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Avatar f tn I know it's hard with it being a holiday but this very well could be oral and genital herpes and a lesion culture done early on will help you figure that out as well as the sooner you start antivirals, the better.
Avatar m tn This isn't likely to be a std since it's been there almost all the time. If it was herpes it would come and go with definite breaks in between symptoms. most other std's wouldn't present with just irritation in one area as you've described. If your symptoms are still there a few weeks from now - return to the doctor to see if additional testing is necessary.
Avatar f tn read the handbook and you'll understand why knowing type matters :)
Avatar n tn Most likely 12 years ago it was just a oh it's herpes and since it's below the waist it must be hsv2 and see ya later. At this point both you and your hubby need to get type specific herpes igg blood tests to see who has what and then go from there. Most likely at this point you both have whichever type it is you have so it won't answer the who had it first question but at least then you'll know who has what question. Has your hubby ever seen an ENT specialist for his throat issue?
Avatar f tn I was having some irritation and blisters forming on my genital area and decided to go into the doctor yesterday, about 5 seconds into the appointment I found out that I now have genital herpes for the rest of my life. I just have a few questions because this is so new to me and I never really thought this would happen. My partner who I received this from has no health insurance and was unaware that he also had this.
Avatar f tn by terri warren from westover hights, its free and has a section on home remedies if this is herpes. But if you have pink bumps all over your vagina, its not consistant with herpes as is only on one side, but more of a yeast infection. Did you just have your period?
Avatar n tn The valtrex doses for the first ob are high and often trigger nausea and a general feeling of unwellness ( as does the herpes infection - both can contribute to it ). You'll be feeling better soon I'm sure :) The dermoplast helps with the itching too. If the lesions appear to be gone and you are still having a lot of itching - don't hesitate to return to your doctor to get tested for yeast and bacterial vaginal infections .
Avatar f tn I'm sorry if I'm a little annoying, herpes is just really new to me and I'm still trying to accept the fact that I actually have it. I have two different gyno's telling me two different things and it's so confusing. My main concern is the possibility of spreading it to others (through sexual contact of course). I haven't been involved in anything of the sort since I was first diagnosed.
Avatar n tn 2 days ago I was in so much pain I finally called a Dr. and made an appointment. When she saw me she told me the cuts look like Herpes and did a culture swab. I was immediately placed on Valtrex, Metronidazole gel (I was also diagnosed with a severe Bacterial infection) and Lidocaine to numb the sores. I spoke to a Nurse today who confirmed I tested positive for the Virus. I'm not sure of the type but I will find out on Monday.
Avatar f tn The gyno cannot consult me on my anal problems, acting as if it unrelated and says the herpes outbreak is unrelated to the bloody urine. Still no odor or pain/ burning when peeing. I took Ibuprofen for the abdominal pain for 10 days. It has been a month now and almost all the symptoms are gone including the itchy perianal bumps, vaginal discharge, mucus like stool, bloody bowel movements & urine, dizziness and pain.
Avatar f tn My primary care doctor has taken a swab test for herpes in this area and near the rectum and both came out negative. Currently, I have a visible blister at the entrance of the rectum. Since this pain I begged my gynecologist to do a blood test for herpes. This blood test came out positive that I had been exposed but none of the doctors believe my problems are caused by herpes because there are no obvious blisters or lesions they have seen.
Avatar f tn I got tested for syphilis, gonorrhea, etc but I was most worried about it being herpes! I got tested for herpes and my results will be back in 4 days, but I am wondering if it could be something else? When I got tested for herpes the doctor said that it looked somewhat like herpes but something was a little off. They did a swab test and started me on acyclovir which they said would reduce the pain/heal herpes blisters really quickly.
Avatar n tn I went to my physician 48 hours later who performed a general examination and also a Strep test. I had no fever at any time and all of my vitals were nominal and the Strep test was negative. The physician concluded that the infection was most likely virus related in nature and prescribed no antibiotics, only a viscous 2% lidocaine solution to help with the pain related to my sore throat.
Avatar m tn I knew it was not a yeast infection and was referred to a OBGYN who specialized in Herpes and STDs. I was tested from the lesions and my doctor said I have HVS 1, that this happened most likely from the oral sex, I don't have the report anymore since it was so long ago but I could probably ask her for a copy. As far as the outbreak 5 months ago, it was similar except that the bumps appear on the outside where my pubic hair is.
Avatar n tn The doctor said he thought it could be herpes and did a culture. Got the results yesterday and came back positive for herpes. I have been in a monogomus relationship for the past 12 years and trust my partner completely. We have been racking our brains on how this could have happended. I had a full physical and blood test in October for everything including HIV, Herpes 1/2 etc and all came back negative.
Avatar m tn My first inital OB lasted for about a week (pretty short) and I was prescribed with Acyclovir 400MG and Lidocaine 2.5% and Prilocaine 2.5% cream from my local Plant Parenthood. After my outbreak..I felt very normal. No tingling sensation, no itching, zero symptoms. That was during March. Since early April, I've been feeling a lot of tingling and itching on my genitals and buttox. I did catch a cold earlier, but now I am over it. I am wondering when the tingling/itching sensation will go away?
Avatar f tn The doc I seen stated it was a herpes outbreak at the tail end of it and stabbed it but prescribed me lidocaine cream for when I sit down it wont hurt. I was always told that it will come back to the same area. But according the doc she is saying it can move from back to front because its the same group of nerves. I am just ready for this to be gone.
Avatar f tn I was having some irritation and blisters forming on my genital area and decided to go into the doctor yesterday, about 5 seconds into the appointment I found out that I now have genital herpes for the rest of my life. I just have a few questions because this is so new to me and I never really thought this would happen. My partner who I received this from has no health insurance and was unaware that he also had this.
Avatar f tn The more I applied Lidocaine the more it burned and turned raw. I did start the herpes medication as well. I'm not sure what medicine is making it better because the swelling has reduced but there's still raw irritated skin. It just doesn't itch nearly as bad anymore. Do my symptoms sound like a yeast infection? Or could it possibly be herpes?
Avatar m tn He stated that some men have sensitive areas after oral sex and prescribed hydrocortisone cream and lidocaine which didn't seem to help. After hearing him tell me he was confident it wasn't herpes (Said the blood tests aren't positive and is far too low a level) I felt like things got better (no tingling anymore but the redness seemed to stay). Fast forward about 6 weeks than the tingling starts again on the 4th of July. Keep in mind I do deal with depression/anxiety/ocd issues that def.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor today and it's not herpes. It's folliculitis! They gave my lidocaine for the pain and Bactrim for an anti biotic. I'm so relieved! Thanks your reply auntiejessi!
Avatar f tn Hi, having topical genital sores from herpes would not cause a vaginal discharge. How were you confirmed positive for herpes? If your having a vaginal discharge its possible the sores are not herpes but from a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn Dermoplast is also a topical anesthetic that is much cheaper and easily found on store shelves which is why I recommend it.
Avatar n tn Turns out that over the next few days I got MORE of these so called blisters, they were white and open, did not drain and were VERY sore. I went to my OB GYN doc and she said 99% it was herpes and did another biopsy. It was and I got started on Valtrex and topical lidocaine jelly for the pain and they dried up and went away.
Avatar m tn So I don't get outbreaks very often and when I do I have a lotion with lidocaine that I put on it for uncomfortablely !! I take Valtrax everyday!! I was with my partner and I normally don't let him touch me when having a outbreak but he was fingering me and then touched himself and he is worried because I was currently having a outbreak that he had then had the chance of getting it either on his hand or on his penis !!
Avatar f tn I also have herpes, but I have had the runs frequently, a strong urine smell, can't control the flow and frequently have incontenence, I'm not sure which it is, it just started being painful in the last two days, and I have yet to see a doctor - I have Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly USP 2% prescription, dated 2/14/12, that was never opened, can I use it safely to see if it helps,
Avatar n tn procaine (Novocain), lidocaine, benzocaine, and others) in fact are fairly likely to cause allergic reactions. So although I haven't heard of such reactions (but neither do I follow that particular medical literature, so I may have missed it), it doesn't surprise me. Don't do anything, just sit tight. If still inflamed after a few more days, you might try an over-the-counter steroid cream such as hydrocortisone.
Avatar f tn This one also says “don’t believe herpes” because no classic blister are present. Still worry I have a lesser outbreak case and not classic lesions, full blown “outbreak”. Haven’t been sick with flu like symptoms. . I also did a second culture for any infection and all negative. No bacterial, no yeast, no trichomonas, he even did a white blood cell count, negative. But the pain, itch, burn is still there a month after started.
Avatar f tn Is this the case as I am concerned that somehow these recurrent outbreaks will reach the baby and cause congenital neonatal herpes. I am aware of the requirements closer to the birth and not using invasive procedures for monitoring or delivery assistance. Also, is it okay to dab a bit of isopropyl alcohol on the lesion (then use a cool hairdryer) as before I was pregnant this seems to help dry them out, but I am not sure during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn ok so about 2 months ago i got clamydia. about the same day i got a high fever that last about a week. then i formed a white film over my tongue (i had it pierced for about a month during this) i started to lose my taste and got horrible blisters on my tongue and upper and lower palate of the mouth. i went to the ER and they told me it was a viral illness and that i should use there "magic mouthwash" which containted lidocaine, maloox, and benadryl.