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5518617 tn?1372434482 Have them count the pills at the end of each day, and have them make sure that the pills in the bottle match the description of the pills on the bottles label (I found some over the counter pain meds that looked a lot like Vic's to the untrained eye. Over the years I've switched out hundreds of Vic's for OTCs). If you do this then you will not abuse. Also be sure the doc knows you're an addict and that no automatic refills are available. A lot of effort. But it works.
Avatar n tn Took so much over the counter headache meds I worried about liver damage. Back was bad but nothing compared to those headaches. Today, I got my refills and took my normal dose. Weird thing is...the back is worse instead of better. Headache is gone but I've already taken my 3 for the day and I'm debating the 4th. Frankly, this is scaring this **** out of me. Does anyone have experience with the time released stuff? Are they as dangerous as the Soma/Vicadin? Shame of it insurance.
Avatar f tn over and over and over!! EPIPHANY!! No, you don't need to detox but you need to learn all the skills and the tricks and everything else that will become second nature to you once's a lifelong deal now and your insight into YOUR particular set of circumstances will serve you well while at "camp" and beyond. Believe me, I have to dig into the old bag of tricks OFTEN.
Avatar n tn Lidoderm, unlike Flector patches and Voltaren gel, is not a topical anti-inflammatory but rather a numbing medicine applied to the skin. 4) An over the counter option, though not as well studied, is Aspercreme cream, which is a topical salicylate (aspirin) pain reliever. It works by reducing swelling and inflammation in the muscle and joints. Take care!
211940 tn?1267884866 At the time it felt like it was the muscle or tendons, kind of like they had been strained or over used. The pain continued to increase with night time being the worst. Since then the pain is in my shoulder, collar bone, mid arm (between the shoulder and elbow), elbow and wrist. My elbow is now very sore after typing or writing if it's not well supported on a desk. Although it doesn't hurt to the touch.
Avatar n tn I noticed that I lost all the hair in legs and arms and also in the underarm. During the night the pain is so strong that it wake me up and my hands and fingers are tingling and "asleep". It's being like this for few years. I have been dignosed with fybromialgia and neurophaty. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Have you tried over the counter Prilosec? It coats the stomach, and helps with heartburn. Dr's, usually recommend it, with a heavy anti-iflamatory.. I tried it, once and it worked great! Give it a try...I'm sure you might find it very helpful for you stomach.
19965699 tn?1487515118 Due to some bad surgery, I have permanent nerve damage in the spine, causing me to have 23% of the feeling on the right as the left. They removed the screws, and eliminated much of the pain, but I still have sciatic & piriformis nerve pain. I got off of as much medicine as I possible could. I was taking oxycodone, gabapentin, and fentynal patches, 2 muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, and anti depressants. The idea was to feel better... since I always felt the pain, and felt "muddy.
230948 tn?1235847929 i had kidney infection after kidney infection as the drugs make you retain urine and my rheumy was writing to my dr and telling me to put me on this then that my poor body. sertraline (antidepressant) 50mg I am still on 2mg of clonazapam 300mg of lyrica a day over the counter pain killers fentanal pain patches (opiod) 75 change every 3 days releases every hour into your system I have found out of all the drugs the pain patch to work the best although i have had to go up and up on it.
2122255 tn?1374468780 hey there mate, sorry about the pain, i too suffer from pain daily and it suc ks!!! I take over the counter meds and the pain patch that you get over the counter as well. Also, ICE, it does help. Remember in the early stages of detox we get rebound pain, and it is very real, just stay strong and keep on pushing through, you can do this you are strong!!!!
Avatar m tn the therapeutic dose is 800mg...which is 4 over the counter. many have found this dose helpful. please give it a try if you haven't.
Avatar f tn If you have used Lidoderm patches and they sort of worked a little, I recommend over-the-counter Johnson's & Johnson's Back Plaster as an alternative. It keeps my back warm and loose all day long.
Avatar f tn Is there anything else I can do to get me through until surgery? *Is there anything over the counter that I can take that would be better than the 3 advil/2 extra strength Tylenol? Of course, I am terrified about taking pain meds....the orthopedic offered to give me some pain med to get me through to see the surgeon and I told him no thank you. That the advil/Tylenol were okay. I may just take advil/Tylenol if I have to have surgery.
Avatar m tn I'm use to it and it's decreased in intensity. I use over the counter meds to handle the pain if it becomes very painful.
Avatar n tn I removed the Lidoderm patch in the middle of the night when I used the restroom to give my arm a rest because I had it on past the recommend 12 hours and it is 5 hours later and still no itch. I am a happy person.
1375156 tn?1278708104 I have also taken countless oral prescribed medications as well as over the counter, those all have been ineffective. The most recent ones I can recall, hydroxyzine, doxepin, loratidine, and the most recent cyclosporine. I have never itched anywhere else other than these areas mentioned.
Avatar m tn We'll be more than happy to help you figure out what over the counter and healthy herbs, etc you can take to help out with the WD symptoms. We will also be more than happy to provide all the support you can use until you are done with the WD's and can start your aftercare program. We will do all these things for soon as you know whether or not quitting is what you really want to do.
Avatar n tn What helps me the most is Percogesic (over the counter). I agree, a MRI is difinitely in order. But more than anything, please keep you spirit up -- don't let it beat you down, stress does not make it any easier to handle the pain. Best wishes to you.
Avatar f tn Now I take Prilosec and it will help your stomach with the ibuprofen. (I get a prescription for it because it's cheaper but you can also get it over the counter.) I'm having a lot of extra, different pain and swelling in all my joints and I'm being worked up for an autoimmune disease. Have you been on any of the other non-narcotic drugs? Though I do use narcotics, I also have other non-narcotic meds and things to help with the pain. I hope your doctor is understanding.
Avatar m tn Keep in mind that acetaminophen is also present in many other medications - both over the counter and prescription - ones, so definitely be sure to read ALL labels. Don't take ANYTHING other than your prescribed meds without first clearing it with your doctor, but even then, be sure and read all labels to check for acetaminophen (tylenol). I hope your adjustment to the new dose and new meds isn't too rough. You can do it!
Avatar f tn But thanks for the thought. I think most of us here on the pain forum have got here by trying all kinds of over the counter medication, and seeing several specialists to find out what our chronic pain injuries are. Unfortunately I've been told I will not get any better and there is a large chance that I will eventually be disabled from this chronic pain injury. Thanks again for your input and I do hope magnesium and epson salt does help any aches and pains that you may have.
16830625 tn?1451818989 I think over the years I have tried just about everything I could find on Google I am on Neurontin for my diabetic neuropathy in legs and feet, and the doctor gave me Flexeril and Norco at first, then when I called to get refills (AFTER) he got my MRI results back I told the nurse I didnt want the norco because they didnt help so all they gave me was more flexeril which *****.
Avatar f tn It took something of this nature to make me get relief by hiring a PM dr and some people just need a push I know I do sometimes, iT WILL not help to take over the counter stuff its a waste of time, so its best to go through whatever is needed to get the great PM dr needed.
Avatar m tn Sleep takes awhile to reset too. Try melatonin its over the counter at any place that sells vitamins. Take it when the sun goes down. Or around 7-8. It helps promote sleep naturally. Another thing to consider is an anti depressant . I take one and after two weeks or so i feel less moody. It helps put back seratonin in our brains. Aftercare is also recommended.
610983 tn?1351313526 I have had migraines since the year of 2005 then herniated disc in 2006. I also have Icy Hot tube (from over-the-counter) and Heating Pad also take hot baths sometimes to relieve my back pain. It helps some. Hope this helps a bit?? :o) my PCP recommends me to buy Capzasin-P Topical Analgesic Cream but its bit expensive, I can't afford that due to my limited income. So I buy Icy Hot that the price is cheaper and reasonable that I can afford. So, I hope this helps?
Avatar n tn Make sure you not just giving her something simple like Ultram, that is just a little stronger than something over the counter. That will save you money because if something major for headaches doesnt work, something simple surely wont. Have they not given her any narcotics? I understand she is a child and still your baby but sometimes one of these would surely give her some relief. Its not like shes going to have control over her meds.
Avatar n tn I had a seizure taking tylenol. So be careful with even over the counter drugs. Neurtontin is great for nerve pain. I don't like it in high doses or ongoing just when you need it. But of course discuss with your doctor. I've heard amazing things about L-lysine. as well. Always adding natural supplements is such a good thing because you are treating the underlying condition not just the symptoms. all the best to you.
Avatar n tn For the skin doctor to see what needs to be seen, you'll need to avoid covering the area with scratch marks. Try using Sarna or pramoxine, two over-the-counter anti-itch preparations, as often as needed to suppresss the urge. I understand you're busy, but these symptoms are interfering with life and functioning, and you need to clarify and treat them if possible. Best. Dr.
Avatar f tn Well there is no perfect drug that works for pain and is non addictive. that is how most of us got into this mess. The over the counter stuff will take down the swelling that causes some of the pain. Heat and cold can help this too. In the morning when it is hard to move around , a heating pad will help. gets the blood moving and loosens you up. If pain has already set in- ice packs will take the swelling down and relieve it. You may have to find a different way to sleep at nite.
10205477 tn?1409582191 Some days I'm feeling really great like I can conquer the world again, but for the last couple days I have a really depressed feeling like I can't even see past the next 10 minutes. I hate the fact that I get irritated over the really stupid things, and it doesn't take much at all. If things don't go right I get so pissed off it's really wearing on me. We live on 5 acres way up in the mountains and were surrounded by nothing but vast forest.