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Avatar n tn I've been taking 500mg. of Levaquin for 4 days for a uti. Nasty side effects. I wanted to know if I can cut the pills in half. Would taking 250mg. be as effective? All the symptoms of my uti are gone. I was supposed to take the pills for 7 days and I stopped after 4 because of side effects.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Levaquin today for a UTI infection. About 2hrs after taking my initial dose, I noticed I was feeling nervous and very agitated by my kids' normal behavior (they are 7yrs,5yrs and 2yrs old). 4 hrs later, I felt as though I was losing it. I am currently taking 10 mg Lexapro and 1/2 mg clonazepam daily to treat anxiety/depression. I googled Levaquin and found numerous articles saying that this antibiotic is harmful.
168348 tn?1379360675 later tonight and let you know if it happens again ... I only have 2more to take .. was on a 7 day dose for this UTI and under care of great Uro, too ... I will take my Synthroid as scheduled tomorrow and not mess with dosing ... just my anger taking over on prev. post.
Avatar n tn I finished a dose of Levaquin, 10 days, and had no problems. But, like yourself, I was nervous about the side effects I read online. Best suggestion??? Stay off the computer, and call your doctor or pharmacist. They can answer your questions in person, and cater them specifically to your needs. With every medication, you have to weigh out the benefits/risks.
Avatar n tn After 3 days of that, I still did not feel better. I am now on my second dose of levaquin and 4th course of antibiotics this past month. Today in urgent care my UA showed that I still had some WBCs in my urine. This has been miserable and I am really scared that nothing is going to make me feel better. I feel like every 30 min I am in the bathroom trying to urinate. The doctor mentioned that I may have to see a urologist...
493068 tn?1224768915 I have chronic bladder infections and on long term Macrobid and still get frequent UTIs. I have had 3+ bacteria for the last 2 months despite Cipro and Levaquin. This morning the UTI is back with burning, frequency. They did not do a C&S before Cipro I think because it is always e-coli. What could be wrong with these 2 meds not working?....I am so tired of this pain and burning. I also have had lower back pain and groin pain for the last 2 mos.
640719 tn?1277143630 I'm getting a bit scared lately... I have been battling a recent UTI. I used to get them a lot when I was younger but haven't had one in about 2- 3 years. Anyway, took levaquin 500mg for about a week and felt much better then 4 days later it hit again. Did the AZO testing which tested positive for nitrate so went back on Levaquin and after two days of taking it I wasn't getting much relief so I went to my doctor.
Avatar f tn Hopefully someone else will come on with more information than I have about Levaquin, but what it sounds like to me is that you had or have, a hypersensitive reaction to it. I am NOT a doctor, so that is just a guess on my part. What did the ER docs say? That all your tests came back normal should be very reassuring to you, but I know how frightened you must have been! I trust you have been back to the prescribing doctor and told him/her what you went through!
Avatar n tn (cystitis = bladder infection) was a common term for UTI in newly sexually active women. It's not an STD, i.e. your partner isn't catching UTI bacteria from you. Instead, she is colonized in her vagina with UTI bacteria, which are "massaged" into the urinary opening during sex. Other things can influence it. For example, some strains of E. coli (which we all have) are more prone to colonize the vagina and cause UTI than other strains.
Avatar n tn First let me tell you how I believe I got his UTI. I had sex and I had germs on my hands after touching my cat. I had intense urethra pain almost immediately after orgasm. I went to Urgent Care and cuture grew E coli and I took Macrobid which did not work and then Cipro. A short time later, pain returned and I went to my PCP and culture grew Strep for which I took Keflex. Still having pain, I had another culture done. This time it grew enterococcus. My doctor game me Ampicillin.
Avatar f tn After one dose of Levaquin I was confined to my bed with a horrible case of tendonitis (a common side effect). When that ordeal was over, I went on Macrobid for a week. It didn't fix any of my symptoms. I have now been dealing with this for three months. I have tried cranberry juice, cranberry supplements, probiotics etc. My last three urinalyses have been clear. I've graduated college and am now without health insurance.
Avatar m tn He gave me a 10-day dose of Levaquin (levofloxacin). I started to take this that day. Even before I went to see him that day, it seemed like the pain in my urethra was starting to subside. Finally, it seemed like there was light at the end of the tunnel! I had a diagnosis, the pain was subsiding, and I had the treatment to help with this! However, on 5/25/13, I woke up in the middle of the night from a wet dream. Yeah, I still get these every few weeks.
Avatar n tn Will feel better a few hours after taking dose but symptoms return before the next schedule dose 24 hours later. Ultrasound was performed and that, too, came back normal. Do I need to stop taking antibiotics and live with the infection so that a culture can be done to determine which bacteria and its sensitivities? Or is there another test which can be ordered? Thank you for your help and insights.
Avatar n tn I am now on my second dose of levaquin and 4th course of antibiotics this past month. Today in urgent care my UA showed that I still had some WBCs in my urine. This has been miserable and I am really scared that nothing is going to make me feel better. I feel like every 30 min I am in the bathroom trying to urinate. The doctor mentioned that I may have to see a urologist...
771025 tn?1286579752 Id go through HOT and COLD spells where i had numerous blankets due to my fever they had me covered in ice packs(SUCKED!) Now im out ans they had me on a weeks dose of Levaquin. Than i returned to my dpcotr due to extreme itching front to back(urethra to anus) She found a fungal yeast infection-possibly duie to all the antibiotics they had me on in the hospital. Since than she put me on an anti fungal cream for itching a 3-days dose of anti fungal sepositorys and it is still not gone.
Avatar n tn I have lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks. The Dr. at the walk-in clinic prescribed a 5 day dose of Levaquin. I followed up with my OBGYN via phone and they have referred me to a Urologist. The Urologist can't see me for two more weeks. At this point, I'm close to feeling like I should be admitted to the hospital but all of this is very expensive and I'm not wanting to miss more time from work.
Avatar m tn Had an UTI and hence was put on levaquin. After the 8th day of taking levaquin, i had the problem of not able to swallow food.. Stopped levaquin and UTI went away. Since then, i had a feeling that something is stuck in throat and particularly at nites, i was not able to sleep properly. had mylanta and prilosec and the situation got improved.. doctor recommended aciphex and currently i am on that..
Avatar n tn Resume sex with girlfriend (no sex with gf after other woman until Z-Pak completed) Last week gf goes to doctor for routine physical and is told she his UTI and is prescribed Levaquin 250 for three days. She never had symptoms and has never before had UTI. Questions: Is UTI coincidental to by sex with other woman? Was Z-Pak effective in treating all potential STDs? Including trich?
Avatar n tn Recently I had 3 uti's in one month. Each uti becomes more painful than the last (dysuria, pain in lower abd). I have cultures done on all UA's and all result in lacotbacilli growth only. I have tried a daily dose of macrobid, urination after sex, increase in fluid intake, cranberry tabs, and every thing else that my doctor has told me to do. This last uti my doctor changed my antibx three times before it cleared(1st bactrim DS, 2nd levaquin,3rd keflex).
Avatar n tn My urologist however when asked for the dx will not give me an answer whether i have IC or not as I had these symptoms last year but went away after the cystoscopy which afterwards was given a dose of Levaquin 500mg. This year had the same symptoms and wanted to be ruled out for IC. It has been 4wks. after the procedure as I still have stinging upon urination. I took a dose of Levaquin 500mg 4wks. After my hydro and my symptoms were completely gone for 2 days. I had normal voiding.
Avatar m tn went to another docter and he game me 1 week of levaquin and 4 pillsx 1 a week for uti....i had also developed a fungal rash on the perineum area and i was prescribed ketaconazole for that....its been a week and a half since i last took the levaquin...although it has subsdued, there are small contractions in the urethra...i noticed i heightened amount of this when the prostate is milked...occasionally i still have slight pain in my testicle....what should i do??...is going to the dr.
506273 tn?1260142381 To the point I was on Levaquin and THAT didn't help. Anyway, my daughter went to the dr. yesterday and she has her 2nd UTI. Antibiotics again, and was told if she has another one that she will have to go to the specialist and most likely have to have surgery. I have told her when she feels the littlest urge to go she HAS to go. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn I am a 30 year old male. I got a UTI about two years ago. Below is my story. If anyone has any advice or has had similar experiences, I would love to hear what you have to say. UTI 1 - Had pain during urination, the feeling that urine was dripping from my penis (but absolutely no drip) and some prostate swelling. Despite multiple negative urine cultures, I was prescribed Levaquin (7days) and then Doxycycline (10days). 7 days of Levaquin did absolutley nothing.
212161 tn?1476095111 I have recently discontinued the levaquin. My UTI symptoms are gone and I am hesitant to ever take this again. I did a little research and you are right, it does cause anxiety. I appreciate you writing me back and thanks for the advice. It has been a learning experience. I just moved to San Antonio and I don't have a good doctor yet. I am trying to find one now.
849259 tn?1244641261 I decided to go to my primary care doctor and see if I maybe had a uti ...she said no and prescribed me levaquin in case it was gonorrhea. I am still feeling a lot of pain in my lower abdomen I was just wondering if this sounds like herpes? p.
Avatar m tn I took another single dose of azithromycin. The symptoms decreased for a couple days but then came back. I went back to the clinic and was tested and treated again with a zpack, ceftriaxone shot, and a course of levaquin. The test came back negative. Again the symptoms went away for a couple days then would come back again. I called the clinic and the doctor prescribed me a 2 week course of doxycycline. Symptoms went away for a few days but came right back about a week into the course.
Avatar f tn Friday: started having uti symptoms ( I have recurring utis). Because I was out of town, I was unable to start antibiotics, I did have 3 pills from a previous uti, and took those and azo to help until I could see my doc. Symptoms were ok, until Sunday, when I was visually peeing some blood, and having some burning. Saw the doctor on Monday, yes another uti. Tuesday: Started feeling flu-like, fever, and run down.
Avatar f tn Wouldn't the dose of levaquin knock that out?
1137036 tn?1263519595 I took 500 mg Cipro twice a day for 3 days with little help, then switched to 500 mg Zithromax once a day for the last week with minor improvement. Yesterday I tried a 900 mg dose of Rifamycin and now I am thinking I should try a week of Bactrim as I may have built up resistance to Zithromax (I use to take it often for sinus infections). I received unprotected oral sex recently, but I have no discharges only pain.