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Avatar n tn Im a little hesitant to go past 40 units because I dont know what an average normal dose of Lantus should be. So far, I am not taking any other insulin, just lantus and the normal pills, amaryl, and metformin. I was taking Avandia until the big scare. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Then, the next morning, I took 1 unit less of the Lantus morning dose. That evening I continued the 1 unit of Lantus, so that I had almost two full days on the new split dose before adjusting it again. The next night, I increased the evening Lantus by 1 unit again, and decreased the morning Lantus by 1 unit the next morning. And so on until the numbers are staying stable for you while you sleep.
Avatar n tn twice a day. I am on 20 units of Lantus and have taken Lantus for years. (I use to be on 40 units a day, until I lost 125 pounds) I have not been good about following my diet and I notice that my blood sugar readings have been higher. My fasting blood sugars have been higher than normal (around 175) but I know it's because I have been eating too many carbs and have gained 20 pounds.
1091845 tn?1263165600 I think I may have taken my Lantus dose twice this evening. Can anybody tell me what will happen? Should I go to the hospital?
Avatar f tn This is his reason for taking a lower dose of lantus instead of switching to the morning and increasing the dose so he won't have to take such high amounts of humalog. Is there a medical problem managing or risk in managing his Type 1 diabetes the way he is doing it? What can I say to him? He goes to an internist and not an endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn I had it in my head that I should be taking Lantus in the morning and at night. I have been having great readings. Watching what I eat and just now getting into a regular exercise routine. I had to take a new pen out of the fridge today and looked at the directions... says to take at night. So essentially I have been taking double the dose per day. Can this be bad? My readings do not drop below 80 and I feel great. I also take a small dose of Humolog with my meals.
Avatar n tn Because excess heat can activate Lantus post injection, patients are being warned against things such as saunas and hot tubs due to the possibility of severe hypoglycemia. But I've also seen 'hot showers' included as well. I've been wondering - how hot is 'hot'? In the winter I'm always freezing, and a hot shower was great before bed. I've been hesitant to enjoy such a pleasure since starting Lantus though. Have any studies been done as to what temperature range can cause problems?
Avatar m tn I am currently taking 60 units a day of Lantus and do Humalog 3 times a day. I seem to be controlling my BS pretty well. I went to the Dr. last week and he said I should be taking equal amounts of Lantus and Humalog daily. Is this correct and why? Also can anyone explain to me the exchanges of carbs and how much humalog I should take to counteract carbs at meal times. My Dr. has never explained any of this to me!!!!
12861759 tn?1432921555 I am currently using Lantus and Novolog. Drs. advice is to start with 40 units of Lantus and up it 2 units every third day until I get a fasting BG of less then 130. Is it more important to get to my Lantus goal on a consistant basis before I try to adjust my Novolog?
Avatar n tn And as for the sweats about a half hour after taking Lantus, there IS a slight peak action with Lantus, although this peak action for most people is several hours after taking the Lantus. In my case, I usually take my Lantus at about 6 am, and I notice a peak that causes my glucose levels to drop by about 8 am. This happens even if I have not taken any Novolog or eaten breakfast (sometimes I wait until I get to work to take Novolog and eat breakfast), so it has to be the Lantus peaking.
Avatar n tn Sorry, my comment should have been directed to Suzanne.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know a formula for amount of Lantus needed for a basal dose vs how many units fast-acting you take per carb? I have major swings. Yesterday was told by a nurse that the Lantus I take is really low compared to amount of Humalog I take, but she never told me HOW much she thought I should be taking. I take 1.5 u Humalog per carb for all meals (for last 3 weeks - has changed many times). I'm supposed to take 11 u Lantus in am. My morning BS is usually 300-500.
Avatar f tn This will tell you how the foods you ate affected your glucose level. Also important to dose Lantus at the same time each day.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what the keys to good, consistent control are with this product? My doctor merely generalized by saying I would need to find my dose with Lantus by increasing a couple of units every few days for high fasting BG. Thanks for any light you can shed.
Avatar m tn You may actually need to reduce your lantus dose (properly tested to ensure the right basal dose) and then use fast acting / bolus to cover you foods.
1353681 tn?1387087333 I am only taking one injection before bed, and it's worked just as well as Lantus in keeping my morning numbers in range. The biggest difference I noticed was that Lantus would burn every time I injected and Levemir does not.
Avatar m tn I also had some problems with morning lows so I had reworked my humalog and lantus dose. I had gradually lowered my lantus from 29u at night and ended up taking anywhere from 10-14u before bed and a baseline of 5 units of Humalog before a meal if the bg tests were in range to keep it there. The doctor said the ketones could also be a result of there not being enough insulin in the body so I reverted back to my original 29u of insulin.
Avatar n tn Some physicians have their patients bring their blood sugars down to a normal range in the evening, with Novalog and then keep it that way with a nightly dose of Lantus. But you need the cooperation and dosing advice of a physician.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with diabetes about a month ago, but they never tested me for type 1 or 2. I finally have my fasting glucose down to 81 with help from Janumet and Lantus. My problem is my blood sugar still spikes to the 270+ range 2 hours after eating. I am following the diet they gave me religiously and watch my carb and sugar intake faithfully. My question is, is this typical of type 1 or 2, and can they still test me even though I'm on insulin?
Avatar n tn By calculations, I am supposed to eat an enormous amount of food (most sources indicate about 3800 kcal), that means a lot of carbs, my Lantus won't be able to cover them. So, I am going to lower the lantus, and I want to take Actrapid before major meals, but how much?, I know how much carbs and all, but how can I translate that to an amount of Actrapid?
Avatar m tn It is an insulin sensitisesr and can safety and effectively be used with insulin. The proper dose of lantus is the one that controls your blood sugar. IF your blood sugar fasting is 270 then you need to increase your lantus dose. Ideally your fasting glucose will be in the 80 - 100 range). Your dr allowing you to have a blood sugar of 180 before taking medications is also keeping you consistently high.
Avatar n tn I would guess that your glucose levels are running high at times when not covered by humalog, and that this is the reason for the Lantus increase. Finding the perfect dose really is a balancing act, for I think many of us find that glucose levels do not remain exactly the same day after day.
Avatar n tn I have read about folks taking their Lantus shot in the morning or at night or a partial dose at each time. If you were taking the Lantus in the morning and "crashing" overnight, then talk to your doc about taking it at night instead -- then the timing of any drops would be while you're wide awake and able to test & treat. If you had been taking it at night (which is what I'm guessing, given the timing of your "drop"), then shift to the morning.
Avatar m tn I've never had the least bit of complications until recently. I use syringes with humalog and the long-term insulin lantus. After exercising one day and adjusting my humalog accordingly my blood sugars crashed, I had been running everyday after school for two weeks. I would decrease my insulin by a third at dinner and took some supplemental carbs. After around three treatments of the same low it came up. After this I decided to stop exercising for a while so I could regroup and try again later.
Avatar n tn Most patients require only about 80% of their old NPH dose when they switch to Lantus, so the fact that you are having to INCREASE your insulin dosage seems to indicate that the root problem may be insulin resistance. The fact that you write that your weight is normal and you eat a low-carb diet seems to make this the only logical explanation for the constantly increasing glucose readings. You may want to do some reading on this problem and current treatments for it.
Avatar n tn Many of us who take Lantus and who are prone to night lows opt to do this morning dose instead of the evening dose. Obviously you would need to discuss this with your doctor. And of course you cannot just change one night, for you either would be doubling the dose by taking the Lantus the next morning or you would be going without Lantus for a half a day if you wait until the 2nd morning to take it.
Avatar n tn She is taking a large dose of Lantus, and if she slows down how she pushes the plunger, it will keep the bruising from being as bad, for the insulin can be absorbed into the tissue better than when it is pushed too quickly and causes a bubble of sorts. I also have been told that the abdomen is usually one of the best spots to inject... most endocrinologists encourage their patients to use this area because the insulin is absorbed quicker there.
Avatar f tn As a result I am taking a significantly lower dose of Novolog than I use too (I am also on Lantus). I am very close monitoring my levels when taking in such a low amount of carbs, but even with this close diet I have lost no weight. I have been a diabetic for 8 years and as a result I have gained roughly 30 pounds. I am extremely active working out at least two hours a day and still nothing is working. Please does anyone know anything that has worked in the past for them?
1114622 tn?1258720363 Most of us use fast acting insulins like Humulog or Apidra for our mealtime bolus and long-acting ones like Lantus for our basal. If you are spiking from 60 to 250 you are either eating too much carbs, taking too little insulin or both. I suggest getting on a regimen of determining your bolus dose by counting carbs. To do this you need to formulate an insulin:carb ratio.
Avatar n tn We do not normally take NPH with the Lantus, for they do similar things. Once the Lantus dose is right, NPH becomes unnecessary. I would suggest that you discuss this with her endo.