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Avatar f tn Unfortunately there is no generic available for the Lidoderm patch at this time. If you will google lidoderm coupons or visit Endo's site for the patch they were offering 30 dollars off the copay(dont know if you have insurance or not)but every little bit helps. I wish they would come out with a generic soon because I know they are about 200 dollars a box without insurance and I could not afford that.
Avatar f tn We're trying Topamax, low dose for 14 days and then I'll increase it on the 15th day by taking two pills instead of one. He gave me Lidoderm patches and told me that I have to wear them for 12 straight hours. He also told me that he wants my tens unit on when I'm exercising and to wear it home after treatments. I was given an injection of Visteril today to break my pain cycle and I think it's catching up, I'm very sleepy.
684012 tn?1227994056 Vicodin, and Skelaxin for a muscle relaxer. I use Lyrica but is causes my ankles and hands to swell. She also gave me Lidoderm patches I think help me during the day at work. She has given me a series of Occipital nerve blocks help for 5 days at the most, and the injections are painfull, trigger point injections did not help made it worse then ever. I am going next tuesday 12-5-08 to see her again I would like some other suggestions.
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Avatar f tn My doctor gave me a script for the Lidoderm/Lidocaine 5% patch I tore a disc in L5 S1 they help but I had to take some time off of work......its been a month now and with physical manipualtion with my doctor I am starting to feel much better I hope to hit the linx in another couple of weeks or so..... I take Extra strength Tylenol to make my pain manageable..........
Avatar f tn Lidoderm Patches (they are generic now) and Voltaren Gel. The Lidoderm works by letting small amounts of the same numbing agent they give you when they work on your teeth. You can wear 12 hours on/12 hours off. The 12 hour off the Voltaren Gel would work also. Hope that helps!
Avatar m tn while I was in my full blown addiction my train of thought woudl of said the only thing that could help my severe lower back pain is Oxycotins or Percs or Vic ES But if you would like to try a new drug on the market please try Lidoderm patch 5% It works frigging if anybody out there is truly trying to find a non narcotic medication that truly works so that you can get off the hard narcotics and their dependency try it........
Avatar n tn Can you ask for a Lidoderm patch or use heat? I was almost 2 months clean once and after using for 7 days....mildly...had to go through detox again although they weren't as bad and only lasted 2 days. Hope things go well. Your gonna hear alot of flush those Trams.
9880688 tn?1414119247 do I ever understand what you are feeling. Have you checked with your Dr. about getting Lidoderm Patches and Voltaren Gel? I think I suggested this to you before but the pain has been so bad for me the last week I'm not sure if I did or not. Those patches are a godsend....12 hours on and 12 hours off. During the off I use the Gel. The Lidoderm was originally created to help Shingles patients but now they use them for arthritis issues and other pain issues.
610983 tn?1351313526 Lidoderm patch Ultram (generic brand tramadol) - causes pain in my stomach, can't take it. Toradol (generic brand Ketorolac) Muscle Relaxer: Flexeril (muscle relaxer) Klonopin - generic brand clonazepam. (anxiety and relaxer as well that helps spasms on my back) Robaxin - generic brand Methocarbamol. (muscle relaxer) Baclofen (muscle relaxer) - But I had severe allergic reaction to this med.
Avatar f tn Lidoderm patches (non-opoid). My husband just broke two toes...I cut them in strips and wrap around his toes. He said it reduces the pain dramatically. Voltaren Gel (non-opoid). The gel is used primarily for arthritis etc. I used on my shoulders because I have arthritis and bone spurs and within an hour of starting work I'll be in agony if I don't use some. These are the two things that I'm going to be relying heavily on so I can stay off the opoids (8 days clean now yay). Stick around..
Avatar f tn Hi There! There are a couple of non-opiates which are pretty effective. Lidoderm Patches which were originally designed for people who had shingles. It is comprised of lidocaine, the same medication dentists use to numb the mouth. It is out in generic so relatively inexpensive. The second thing is Voltaren Gel...I'm not sure it is out in generic but I've got my mother using it for her RA and other issues and she loves it. Both of these you would need a prescription for so ask your doctor.
Avatar f tn My ortho says I need to get my rotator cuff shaved down. I've been given carisoprodol (generic soma) but only 20 of them...I've had the bottle now 5 months, they don't help. I still lie awake in pain...and when I use my Enar device it rarely helps. I've used Biofreeze as well...that usually tells my brain to sleep. I've tried stupid mind games to get me off of thinking of the pain ie: comp games, reading, music...I'm able to sleep maybe 2 hours when I awake in pain yet again...
250051 tn?1328134730 I have used pain patches such as fenatyl and lidoderm and oxycodone but narcotic drugs never alleviated any of the bone pain I had. What has worked is a drug called Relafen and its generic called nabumetone. Relafen is tough on the stomach so I wouldn't recommend taking it at night. Please let me know what you find out because this "fiberous dysplasia" is a relatively rare disease.
Avatar f tn My doctor still gives out samples but he never, ever has gotten voltaren gel samples. He used to get Lidoderm samples but that was before they became generic. It certainly can't hurt to ask. If that doesn't work then get the prescriptions, contact Qualitest Pharmaceuticals for the patches and Novartis for the gel. Most of the companies have programs for those of us who don't have enough income for these kinds of things.
Avatar f tn For instance I always suggest Lidoderm patches for joint/arthritis pain and for nerve pain. It is available in generic form and the patch is good for 12 hours. The main medication is lidocaine (just like the dentist uses) so it also helps with nerve pain. Another medication I suggestion is Voltaren rub in a certain amount (a little measuring tab comes with the gel) and you use it every 4 hours.
Avatar f tn That's the problem with a NEWER medication, that they will ALWAYS be more expensive than the ones that have been around for awhile and ALREADY have a generic out. Please let us know what he says and IF you are able to get help from the Drug Company!! Sorry I haven't been on before but I haven't been feeling too well. Hope you did well at work today. ((((HUGS!!))))........
Avatar f tn In fact one company sent my husband his anti-rejection medicine free for a year! It was not generic at the time...ran something like $989 a month which we couldn't afford. The second is to go to urgent care, tell them your doctor is out of town and you can't afford the meds. A few years ago my hubby ran out of his meds, doctor went out of town for a week and didn't tell anyone ahead of time. Hubby wasn't early or anything.
Avatar f tn Finally I was put on lidoderm patches... up to 3, 12 hours at a time. It seems to numb the pain a lot. I am still uncomfortable, but its not intollerable like it is without it. The physical therapist gave me a tens unit also. That helps some too. Anywho... the physical therapist and my family doctor both told me it might be 6 months before I was better. Has anyone had this type of injury? How long did it take? I am having a lot of trouble working.
4939681 tn?1361302899 They also make patches that you can wear such as Duragesic, Lidoderm, Fentanyl and Butrans but those are typically narcotics and are used when someone has already been taking the pills for a while and needs to go on maintenance therapy 24/7. Hope that helps answer some of your questions!
Avatar m tn This so called doc told me my conbdition's dont hurt and refused to look at all my mri's and only focused on warning me not to smoke weed again or he would call the DEA on me and tell me how he is not going to ever prescribe me oxycodone ever his exact words of he was prescribing me oxycodone 5 mg cause thats what the generic percocet 5 's are called I am not a drug abuser and never have been never been jailed for such things etc.
Avatar f tn I also have chronic pain. I take gabapentin (generic neurontin) it helps a ton. I have heard it is difficult to get off of, but I'm ok staying on it. It makes me sleepy too. So I only take it at bedtime. And honestly I'm sleeping really well most nights. Good luck with your doctor today!
Avatar f tn Neurontin 300mg 3 capsules 4 times a day Flexeril 10 mg as needed (up to 3 per day) Valium 5mg q 6 hrs. for muscle spasms Lidoderm patch. NOW MY INSURANCE WILL ONLY GIVE ME "30" DUROGESIC PATCHES (not 45). My doctor has changed my Percocet 7.5/325 to ROXICODONE 15 MG. to be used along with the Fentanyl patch. On Days 1 & 2 I will take 2 Roxicodone 15mg and on Day 3 I will use 4 Roxicodone 15mg. Plus I will continue the other pain RX.
1459410 tn?1285698605 But I get frequent heartburn and was recently put on cytotec generic, which is supposed to help with stomach lining. I have tried acupuncture, which I thought helped some, herbal heat pack, ice, valium, ibuprofen and wear a flat-planed splint for my jaw osteoarthritis. I recently got an MRI after years of suffering and learned about disc displacement, one of them displaced all the time and it's torn. Pool exercise might help you some if they are joints that go underwater.
725248 tn?1316165845 The original manufacturer filed suit and stopped generic manufacturing.... until that goes to court in several hundred years it will remain unreasonably high priced. Methadone is the least costly of all long acting opiates that I know of... but there's a lot of "baggage" that comes with that medications. As you know it was once only utilized to treat addiction. Some physician's won't prescribe it. In more resent years it's been used to manage chronic pain....
620923 tn?1452919248 Get your MD to give u a good long acting enteric coated NSAID. Diclofenac XR is generic Voltaren and is available in a once daily formulation. 3. Non-drug options - ThermaCare heat wraps for the neck are a staple at our home. Helps keep muscles relaxed. The brand name ones get the hottest and last the longest IMO. 4. Lidocaine patches may be an option for patients who want to try them. Lidoderm just lost its patent so they are available in generic now.
Avatar n tn lidocaine patches are good to. They numb it...
230262 tn?1316649534 all those things until you find the combination. I also use Lidoderm Patches (lidocaine transdermal) stuff numbs you up similar to what the dentist would do.... I also had medium luck with the Capsaicin (pepper juice?) stuff that Walgreens carries.....Might want to think of a yoga ball for exercises if you dont have one.
Avatar n tn It will probably break out into a rash within a week, but go to the Doctor and they will prescribe a lidoderm patch, valtrax and pain killers. I can honestly say that the lidoderm patch is amazing. My first out break came at 19 and the lidoderm patch wasn't available and I suffered terribly. There is no need to suffer from this painful virus anymore. Modern medicine is incredible. The valtrax will suppress the virus, and I don't take pain killers but a full bottle of percocet was prescribed.
1412606 tn?1282885729 ) For me, originally I was given a generic Fentanyl patch that had the gel in it. I don't think the release of the gel was consistent and I also had trouble with the patches falling off no matter what I did. In addition, the glue on that patch would get on my clothes (and it doesn't come out ... a lot of ruined shirts) and it was really hard to get off my skin. Now I'm on the Duragesic brand (which I think may be similar to the Mylan brand) and I have had no trouble with it at all.