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Avatar f tn I had them removed and the consultant said that i would be ok and would not loose my voice but i have been getting laryngitis nearly 3 times a year since. Usually when i have a cold or flu but not always. I go to the doctors and there say there can do nothing for me its just im getting fed up of loosing it three or four times a year, i always loose my voice for at least 2 weeks.
739070 tn?1338607002 muscle weakness while speaking, so after 5 min or so I sound like I have laryngitis; increased word finding abilities My neuro wanted to give me the IV steroids 5 days ago. I didn't really want them since my previous experience with them did not relieve my vertigo symptoms. So finally , my question is ..Has anyone taken steroids for anything close to my new symptoms and did they shorten the relapse?
Avatar f tn Went to see PCP and found out I have bronchitis and viral laryngitis. Was put on steroids to help improve breathing and daily and rescue inhalers. All meds gone now except rescue inhaler. Can't get rid of cold or cough. Are they just hanging on for so long because of lowered immune from surgery? Does anyone have tips for getting rid of it?
Avatar f tn I have had a mild sore throat for a week. Along with 2 days of laryngitis and a cold. Now I have a what feels like a pimple inside my bottom lip. It feels like a little bump, my lip is a tad swollen and I can feel the head like it's a pimple. What do you think it may be?
Avatar f tn Got brochchitis on 9/13/11. antibiotic & 4 days of steroid..Felt better until steroids were done.Diagnosed w/asthma in 2003.On advair since then. after the vronchitis, had an asthma attack ended up in ER. Was admitted for 3 days. IV steroids and breathing treatments. Started coughing up mucus,gagging and choking. Told the dr that I was experiencing these symptoms, still sent me home w/7 days oral steroids.At home experienced gagging, choking and suffocation.
Avatar m tn Only, complaint is laryngitis and a malaise feeling for a little over three weeks now. Saw two Doctors and they tried Steroids, Tammy Flu, and antibiotics.... The last one said it must run its course (?) just don't talk and rest but sent me to get a EBV Lab test. How do you read these things? EBV antibodies VCA, IgM and EBV Early Antigen antibodies, IgG resulted in less than 0.2. However IgG and Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG.... are over 8.0.
Avatar m tn These symptoms can be due to post nasal drip which can cause laryngitis .In such cases nasal steroids and saline rinse helps . Your symptoms could be attributed to GERD.In this condition the acid contents of the stomach come up into the esophagus. For this along with OTC antacids, you can try lifestyle measures like take frequent small meals. Eat dinner about two hours before sleeping. Elevate the head end of the bed.
Avatar f tn It has large particles of powder that land on the vocal cords and irritate them. While inhaled steroids can cause this problem on there own, I have found the the dry powder medications are much worse for this. As a fellow singer, I recommend that you try the HFA version of Advair or Symbicort. Symbicort tends to be a little cheaper. It works great for most people, but I didn't metabolize it well at all and nose dived on it.
Avatar f tn fever 102, cough with some phlegm, chest tightness, lungs clear, laryngitis. My fever is gone, but the dry cough remains with some phlegm. I'm nervous that this will suddenly become worse and I will not be able to breath. What treatment should I be receiving? How can the docs. tell if this is bacterial or viral? What type of doctor should I see? I am a 49 year old female. Also, why do I get this every few months?
Avatar n tn It is not all day, just certain times of the day and if I do not clear my throat I lose my voice sometimes. My doctor has me on Singulair, Allegram, Nasonex inhaled steroids all to no avail. Shall I seek specialist?
Avatar n tn Initially it was thought to be severe laryngitis, but it was found that the thyroid was enlarged and was compressing her windpipe making breathing hard. A full thyroidectomy was done followed by a tracheotomy because her airway was still small due to inflammation. The pathology reports post-surgery examination of the thyroid tissue that was removed confirmed papillary.
Avatar f tn SRETRY=0 You can also discuss this option. In some cases steroids are also used. Meanwhile make him lie in a quiet dark room and keep applying ice packs to his head and neck. Good luck!
556467 tn?1225381291 Last year I was constantly getting upper respiratory infections, laryngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. There was a period of 6 months that I was constantly on antibiotics and steroids. My ENT did allergy testing (normal), CT scan of nasal cavity (normal) and several scopes to look at my vocal cords which were inflamed. Finally he told me that he felt that I needed to have my Lingual Tonsils removed.
Avatar n tn I recently had bronchitis, laryngitis and a mild ear infection, and at around the same time I noticed my vision didn't look quite right in one eye but I couldn't really tell how. I was referred to an ophthalmologist who checked my IOP and did a fundoscopy/retinal examination. He said the inside of my eye was normal, some conjunctival injection, marked blepharitis/chemosis and impaired tear film affecting my vision (thick oil over my cornea).
Avatar m tn I'm an actor/singer in NYC - I was finishing the run of a show back in October, and towards the end got a bad upper respiratory infection. I had to muscle through it and finish the run (3 more shows) with the help of steroids and all those wonderful actor secrets. Needless to say, my voice was wiped by the time I got through it. But it got mostly better. I rested it and took it easy, and by a week later it was more or less back to normal.
Avatar f tn My only worry is the doctor has me on steroids to help get my voice back. If I have lymes like I believe I am scared my sxs are gonna come back with a vengeance. But I am taking them figuring since the doctors think they know so much, if anything happens maybe they will realize that lymes could be a reality. So, I guess God is still playing a hand in this too. For I know the answers I seek he will give soon. Now to my friends here!!! How are ya? Any new news? What's life been like?
Avatar f tn ) I went through 2 rounds of steroids and they didn't work at all on me (plus the Advair 500mg twice a day that has steroids). Oh well! I hope he gets better ....ahh sleep .....wouldn't I love some of that!
216281 tn?1189759426 There are couple things that I would like to emphasize for you and for anyone reading this. "CNS Dmyelinating Disease" is not a diagnosis. It is a description based probably on the appearance of an MRI and maybe correlating with physical exam findings. It should never have been allowed to sit for years as the "diagnosis." Elevenyears ago they didn't have the data on the Disease Altering Medications that they have now.
Avatar f tn Treatment may include a four- to six-week course of oral antibiotics, oral steroids, topical nasal steroids, sinus irrigation with sterile saline, and other therapies, such as decongestants and drugs to break down mucus. Antibiotics. Antibiotic medications that can eliminate a wide range of bacteria may be used to treat chronic sinusitis. These "broad spectrum” antibiotics may be continued for several weeks or months. CT scan.
Avatar m tn Worse still my GP's (and I've tried several) don't really give me any other options or causes, and if the steroids don't help, then I have to live with it. But as there are a number of causes, it would be great to find that cause and put a stop to it, whether there be a physical problem, allergy or whatever. The second major issue is my throat issue. That and the sinuses just makes me feel like I've got a constant cold. I don't know whether it's a dry throat or a tight throat.
Avatar n tn , I get a dry cough, but I also get hoarse and sometimes end up with laryngitis. I have been to doc. for this and have been told it is tracheitis. I have been treated with several different things including steroids. I have also done absolutely nothing and waited for it to go away. I wish I knew what the cause is because for me it is recurrent. I went to ent who said it is viral. That's it.
Avatar f tn I wonder after reading your post if you arent immune supressed or on immune system supressing medication like heavy antihistamines, medicines for other health issues that suppress the immune system, or steroids like predisone for inflammation? The only thing you dont mention that I wonder about is , what is your doctor doing to figure out why your immune system isnt reacting to the pnemonia with a bigger reaction.
541431 tn?1225897960 The day after my FNA I lost my voice and have been in the emergency room 3x with some kind of infection in my throat Laryngitis, then when my throat closed off back to the hospital they said it was tonsillitis. I really feel like I am dying. Does anyone have any suggestions?
572651 tn?1333939396 I had my flu vaccine with no problems - other than needing to delay it a few weeks after taking a round of steroids. BTW, had a shingles vaccine in 2012 too. Live vaccine there. Again, no problems. .
Avatar m tn Towards the end, I saw an ENT who put me on antibiotics and oral steroids and has been seeing me for the lingering laryngitis. Concerned about my immune system, a battery of blood tests were performed. HIV was negative as well as thyroid, etc, but today he received the results from the HSV test and informed me that it came back positive. Specifically, he said I was positive for HSV-2.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago I began with a bout of laryngitis. This progressed last week and I was seen Wednesday 4/25. Diagnosed now with sinusitis and throat infection. Given Septra DS (bactrim). Have taken this many years no problem. After 2nd dose Thursday morning, noticed uncomfortable feeling on my back. Changing clothes later,saw bright red sunburn-like atreaks and patches all over my back. ALso burning sensation. Also, medium size round red spots with a darker spot in middle.
Avatar n tn This reaction included severe sinusitis, laryngitis, angioedema of lips, tinnitus, and tingling of the tongue. I was treated with benedryl and singulair and given an oral steroid "burst" for a week. I felt horrible the whole following week with intense head/sinus pressure and tinnitus, which would wax and wane. It was incapacitating. I also had horrible purple circles under my eyes and severe puffiness.
Avatar n tn The cause of these symptoms is a eustachian tube that remains abnormally open, allowing too much and then too little passage of air to the middle ear space when you breathe. Decongestants, nasal steroids (rhinocort, flonase, nasonex, beconase, etc), nasal saline irrigation washes can all help this problem. Are any of these treatments ones that your doctor is using?
357713 tn?1199773985 Post nasal drip can make you feel like there's a lump, and cause laryngitis, but doesn't often cause heartburn. Nasal steroids and saline rinse helps drip. I often have my patients try the prilosec in the morning and take the maximal dose of anti-H2 antacids at night. Consider propping the head of the bed up. Get another second opinion if you're not getting enough help.