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162948 tn?1205256292 I do have a hormonal IUD. I want to have it removed. But, I do Not know what to except from the removal.... I wish I new how long it would take me to get pregnant. With my first baby it was very fast for me to get pregnant... Thanks..
Avatar m tn The bottom line is there is no cure and the docs do not really seem to care maybe since only a small amount of people have this, unless you consider laser hair removal a cure or so I was told by the docs, but I like having my hair. Just have to deal, I guess. Less stress = less outbreaks. I find the problem is greatly reduced during a nice stress free vacation. I am currently taking Solodyn, it helped for about 2 weeks and then I had another severe outbreak.
Avatar f tn I found a book online called The Atlas of Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthesis Its a medical book for sale and you can only see a couple pages, but from the index there was a whole chapter on plate removal due to immunologic response. Also.... Allergic reactions to metal implants: Influence of wear debris Properties of implant materials and particles.
Avatar n tn Well you could have sweated and the scent could stil be in your bra. Make sure to put on a new (clean bra every morning) you know how some of us will reuse the same bra a couple of days later becuase if you wash them too much the elasctic gets shot. anyway.. another thing is to bring baby wipes and maybe a small bottle of febreeze to freshen up your bra in the middle of the day. I am sure you are a clean woman..
Avatar f tn I always knew it had to be something to do with the pregnancy but I had to trust the doctors judgement. I tried one more new doctor yesterday, and rehearsed what I was going to say because i was upset. Finally, this doctor took notice of me and said it was definately AXILLARY BREAST TISSUE and is referring me to the Breast Clinic, almost certainly to have it removed (unless there are complications).
Avatar n tn If we want to continue discussing Lipodissolve, is someone going to have to eventually have to start a new thread? And how is eveyone going to know how to find the new thread? Can we title it Lipodissolve Continued?
Avatar n tn Except for maybe one thing that I found in almost all body, face and hand creams, and makeup and even hair conditioner that maybe our problem. It is called methylparaben, and it is and additive that is prevalent in most of our external products we all use daily. It has been banned in Europe and Canada but not in our own beloved USA! Shockig to say the least. I went to a web site called and typed in my favorite hand cream.
Avatar n tn Some are better than others and new techniques are evolving everday, including a new one which involves flexible instrumentation which reduces some of the stress placed on above fusion vertebrae. If only we'd all held out a little longer! I'm 22 now and I'm holding out hope that I can get all this taken care of before I have kids. Wish me luck!
Avatar f tn Wow! I just started having this problem today. I thought I had a yeast infection but when I went to the bathroom and took a closer look I noticed when I started to pull the skin down around my hood that there was white stuff in there. It wipes off. I've pretty much left it alone since this morning and I've started having some burning there throughout my day.
Avatar n tn However looking at the medical advacment in the past 50 years is amazing even in the last 10 years. Robotic arms to do brain surgery, stem cells growing new teath, and posibly a new disc of my own cells could be mine. I took a leap of faith that this replacement will get me to my 40's and we will see what happens maybe it lasts 20 years or 30. Only time will tell. I bookmarked this page and I am willing to continue my progress and tribulations.
Avatar f tn I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is possible you will never gain feeling. I had a "average" removal of my wisdom teeth (impacted).. I stayed awake through the procedure( not a great idea) Next month it will be a year since I have have had any feeling in the right side of my tongue, and severe nerve damage over my entire bottom gums and my right upper face... nerves are weird...My days are a constant battle of pain and burning sensations...
Avatar m tn If you are concerned about germs growing in your gallon of salt water, then make a new batch every time you feel sinus infection coming on. 2. THE POWER OF SALT Why does salt water work? Simply put, germs need water, and salt takes the water away from the germs. There are two kinds of saline solution. Isotonic solution has the same concentration of salt as the human body. Hypertonic solution is saltier than the water in the human body.
Avatar n tn if there's something in a particular area, but if you're in New Jersey...I'm in West Virginia, but also mine started around end of July, early August. And..although I've always had sinus, never anything like this! I guess we are going to have to keep working on this ourselves, because our doctors don't seem to be giving us relief. I'm certainly going to talk to mine when I go back and tell him about this forum and we've all got the same problems, being treated the same, and no relief.
Avatar n tn The oxygen resulted in Retinopathy of prematurity, which was treated with laser surgery to both eyes. He was in hospital for 97 days. My son is now 6 YEARS OLD, & very healthy. He wears glasses only for distance and has never required any other surgeries. He is very intelligent showing no side effects from the brain bleeds. His only-on going treatments are physio and occupational therapy for low muscle tone which may/may not be linked to prematurity.
Avatar n tn I am trying to get in to a new neurologist at Mass General Hospital. They said hopefully before Christmas. I hope to not get any more weak before then. I did go to a neurologist last Friday who said I have polyneuropathy. I have started to go much further down hill though. I have read all the posts here and feel for all of you. I hope we all recover sooner than later.