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533277 tn?1213642314 My doctor has never objected to me tapering off of the medication, however, I find it extremely difficult to do so. My Dr. said that i have been taking this medication for so long, that it actually has an adverse effect (point being, I take it so i don't get withdrawal symptoms vs. taking it for anxiety like it was originally prescribed for). I currently take 1mg in the morning and then 1mg at night. I have decided to start reducing it by .25mg for each dosage.
1134609 tn?1269275800 Your psychiatrist may be tapering you off this because a person can build up a tolerance to it. Celexa is of course an anti-depressent so it can easily make the manic aspect of bipolar worse. As regarding medications, the first step is to follow your psychiatrist's exact instructions for tapering off the Klonopin as even if you do it properly there will be some withdrawal symptoms. If they believe you may be able to function without the Neurontin they will then slowly decrease the dose of that.
Avatar f tn My problem is trying to withdrawal from lamictal. I went from 50mg to 37.5mg and started getting really depressed with dark thoughts. I went back up to 50mg for 5 or 6 days and today went to 75mg. It's not seeming to get better, I'm crying and having panic attacks, I feel unreal and "lost". I've tapered off of ativan, effexor and abilify and have NEVER encountered such a dark place.
994257 tn?1266246292 Sometimes medicines lose their effectiveness over time. Definitely go over tapering off of any drug with your pdoc before you do anything about it. Getting off too rapidly can be very dangerous. Are you bipolar? Also, Lamictal is an anticonvulsant that serves as a mood stabilizer. Mood stabilizers moderate how antidepressants affect us (BPD).
Avatar m tn Hi, I have to taper off 50mg lamictal. Does anyone know the fastest, but still safe way to do this? Its a low dosage. Thanks, going to talk to Dr. but wanted some other opinions.
433485 tn?1321816990 I am currently on 100 mg of seraquel at night and 1 mg of klonopin tid, 200 mg of lamictal, 100 mg of wellbutrin and now down to 40 mg of celexa, tapering slowing down from 80. eventually off of wellbutrin as that and celexa do seem to be doing anything for me ( we think). does anyone think that with the taper I could be having some rebound anxiety as my body is adjusting to less amounts of celexa? thanks. I have been doing really well but noticing a little anxiety creeping back in.
994257 tn?1266246292 My question is do you think it is possible to start tapering off the Lamictal and just be on the wellbutrin for awhile to help for the depression?
Avatar n tn Geodon was horrible for me. Right now, I am only taking Lamictal and hope to stay that way! (Except for the tapering down on Geodon.) I hope you get to get back on Lamictal - it's been a life saver for me. Literally.
Avatar f tn SO as my title of this Post says its all.....I am tapering off Methadone and wanted feedback IF I should begin a mild type of antidepressant??? IF yes, Whats is the best one to take? I have taken them all in the past from Prozac to Paxil but that was 12 to 13 years ago and allot has happened in THOSE years with my latest being my addiction to pills to NOW tapering OFF Methadone?? Any advice from anyone that has had success with them while they detoxed off either Opiates/ Methadone....
874521 tn?1424120397 Medications can do that. I remember tapering off Seroquel..that was interesting. Non stop twitches, felt like a drug addict.
925572 tn?1246543631 go down only - when very near the land, otherwise you find the pilot going down then a little up, etc...There is a comrade here (corryguy) who did the same while tapering off xanax, now i am giving him and you my explanation. so in fact there are matters for you to investigate. 1st to be sure and hear from others abt the safety of lamictal, whether it is really ok or not, if yes, then you are lucky because you won't find better than lamictal to compensate for eveything.
Avatar m tn But many companies make a liquid version for tapering off so you can do it as slowly as you need to, so you might see if this one comes in a liquid form.
Avatar f tn Pdoc agreed and started weaning me off while titrating me up on Lamictal. I’m only on 25mg. Go up to 50mg in another week. Down to approx 1.5mg Abilify now. Feel HORRIBLE. Also on Zoloft 100mg. Having racing thoughts, anxiety, mood swings, bone pain and sweats. From what I’ve read, this is Abilify withdrawal. Do I just have to feel awful until Lamictal dose is high enough to be therapeutic? Thanks!!
Avatar m tn I'm sick of all this and ready to get off all these meds since I've started off the zoloft. Can anyone advise me how? My original diagnosis was major depression, ptsd and bipolar.
433485 tn?1321816990 Like I said in my post, I started to feel much much better which is why he wanted to start tapering off drugs. I was very sedated all the time so we cut the Klonopin first. He mentioned talking about Wellbutrin next and then possibly celexa. I feel that it is a lot of drugs too and that concerns me. My thinking is that he felt it was just temporary until we got this under control. I am thinking about increasing the klonopin back to 1 mg in the afternoon and see if that helps.
1726783 tn?1326185388 had to go off when i became pregnant and even tapering down the first week was awful. i was on 300 mg at the time.
Avatar f tn I tried again by tapering off of it over a month and while the physical symptoms were present, they were not as severe, but as soon as I was down to the lowest dose, the suicidal thoughts came back and started to seem reasonable--went back up to 80mg and feel trapped on this drug. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Ive been off all my psychotropic meds for about a week now. ............. I went to bed last night around 1 am i woke up today around 2 pm ... Since i have been awake i have been feeling weird.. Like out of body, nausea, i'm very dizzy and i feel like im walking around in someone else's body...I don;t know if im having med withdrawals.. I take lamictal, trileptol, trazadone, ambien and a heart med called zebeta a beta blocker used to treat y high heart beat and heart rate.
533277 tn?1213642314 This is not a question but possibly a helpful post. I was taking 40mg of Lexapro (for over 2 years) also Lamictal and Lorazepam. I consulted with my doctor and questioned why I was on so many meds. We decided to wean off of Lexapro because it was the least effective for me. Before doing this, she suggested to add another 1mg of Lorazepam. In doing this, She thought it would be fine to taper off of Lexpro after a month.
556500 tn?1222342230 right now i am in the process of tapering down lamictal, so the xanax withdrawel wont be right away, i want to be completly off first for at least 6 weeks successfully.. its amazing when we are on medications we are brainwashed how we need it and truely much more difficult to get off. i was a product of my medications from multiple sclerosis, ex iv solumedrol for a long time, as well not knowing that it can affect a hidden disorder so bad(hypothyroidism) it caused some strange things..
1806584 tn?1316211637 We are on Lamictal, Lithium and Abilify and are thinking of going Lamictal alone also. How is Lamictal monotherapy going for your, and were you able to wean off Abilify from 10 to 0?
Avatar n tn Hi Goldie, I am tapering off of Klonopin and making adjustments to my lamictal as I make another cut. I have researched the benzos because I suspected that after 12 year prescription history that it was making me cognitively worse and adding to or triggering depression. I went to and found what's called the Ashton Manual. I suggest you hit that link and start reading. It is amazing what kind of problems benzos can cause.
Avatar n tn This drug has done wonders for me in many ways, but now its time to come off. I've tried to taper off 1/4 at a time, but the hyperacusis [intolerance to loud sounds], lack of sleep, unbelievable groin itching, and my almost uncontrollable talking [feeling high, motor-mouth etc} made me go back on, now I take 1 1/4 at night to feel normal. Since I work as a waiter, I'm going to have to stop working to get off this. Please tell me what to expect, and how long I should plan on being out of work.
Avatar f tn I got on the Wellbutrin (150 mg) and started tapering off the Effexor, and I was surprised at how smoothly it was going. Then I went from 75 mg of the Effexor to nothing, and within two days I felt like I was going to die. I felt nauseous, drunk and hung over at the same time, shaky, dizzy, etc. Sometimes my heart feels like it's pounding so hard that it's going to explode.
333929 tn?1201207723 Hey Ryan, Can you shoot me the url where you got your PDR's packed up. I've been looking all over the www for info tapering & w/d off xanax and life on benzo's.
Avatar f tn for fibromyalgia. I didn't feel it was helping so I began tapering off. Almost immediately started having hot flashes, weird uterus contractions,(painless Ones) never dreamed that it was from cutting back on lyrica. The dr. said there wouldn't be any withdrawal syptoms. I have had blood work everything was fine. I am 59 and went through menopause 8 or 9 years ago. Well, it;s back! along with ibs,nausea, the works. This has gone on for over 2 months.
Avatar f tn I am considering talking with my doctor about changing my medications (I just came off of Geodon). I still have the swimmy headed, detached body, anxiety attacks, that I associated with my Geodon. Of course, my withdrawal from Geodon is still going on (I have been off for a week now after tapering down - per my pdoc orders). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has experienced withdrawal for Lamictal or similar side effects. Please respond with your experiences.
Avatar m tn I only recently finished tapering off Zyprexa after being on it for about a year. I had been prescribed it after a brief hospital stay - I suffer from major depression and was hospitalized after I became suicidal. Admittedly, Zyprexa was the first med to stabilize me, but I just couldn't handle the side-effects; the zombification, the hunger-attacks, the weight gain. I'm now taking Lamictal and that seems to have me stabilized.
933174 tn?1375796153 I won't lie to you.... tapering off them is going to be absolute hell. You may require a professional detox program where they can keep you in the hospital during the wash out period. DO NOT TRY TO STOP THIS OPIATE COLD TURKEY! To do so could put you at risk of sezure. You will need professional help to kick the Percs. That's just the only way. Also, make sure you post on the addiction section of medhelp. There are hundreds of people on there that have recovered from Opiate addiction.
Avatar n tn Hi, My neuro is switching me from topamax TO Lamictal due to the cognitive side Effects. I am on a big dose, 300 mgs. twice daily for a generalized seizure Disorder. Right now am on both drugs till I get level of lamictal this month then can start tapering "dopamax". Good luck, think the drowsiness will get Better as you get used to the drug.