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Avatar n tn It has been very painful especially at the middle knuckle. I have taken prednisone and in larger doses the pain and swelling abates but the effects of the prednisone are not wanted. In the past two months the pain at the knuckle subsided but moved to were the finger connects to the hand and that also swells but the finger as a whole is still swollen.
Avatar n tn I ate borscht which is a cold beet soup and immediately had allergy symptoms in my uvula and my knuckle hurt for the first time in my life. I had been told to try to eliminate capsaicin and black pepper and red pepper and cayenne and paprika from my diet and possibly eggplant so having a reaction to beet soup surprised me.
Avatar f tn It's two weeks later and the swelling and bruising is completely gone, but as the swelling went down I noticed a small lump of something between my little and ring finger knuckle. It's very small, probably about half a centimetre, and I know it shouldn't be there. It's hard but I can't tell exactly how hard as there is a little skin and flesh covering it so it's difficult to tell completely.
Avatar f tn A couple weeks ago I smashed two fingers in a window. There was swelling and bruising still mobile just sore. Within a week bruising subsided. Now a bruise appears every other day just from using my hand if anything brushes up against the knuckle. It is sore to the touch and slightly stiff, some pain in joint if I make a fist. Is it possible just slow healing and not a break?
Avatar f tn I got angry and hit something about 2 hours ago, and my knuckle by my ring finger has a 3/4 in. gash in it and it hurts so bad when I have to move it open and close motion hurts the worst. Also, half way up my arm it hurts, and is swollen a little above my wrist. The whole area in general is swelling now, what should I do? It is 35 miles to the nearest ER, and I have two small children sleeping now. I dont know what to do about it.
Avatar f tn It has been about 3 weeks now with no physical activity and there is still weakness and pain in the knuckle, no swelling. what should i do? any ideas what's wrong with it?
Avatar f tn I was rubbing/massaging my left hand last night during dinner and all of a sudden I had a sharp pain at the base of my index finger's knuckle. It's hurt ever since and there's some swelling. Of course the pain has travelled up the arm - may be due to the fact that I'm 'babying" the left hand now. But, I wear a ring on my left thumb and it was a bit of a task to remove it this morning because of some swelling. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Hi! The pain and swelling in a single knuckle joint can be due to an old injury you do not remember. It can also be due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, infection of the joint, tendonitis or inflammation of a tendon, or bursitis (inflammation of the lining of joint). It is difficult to diagnose the cause on net. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar m tn 2 weeks ago I got a thorn in my knuckle. I pulled it out and a pain shot across my knuckle. It was very red, hot and swollen. The day after I went to the Dr’s who put me on anti biotics for a week, flucloxacillin. The swelling and redness reduced. Now it is slightly swollen with a lot of pain in the joint of my finger, all around it, where I touch the knuckle, or use my hand , I feel. It . How long might this pain last ?
Avatar n tn but now my left pinky knuckle is swollen, and kinda bruising and is poking kinda to the side and theres pain when i apply too much pressure. and when i bend or straighten too far... what should i do? suck it up or go to the doctor???
Avatar n tn There is pain and weakness over the involved knuckle, especially when the knuckle is in use. Resting the knuckle reduces the pain. This occurs due to injury of the extensor tendon that straightens the joints of that particular finger. Swelling in the area can cause the appearance of a dent. Treatment is by splinting the knuckle in straight position, applying ice, keeping the hand elevated and pain killers. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar m tn So, I punched a wall and hit my ring finger knuckle on the corner of the wall and it felt like my knuckle got pushed into my hand a little. It swelled up pretty badly, and the swelling goes down to my wrist. However I can still move all of my fingers and my hand, and the pain hasn't gotten worse. This was all 2 days ago.
Avatar m tn This also helps with giving support to the fracture and avoids rubbing between fracture parts and helps reduce swelling and thus pain. Please follow the treatment as advised. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn I am having terrible pain in middle knuckle on both hands. First noticed the pain a number of years ago after driving metal fence posts in the ground with a large hammer. Pain now id severe. Finger will functin if knuckle is flat. To touch them, bump them or bend the intendified the now constant pain. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Avatar f tn I am right handed, so it makes writing anything extremely difficult and ends up w| me in pain. Does anyone know what this could be or how I could believe the pain? I'm desperate at this point. Here are a few pictures of my hand. I try to keep long nails on so the difference in how short my ring finger is isn't as visible (Yes, I am very self conscious about it.
492921 tn?1321293496 I've been getting a fair bit of swelling in my legs and feet which really suck, but nowhere else in my body.
Avatar n tn Meanwhile cold compress and anti-inflammatory may help control pain and swelling. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn An X-ray is required to decide the course of treatment. If there is no fracture then anti-inflammatory pain killers help bring down pain and swelling. Usually simple knuckle fractures are treated by using a splint and taping the injured finger with the adjoining finger. Surgery is required if there is alignment problem, angulation problem or displacement of the fracture ends. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!
Avatar n tn Type your medical question here I was hit hard in the knuckle on my right hand between my pointer finger and middle finger. I have swelling, pain and I see what I think is a piece of bone under the skin.It is extremely sensitive when touched. Is it a broken knuckle?
Avatar n tn I still had severe pain in my knuckles and in my hand. I went back to the doctors then and they gave me another course of ibufren which i done the course again and still i had pain in my knuckles and hand. I went to the hospital then and i had an xray where the xray shoed i had no broken knuckles, no broken bones in the hand, i dont know how because my pinky knuckle and my middle knuckle feel as if they are both broken.
Avatar n tn Small hard lump formed 7 days later all swelling had subsided and otherwise all else appeared normal and functional. 16 days after ***** accidently hit the small hard lump as well as slightly overflexing joint. Now slight pain upon mornings initial flexions of the joint. As day goes on feels better as I use it. Come mornining, pain and stiffness again until its used. The area is not red, hot. Can fully flex and straighten. Would say very slightly swollen compared to other hand.
Avatar m tn If there is no fracture then anti-inflammatory pain killers help bring down pain and swelling. Usually simple knuckle fractures are treated by using a splint and taping the injured finger with the adjoining finger. Surgery is required if there is alignment problem, angulation problem or displacement of the fracture ends. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!
Avatar m tn The next day my middle finger knuckle and the parts closest to it were very swollen; My knuckle was double in size and didnt have the shape of a knuckle anymore. My hand hurt a good amount when opened/closed it. I decided to just leave it alone. The swelling went down gradually over 3 weeks or so. After the swelling went down all the way, my knuckle still hurt when i put pressure on it, but i thought it was just still healing.
Avatar m tn i was rough housing and we got a little serious i punch him in the side of his head and my knuckle was throbbing with pain the second i landed the punch and it got swollen it hurts when i try to clench my hand and it happened yesterday i p ut ice on it but not working This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/possible-broken-knuckle/show/203406">possible broken knuckle</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, Please try and rest the injured part. Also OTC painkillers will help in reducing pain and swelling. Icepacks will also help. If it still hurts please see a doctor as you may have fractured your middle finger.
382218 tn?1341185087 The area is has like a pale grey cast to it. The swelling and discolouration is only right around the cut, right on the knuckle; it hasn't spread outside of that small area. To press on it, it feels mildly tender, I wouldn't call it painful. However I am mildly paranoid about skin infections spreading and would hate to regret not doing something about it before it worsens.
Avatar n tn I recently punched a wall out of anger much like your son. I have alot of swelling and bruising arouynd 3 of my knuckles, and pain when straightening or clencing my fist. Is is sore and spongy to touch. Do you know if i may have broken it?