Levaquin vs doxycycline

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Avatar f tn Based upon these findings, I have it ruled down to folliculitis vs. a cyst. The pain mimics that of past underarm folliculitis, however due to the location of the inflammation, drainage or lancing isn't possible for a solo act. I have doxycycline available, and was going to restart it to see if this lump disappears (along with witch hazel for anal-rectal cleaning). Any help would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn I was prescribed doxycycline for a week, then 2 grams of zithromax, and a 7 day course of levaquin. I STILL and i will repeat STILL have symptoms... these include very minor discharge and pain while urinating. I was just put on flagyl for trich but i dont believe i have it. It must be chlamydia still.... has anyone heard of a resistant strain of chlamydia? What should i do?
Avatar n tn I visited a Urologist and he gave me a UTI, HIV, and HerpeSelect 1 and 2 test. He also gave me antibotic for the infection (Levaquin and Doxycycline). All the tests were negative except for the Herpes 1 test. When I finshed the medication after two weeks the irritation gradually went a way for about two weeks then came back. I went to see the Urologist and he took all of the tests again. The test results came back the same.
717272 tn?1277594380 Usually a massage and a couple nights walking around the block help. So, for me it's a matter of pain, tingling vs motivation to get off the couch, lol! Mostly the couch wins =) Just part of the fun. Hope ya feel better.
Avatar m tn - I am fortunate to have a very good GP here in London, and she accepts the German diagnosis in spite of my negative UK Lyme disease test results. As such, she said she could give me 14-21 days of doxycycline but is unable to prescribe more in light of the UK Department of Health and Health Protection Agency guidelines in this area. - However, the German doctor whose lab diagnosed my Lyme disease said that 14-21 days would not clear the Borrelia Burgdorferi (BB) Lyme bacteria.
Avatar n tn the mri scan looks at the brain in detail, csf,sulcus, deviation any masses,changes,edema,fluid, old vs new cva, its amazingly detailed. if you had a mass,bleed, a developing aneurysm it would have picked it up. so iwouldnt worry about that.