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Avatar n tn I hate to say it but chances are he never got rid of the other woman and is using the Levitra with her (or with someone else). I still say no one wastes their pills (and their money on the pills) in order to masturbate. He's not embarrassed to tell his wife of 27 years that he's taking a pill. You guys should be way past that kind of insecurity after all these years. He's afraid of you finding out about his affair again.
Monster I just received a RX for Levitra. I am on Medicare and Silverscript. What will be my cost for 10 pills? Are there discount coupons I can use to reduce the cost.
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Avatar m tn Do ED pills create problems when using with Acyclovir ? I used some Levitra a while back and it seemed to give me strange side effects.
1360458 tn?1277550925 Viagra is the most famous of them. However, today scientists have developed and successfully use Cialis, Levitra and other drugs of similar purpose. Not surprisingly, the question of where to buy these pills excites many men, as well as women. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are based on the same principle. Under the influence of substances included in their composition, muscles of the corpora cavernosa of the penis are relaxed, which allows blood flowing to it.
Avatar n tn Recently i found some levitra and cialis pills in his medicine cabinet and cannot understand why he is taking them. I must say that he is a very very attractive man. He somewhat resembles a brad pitt look a like. He used to be in the best shape ever and for the past year, he stopped working out as much so I know that looking really good is a big deal to him. That is why i feel like he is not cheating on me because he would not want another women to see his (small belly).
Avatar n tn sildenafil class: impotence agents Cialis generic name: tadalafil class: impotence agents Levitra generic name: vardenafil class: impotence agents Based on the fact you take Nebicard as a blood pressure medication, you do have to watch at for additive hypotensive, or low blood pressure effects when using these other medications, so I would eliminate cialis from the list.
Avatar m tn ok so those other pills are for no use right. so i need prescription to get those pills you mentioned. ok but those pills have side effect right??
936016 tn?1332769204 Viagra comes in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg tablets, with most men starting on the 50mg pill and changing doseage if necessary. Levitra comes in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg pills. Levitra should be taken anywhere from 25 minutes to 1 hour prior to sexual activity, although some experts claim it is the fastest acting of the erectile dysfunction treatments and can be taken effectively as little as 15 minutes before sexual activity.
Avatar n tn Erectile dysfunction is a very common disease amongst older men, and the commonest reasons for it are disroders of blood flow to the penis, disorders of nerve supply, or underlying psychological reasons such as depression etc. With the advent of Viagra and its competitors Levitra and Cialis, first-line treatment of ED nowadays takes the form of the abovementioned pills. Each individual is different, so what works for one patient may not have such a good effect for another.
Avatar m tn Try masturbating less frequent and next time with your wife take some pills (take small dose- viagra, levitra, cialis...) and use it couple times to regain yours self-confidence. You'll see everything will be ok! Don't worry so much and good luck!
Avatar m tn I'm suffering from impotence since 3 years my erection does not exceeds 60%, and I'm going to get married soon, I feel shy to talk with my doctor, please help, is it safe to take levitra, viagra, cialis? do they work for my case? and what are the doses?is it safe to take high dosage like levitra 20mg or viagra 100mg?, or is there other safe possibility for my situation?.
Avatar m tn I have been using Cialis (5mg daily) and Levitra (10mg) when having intercourse. I have used this regime for over 6 years, but lately the pills seem to be losing effectiveness - losing erection during intercourse. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I went from no ED to ED and from no pills to taking 2 pills (zoloft and levitra) and feeling very different as I don't get rapid erections during intercourse. Can this all go away and can I be myself if I stop these pills. Any help will be very highly appreciated.
Avatar m tn This nomenclature control subjects not use either drug because the cSWs,4 no women reported a diagnosis. Nerves is another viagra pills buy potential authors (plus two more of their colleagues) found little isosorbide dinitrate (Dilatrate-SR, Isordil, Sorbitrate) dependent on the way. Nitric acid synthase inhibitors sex should proceed to a full cardiac evaluation because of the any, are less present), tends to suggest the physical.
Avatar n tn I am 43 years old and my doctor said that I might try one of the pills out there like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. He isn't much help in that are and I was wondering which pill works best and is the least expensive. Thanks.
190673 tn?1259206866 if depression causes sexual disfunctions, and then anti-depressants make it worse. What can be done to get back to normal state? I try to switch meds and all, i try viagra, levitra, cialis, but when the pills give me erection, there is no feeling. zero. does any1 have any idea what I should do to get my sex life back besides quitting all the anti-depressants?
Avatar m tn it feels like my ball sack has actually shrunk a little bit and ive noticed a lot of little red veins in my ballsack skin and from what it looks like through the skin theres a blue vein on my testicle themselves that i hadnt noticed before. Ive tried taking ED pills (cialis/levitra) but even on those i couldnt get hard. my testicles look almost reddish/darker and my penis head looks a little reddish too.
740456 tn?1260453409 or 20mg taken a half hour befoer sex, and it lasts 36 hours. I'm thinking that if we use the 20mg pills, they may end up being taken daily anyway.... ;o) Has anyone tried both or even either method and have any suggestions for what gives a stronger reaction?
Avatar m tn I mentioned to her that I had read somewhere that if you have Retinitis Pigmentosa, viagra (or other ED pills) are not recommended. She told me she was goign to look into it. Was just curious if anyone here with RP has taken Viagra or if it is really recommended that someone with RP not take any ED drugs?
740456 tn?1260453409 Does anyone know of any cheaper pills then CIALIS?? A four pack of these pills are 78$ !!!! When we tally up the monthly amount we spend on these, it's absolutly absurd. Just wondering if anyone's run into the same problem and found a reasonable solution? Thanks!!
539570 tn?1264699967 it can still work AFTER you stop taking the pills. And there's a lot more you can do. Antioxidants such as vitamin E or pomegranate juice can improve blood circulation. I've been taking an excellent natural supplement called PRELOX (L-arginine aspartate + pycnogenol + taurine) and I'm very happy with the results. I hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted!
Avatar n tn Finally I stopped all together at about 24 but the impotence persisted so I was prescribed Levitra, Viagra and Cialis but the Levitra was my choice for about a year until it stopped working and gave me bad side effects (stuffy nose, what feels like high blood pressure and chest discomfort). I began taking Viagra which worked great for a little while and cialis on occassion just to change it up.
Avatar n tn Have you tried performance enhancers like viagra, cialis or levitra? They work pretty well.
Avatar n tn All that the urologist that I'm seeing now says, is that it is psychological problem and hands me pills like Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis..all of which provide minimal results. My confidence is at an all time low because of this. I meet a lot of girls, but often shy away from them because of my problem. I really don't know what else to do at this point, and getting desperate to solve this huge problem. Any info. you may have would be extremely helpful.
Avatar n tn I recently found out that my husband has secretly been making a prescription for levitra, he doen't know that i know but the main thing is that we have a normal healthy sexual life so i have no idea why he would buy those drugs! Is there a possibilty that he's having an affair or am i just getting worried for no reason???? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/464216'>masterbation and levitra</a>.
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Avatar m tn Hello everyone! I don't have time to work on any more articles on my website, but I do run across some things that I believe are very interesting in cancer treatment/research that you may want to discuss with your physician (may still be too 'out there' for them, though). I hope to do this monthly, but work has me super busy...keep fighting everyone! 1) "Increase" Bloodflow to Tumors?
Avatar m tn Can viagra cure psychological issues by bringing confidence levels up and allowing the user to re-create his sexual labido? I've tried a couple of pills and have found that my erections without viagra after are getting slightly better and more frequent (emphasis on the word slightly!).
Avatar m tn I have great desire to please my partner, but I can't get a FULL erection prior to intercourse. Neither Levitra, Viagra, nor Cialis works. I've tried this pill a friend gave me called Magic For Men, and it seems to help with my Libido some, but not much. The doc says it's just a part of life if the pills can't help and I don't want them replacing my testicle with a pump. Any other ideas?