I felt. I do have a few "knots" left and she told me to take a vibrating massager that has a heater on it - and rub it over the area's for about 20 minutes every evening. She said it would break up the knots. I bought the package deal - it was scary when I signed those papers. I am glad that I did it. I wish ya'all could see my results.
Avatar f tn You have to be banded shut and eat liquefied food for weeks and weeks. The swelling remains for a long time and you basically need several weeks off from life and lay in bed sitting as upright as possible for 1 month at least, preferably longer. Its not easy. The sad thing is I joined a couple yahoo groups of patients who are considering it, are about to go through it, or just had it done.
Avatar n tn I ended up with itchy hives for a few days, but they eventually disappeared. The swelling went away, but the itching has more or less stuck around since then. I get it on my hands and the sides of my thighs, but ESPECIALLY on my upper back, neck, scalp and chest. I have no rash or any other visible sign of any skin irritation. I've noticed I get hot+sweaty pretty easily lately and that usually leads to some irritation.
Avatar n tn And also since I had it put in, I have been swelling BADLY. To nasty to explain to everyone, but it really worries me. I am really open to any suggestion and would appreciate them very much! Anyone can reach me at king_of_caos)***@****.