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Avatar n tn My dad is Italian, so I got his darker skin, but the hair came with it- my little sister has it too, lots on her legs, a bit of upper lip, starting on her stomach and back, and she's only 9. But I have a feeling she'll have it worse because she has lighter skin then I do, so it'll be more obvious. I wear a one piece suit, I worry about people seeing the hair on my face, and though there is an awesome guy interested in me, I'm afraid that if he found out, he would be disappointed.
Avatar n tn There are supposed to be two different methods out there. They do the other one. I think the difference is the recipe and the amount they use and the length of time between visits. Their theory is that 4 weeks isn't long enough for the swelling to go down, and that waiting longer between visits gives the medicine more time to work. They also say that you only need 3 visits because of this. So what caused me to go there was less visits=less pain, and it also was $1000 less.
Avatar f tn Thirty-five subjects out of 1500 implant patients treated and/or examined (2002–2004) were selected for Ti allergy analysis. Sixteen presented allergic symptoms after implant placement or unexplained implant failures [allergy compatible response group (ACRG)], while 19 had a history of other allergies, or were heavily Ti exposed during implant surgeries or had explained implant failures [predisposing factors group (PFG)]. Thirty-five controls were randomly selected (CG) in the Allergy Centre.
Avatar n tn I can almost guarantee you that all those things are not due to the Mirena. However, if you believe they are, then more power to you. I will be very interested to see if you remain miraculously healed of all your many maladies over the coming weeks. Or will you become one of those women who believe that a temporary device ruined your health forever? Would you ever take a Tylenol if you were prominently warned that you could die? People take them every day. Yet some die.
Avatar n tn As the disease may be physiological in origin, psychological treatments such as stress management can sometimes lessen severity and occurrence. Additionally, methods similar to psychological pain management can be used to shift focus away from the discomfort and itchiness during an attack. ref:http://en.wikipedia.