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365714 tn?1292202708 Or I get results for CRF mentioning low protein diets, which once again are a bad thing for diabetic cats. Help! For this reason, I've been hesitant to get more dry food for Waldo, but I'm coming to the end of the bag, so I'd like to get something this week. Our new cat is struggling to put on weight it seems, very picky about moist food, and seems prone to vomiting.
Avatar m tn com If you click on the Message board for Lantus glargine insulin, it will bring you to the message board on Lantus. I'm getting ready to take my kitty to the Vet for a dental, so won't have too much more time here. I'll try and get this other link directly to Lantus message board. I give Maggie Lantus every 12 hours, The links are hard for me to figure out how to post here, but here it is:
4105307 tn?1369535032 I found a few on line that claimed to be for cats, but we didn't try any. We had medications for the treatments of symptoms, but not directly for cushings. There was much more information about dogs than cats. The glucosamine and vitamins we're all that we tried and she gained a little more energy and strength. But the disease continued to make her weak, especially in her rear legs. We ordered steps for the bed that were extra deep and very sturdy to make it easier.
Avatar n tn She did not show any improvement until her trilostane dose reached 35mg/BID at which time I am told the ACTH level came into high normal range and the decision was made to increase the dosage to 40mg/BID (maximum dose for her weight of 18 lbs). After 5 days at this dose she developed, lethargy, anorexia, loose stools, vomiting. Electrolyes were normal, pancreatic values increased and her WBCs showed marked elevation.
Avatar f tn I will instruct clients to feed 3/4 of their regular food with 1/4 of the new for about a week or so, then 1/2 and 1/2 for a week, then 1/4 regular food to 3/4 new food for a week then all new. This way,in the early transition, your kitty will primarily be receiving their regular diet so you can administer the insulin that is needed. There are other dietary options to consider in the diabetic feline patient. Purina, Hill's and Royal Canin make a food that can be used in diabetes.