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Avatar n tn Hey, folks, has anyone ever heard of a problem of Lamictal causing liver problems? I was on it a month, on a very small dosage, about 50 mg at most, and my blood workup showed seriously elevated AST/ALT levels, which, as I understand it, is rare for Lamictal, since it's touted as the antidepressant/ anti-BP medication that doesn't need blood tests. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn A doctor should evaluate your condition and determine if you should continue taking LAMICTAL. Serious blood problems or liver problems have been reported with LAMICTAL, so tell your doctor if you develop symptoms such as unusual bruising or bleeding, severe muscle pain, weakness, fatigue, yellowing of the eyes or skin, and/or frequent infections. You should not take LAMICTAL if you had an allergic reaction to it in the past.
Avatar f tn They seem to have bad and maybe worse side effects, weight gain, akathisia, thyroid issues, liver damage, etc. I'm more comfortable with SSRI's because of the less scary side effects. I am lucky to be taking Latuda (way expensive though), because it doesn't cause weight gain and has a lot less side effects. It did cause me to have akathisia at the 60 mg dose. Akathisia ***** more than anxiety and and more than any side effects I experienced on SSRIs.
Avatar n tn But I'm not depressed and I don't want to lose my sex drive and I don't want liver damage. When you say in the above message that marijuana tx doesn't cause the munchies, what do you mean by tx?
5669694 tn?1372074010 I have to work tomorrow but am nervous about taking Tramadol if it is causing damage to my liver? Also have a hemangioma but is small and dr. said i was probably born with it...
Avatar f tn They seem to have bad and maybe worse side effects, weight gain, akathisia, thyroid issues, liver damage, etc. I'm more comfortable with SSRI's because of the less scary side effects. I am lucky to be taking Latuda (way expensive though), because it doesn't cause weight gain and has a lot less side effects. It did cause me to have akathisia at the 60 mg dose. Akathisia ***** more than anxiety and and more than any side effects I experienced on SSRIs.
Avatar f tn unusual bruising or bleeding; signs of liver damage, such as yellow eyes or skin (jaundice); severe muscle pain; or frequent infections. Lamictal can also cause very serious skin rashes and allergic reactions. These rashes can cause large sections of the skin to die and can cause disfigurement or even loss of life. Discuss this with your doctor for more clarifications. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn I've researched the symptoms of cirrhosis and liver damage and I do not have any of the usual symptoms. Could the fact that a smaller number of drinks is causing an intense reaction in me mean that there is a problem? With all due respect, I am not looking for a lecture on the risk I took by having three drinks after a period of abstinence. However, I would like your opinion. Incidentally, I take Lamictal, Trazodone, Singulair, Allegra, and Advair. Thank you.
Avatar n tn 2 Drs told me that if I had this long w/no liver damage will probably be fine for another 30 years They did Ultrasound,Liver Scan,Blood work - Am Type I with viral count 22 million. They said viral count doesn't mean anything but I don't believe that - what does viral count mean and what is normal count prior to future damage to liver w/o treatment. How can they tell liver damage w/o bioposy to see if scarring, cycrossis, etc. exists.
148588 tn?1465782409 com/2636td According to study, Fibroscan apparently overestimates liver damage at least in those with acute liver damage mistaking inflammation for fibrosis. As has been stated by others here before -- including HR -- always best to join as many points as possible -- biopsy, scan, blood markers, physical exam, etc -- and then run it all through a knowledgeable liver specialist who can help make the best possible diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I didn't take well to the fact that it can damage your liver. I already have elevated liver enzymes, so that didn't go over well with me and I refused it. I think, if you have a good doctor, you have to have your liver enzymes monitored while on this medication. If they don't test you, demand it. It takes awhile and a lot of patience to find the right combination of meds that work for you. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn A biopsy is important so that you know the state of your liver. If you have little liver damage, you may be able to wait for the newer drugs. On the other hand, if your damage is significant, you will want to treat sooner rather than later. Also, at age 65, you probably do not want to wait a long time to treat. The drugs are potent and, if one has many other serious medical problems (which often develop as we age), those problems may be contraindications to treatment.
Avatar m tn the neurologist ordered a spinal tap for next week and prescribed me lamictal ( i don t take it cause i never had a seizure and was sceptical about epilepsy) blood count is almost normal except high eosinophils(610/mm3, 8%) and more lymphocytes (58%) than neutrophils (32%) ps: my doc initially tried me on various antidepressants to no avail as well as benzodiaz├ępines. I m still on benzos but they barely help.
Avatar n tn Yes I've tried Lamictal but it had bad effects and now my doc wants me to change meds again b/c of the possible bad things that can happen on Depakote. Like liver damage and that it's bad if you get pregnant as well as the fun weight gain and thin hair. Well I will say that even thought I am still having break through jerks, and times where I am "spacey" but all in all I know that it's usually when I'm tired, overworked and stressed out.
202665 tn?1248810333 I know with the Zofran I take it has a potential to damage the liver so I have to get monitored for that with yearly bloodtests. And when I was on Clozaril the chance of a potentially fatal blood dyscreia was 1 in a 100 so for that there were weekly bloodtests.
Avatar n tn I believe that I also have DIL from taking Lamictal for my Bipolar disorder. I was on the Lamictal for over a year and just suddenly woke up with a rash one day. Well I thought it was from my tanning lotion so I went to the DR and got a steroid pack and it went away. Well it came back a couple months later but this time accompanied by major joint pain and with my hair falling out by the hand fulls when I wash it.
3242988 tn?1359310116 My liver & brain are the only organs that are damaged. I had hep c for over 10 years & it damaged my liver to stage 3 fibrosis. My neurologist told me all of the anti seizure meds are extremely hard on the liver. If I take them I probably will need a liver transplant. If I don't take them I could get dementia and not suffer from the side effects. It seems like my only option is to try this oil. When I was taking drug treatment to cure hep c, it almost killed me.
656243 tn?1231291652 Knowing a medication can cause side effects, even long term ones is information people should know and doesn't prevent people from taking mediation. I know the Zofran can cause liver damage. I get liver function tests once a year. But on Depakoate I had to get them once every several months. And on Lithium, of course for different reasons I had to get them monthly. And Clozaril weekly.
Avatar n tn I would be intersted to know what 3 meds he is on for seizures, any severity of liver damage so far by hep c, and how old he is. As always, consulting with his neurologist and his GI in conjunction is the safest bet. As far as websites for the two, I have not found any. There have been some articles however in Nero magazines and Hep magazines that i have found useful. Asking your doctor for the names of certain magazines and publications may be a worthwhile step.
314554 tn?1337457719 That's the bad news-the good news is that you have little or no liver damage. You may care to treat again with the new three way combo which should be availible to you sometime in 2010/11.It promises much higher response rates and specifcally for genotype !. If you stay off the booze you will be fine for treatment if the current one doesn't work out. I am not qualified to comment on the thyroid issues,perhaps others can.
574118 tn?1305138884 I know it's the pdoc who decides. But they say for instance lamictal you don't have to liver check regularly, yet Lamictal could be suitable for depressed and not hypomanic. But how come lamictal substitute lithium. I know from the internet a person stabilized 25 years on litium but having renal failure switched to tegretol. So what is the "best" mood stabilizer. If it is bipolarity. Is it a very bleak situation?. Can one survive it with the least damage.
585414 tn?1288944902 One concern (for many common muscle relexants) was damage to the liver. As this is an older muscle relexant (the newer ones having been tried) the risk is worse. What is the responsible thing to do? Get a blood test every month as directed. And don't take more than I need. Well as this is controlling life threatening dystonic and dysphagic spasms the "need" is there but the directions on the prescription vial state "up to 4 times a day".
585414 tn?1288944902 It was a good day. Everyone is at peace now. Why? Well let's say I "defused" things. On the family end someone was right to ask what the psychological elements were of the dysphoric hallucinations from tardive dysphrenia of "the Victorian era." Well I'd say the family runs like a matriarachy. Thus the "persona" of Cossette a "rebellion". If I "believed" it I wouldn't be posting psychotic thoughts on a public thread.
403156 tn?1290153618 I am 21 years old and was diagnosed with tachycardia within the last 2 months and put on 120 mg of Cardizem. I am also currently taking 300mg Lamictal and 200mg Seroquel. My HR has apparently been above 100 for a long time now but my doctor did not bring it to my attention until it was 120 in his office. My blood pressure has always been normal and lab work has always come back clean. He ran an ECG and I was subsequently put on the Cardizem.
5669694 tn?1372074010 I'd rather risk dealing with my mental illness issues than to risk damaging my liver any more. I'm really scared that I'm going to harm my liver. And yes, I know it takes time for this to happen but I am only 31 years old and have liver disease. I'm not overweight. I've been eating healthy (with exception of milk and soda) and was exercising regularly until I hurt my ankle and other pulled muscle and gastritis issues the past 6 months.
Avatar n tn Hello there Pls do not use Lamisil or any oral antifungal because it can do much damage to you liver. I took just one pill of Propecia (and my LFTs raised to 300). I was always in the 90's range prior to tx. I know, is not an antifungal, but the warning in the prospect about chronic liver disease is the same.
222267 tn?1253305810 I can't rememeber anything. I'm afraid that I caused permanent damage for not finding for about 2 weeks. My anxiety came back last night as well. As soon as I took the Lithium my anxiety disapeared. Lithium saved my life. I responded to it so well. I am already starting to feel the effects of depression from the lack of Lithium in my system. I am terrifed again. I feel i'm back at square one. So has this happened to anyone? I will have more insight in a few hours with my pdoc.
1034549 tn?1255428213 The ortho says it is damage from MS, and the neuro says it is my herniated L5 S1 disc. Either way it needs to be treated with steroids if MS or Surgery if it is the disc or I risk permanent damage! I refuse to go to a chiropractor for as I had one nearly paralyze me in 1999 and I am convinced chiropractic care is VooDoo medince.
Avatar n tn It can cause serious weight gain, and liver damage, it has to be constantly monitored. If he can't get a good response from other drugs, then they will move on to Lithium. There are many, many drugs for BP, so if the current combination doesn't work for him, there are many others to try -- unfortunately it is a trial and error type of thing and may take many different combinations to hit on the right one, and that may take awhile. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I know out of all the different mood stabilizers Lamictal was the most effective and had the least problematical side effect profile for me but each person responds differently to each medication. This is a full list of mood stabilizers: It would be worthwhile to discuss available options with her psychiatrist.