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Avatar m tn Since it is a new drug it is relatively expensive. I get mine at Walgreens here in Northern California. The retail price is $639 for 90 pills. My co-pay is $45.
Avatar n tn We like Burlington. Or if you're willing to buy used look for sale sites on facebook. There are usually a few sites per area and you can find really nice stuff at a good price.
148588 tn?1465778809 Now, Gilead has set a new benchmark for unbridled greed with its outrageous price for Sovaldi—a price that some pharmacy industry sources suggest represents a retail markup of 279,000% over the cost of actually producing the drug.” In his letter to state Medicaid directors, Weinstein wrote, “Gilead is charging a higher price for this drug even though the cost to produce it is small. According to industry reports, Gilead produces Sovaldi for approximately $1.
645390 tn?1338555377 Also, your share of the copay should be based on what your insurance actually pays. It should bethis less amount instead of 50% of the retail price. My insurance paid substantially less than that $3,700 and then if I had to pay a percentage it would be based on that new amount. Please, please do not give up on finding a way to start your therapy. Also, talk to your doctor about this problem. They may have other resources for you or a suggestion of a different drug with a lesser cost.
Avatar f tn I found that my husband has been buying levitra for sexual dysfunction (pyronise's). He insists he uses it for masterbation and that it helps with the plague of the pyronise . We do not have sex.
Avatar m tn it is an online website which produces all kind of natural vitamins directly so the price is lower, i guess their products are available online only or relabeled on retail
798555 tn?1292787551 Do any of you buy Heartburn MD at a retail store or online for a decent price? The product was a miracle for me with NO side effects!
Avatar f tn I got a second hand basket and bought new dressing for it on ebay. It's worth a look as sheets at retail price is almost as much as buying a whole new moses basket!!
Avatar m tn went to see a urologist saturday 19th sept after talking to him he told me that i may need to take a procedure called a penile doppler but in the mean time he prescribed levitra i would like to no if its safe and is there did it worked for you or anybody you know
Avatar m tn What are the best on-line places to buy Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra? Best in terms of quality of product, price, and customer service. I have discussed this with my doctor and have a prescription, but am thinking I can maybe get a better deal on-line.
Avatar m tn Percocet does not cost that much. Retail value of 120 pills(months supply) is $38.99 with Target pharmacy. She is not telling you the truth. All pharmacies charge the same no matter what medical insurance you have.
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed Levitra and viagra for the past ten years and they have worked well. I was talking mainly 20mg Levitra. A few months ago this only resulted in a less than satisfactory "half erection" and that has been the case since. However I have been woken during the night with a good erection so the "plumbing must still be working.
Avatar m tn //www.levitrabliss.com, there I got about “Levitra “, but I just want to get your suggestion regarding this issue that Levitra is a good medicine for ED cure or not.
3104777 tn?1363885649 I'm like you, but fortunately I don't have to start work till around 5/6 months after baby has been born. I plan to breastfeed as long as possible! It's good your looking at electric even though they're more expensive, they're the best for working mums. I'm not so great for money and have been struggling but I managed to find Avent Philips single electric breast pump on amazon.co.uk for only £60 odd! Which is a bargain considering what a good make Avent is.
Avatar n tn I have other miscellaneous diabetic supplies that I am selling too. I am no longer on an insulin pump so I do not need these supplies any more. The asking price for each box is $50.00, these boxes retail for approximately $140.00 each. If the item is shipped, I will charge only the actual shipping charge. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I’ve gone through a few articles mentioning that diabetics with ED can use Generic Levitra (vardenafil). Is that true? If so, I’d like to know who has used Generic Levitra having ED and diabetes and is it safe.
Avatar f tn To heck with her... I had people try to do that to me at a department store I used to work at and normally I just wouldn't give them the price that they thought that they were going to receive, wasn't my responsibility. People are neurotic a lot of the time, just relax and remember, retail is terrible!
Avatar m tn hi i'm 50 years old and dabetic so i'm taking levitra for erctil disfunction for five years but i'm notice my penis sudely become shorter and curve and with a litte pain at the end of the intercourse do i have demage my penis
Avatar m tn So this week I went to an adult cinema. I took a Levitra to help me along. Do you think anything would happen, as limp as anything. Yet when I got home got erection again. I am sick of not being able to be with anyone, seems I can only get erection with porn.
349465 tn?1289081764 QVC gives 2-hour price break for good cause July 21, 2008 Grab designer brands for a fraction of the cost while supporting ovarian cancer research during a two-hour event Saturday. QVC, a retailer that offers home shopping options to 93 million U.S. households, is giving a price break - half off the manufacturer's suggested retail price - on beauty products, accessories, apparel, jewelry and household items from 2 to 4 p.m.
Avatar f tn Hi, 3 weeks ago I used a 5mg levitra sample for performance anxiety, that morning I woke up with a very hard erection, but ever since then my penis when flaccid is very hard to the touch, I have lost spontaneous erections and morning erections. Have I caused permanent damage? Will it become soft again? I was worried I had priapism whilst sleeping with levitra in my system but am unsure. Do you know why my penis feels hard in the flaccid state??
Avatar n tn I haven't taken any of the meds you're on, but I did have ED problems when I took Zoloft. It was either the Zoloft or the Atenolol for blood pressure. At any rate they gave me Levitra and I haven't been troubled by it since. I noticed the problem almost as soon as they started me on Zoloft. I'm not on Zoloft anymore but it isn't because of the ED. The levitra worked well for me.