Lip augmentation lumps

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Avatar n tn I'm scheduled for my 4th treatment this week but am considering pushing it out another 4 weeks as I still have a lot of large lumps and I know its best to wait till they are gone, yet I am anxious to get my next treatment. The first treatment they injected my inner thighs from the front. The second time they did it from the back b/c I still had lumps then the third they went back to the front. I had the most pain and bruising after the first treatment.
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Avatar n tn Well my skin still looks like shiznit, I have bruises all over my legs that are lumps, and I am still beotchy. I know it is not wrong for everyone, but these side effects CAN occur. And I think that maybe the doctors should be more understanding when addressing this instead of just saying "oh it is something else" I have 4 skin prescriptions and still it is horrible. Even if I get a bug bite it simply will NOT heal. Am I the only one???