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Avatar m tn hello im 18 years old and i have tooth decay and cavity,i have only pain near jaw teeth and head, as i see no swelling or fever i went to dentist she said that it does not look like Tooth abscess and told me to come in a week,can i ask during Tooth abscess your face always gets swollen yes?
Avatar n tn Using appropriate nerve blocks and pain meds to go home with your cat is the solution. It's much better to not have a tooth than have a painful tooth. The jaw strength is immense and provided it's done well/right - your cat - even if all teeth had to be removed, would still be able to eat hard food without pain. That's much better than where we are now.
Avatar n tn The ear pain has settled down; however, the jaw pain (can't even pinpoint the tooth anymore) is solidly in my left jaw, molar area, and up to the top jaw as well. The pain responds somewhat to aspirin and Vicodin, but comes back in an hour or so after medicating. The pain itself feels like a vice grip coupled with a sharp throb. It comes in waves, and wakes me from sleep. I cannot concentrate, since the pain affects my ability to concentrate and, in some moments, see.
Avatar m tn My dentist removed it, and recemented it. Since that time, I've had increasing jaw pain. The tooth is the second molar from the back, left-hand side. My bite on the crown side has not felt right since the crown was reset. Also, I feel a slight heat or burning along my tongue on that side (not sharp or intermittent--just constant). I went back to the dentist, and she drilled down the crown a bit after testing my bite.
Avatar n tn You may find that dentists do not spend any time counseling their patients relative to the things that cause tooth and root decay, or how to get free from it. Why should they when they make money from dental disease. Dental decay is the number one disease in the world. The primaryPrimary amyloidosis Primary biliary cirrhosis Primary hyperparathyroidism Primary insomnia Primary lymphoma of the brain cause is diet, and no amount of dental work can stop the decay process.
Avatar n tn What do you know about severe Vitamin D definacy and tooth decay....Im asking this because I am a 45 yr old female who has always had fairly decent teeth with minimal cavities through out my life. Just over the past year or so I've come down with a "severe" case of Low Vit. D, I am taking huge amounts of perscribed supplements for this...all of a sudden ( meaning over the last six months), I have developed alot of tooth deacy,,,hence this one I just had filled yesterday.
Avatar n tn Since then, this tooth has been hurting me, causing pain to radiate from my tooth to my jaw. It is sensitive - but not overly so - to cold and heat. I went to my dentist and he took an x-ray this week and saw no sign of decay or abscess. What could the problem be?
Avatar f tn The pain ranges from feeling like it's one tooth - to sometimes feeling like it's all the teeth on the upper left side...the pain can also extend into my jaw area..and sometimes that whole side of my face has a "numb' feeling. I can never really pinpoint where the pain is coming from. It can be a constant aching - or even a "decay" feeling like I have a cavity. I can still chew on that side - it's sometime a bit sensitive to cold, but not overly so.
Avatar n tn About 8 days later developed pain in same area -- now it is severe pain around tooth, jaw and neck/face. Saw my dentist yest; took xrays; may have a tiny dead nerve but he's not sure? Teeth are in tact and ok to tap on. Thinks its definately infection. Started antibiotics yest; no change yet. Should I get 2nd opinion; call a periodontist? Any sugg. for easing the pain; taking motrin for it currently.
Avatar f tn I went to the dentist recently and dentist said that I had some decay on my wisdom teeth and that he wanted to pull them to stop infection and spreading he sent me to get an opg xray (I think that's what it's called) and when I went back he told me I had a really bad infection under the tooth in front of my bottom right wisdom tooth and it would need root canal treatment as the infection is really close to the jaw bone...
Avatar n tn When it layed down for bed the pain seemed to get more intense through-out the bottom jaw and all teeth in the bottom of my mouth.Ive rubbed bonjela all over the area several times.It has made my gums numb but my teeth are still aching alot.I cant bite down on them,any kind of mouth movement causes great pain. i have no decay visible and i cant feel anything out of the ordinary.
Avatar m tn The dentist and surgeon weren't sure if the infection had spread over to that tooth as well, but they wanted to try to root canal it so I can still chew on that side. The pain from that tooth is incredible. I can't bite down on it, tap it or anything. My dentist said he can't root canal it yet because the surgery site is still too new and he might aggravate or rip my stitches. I'm not on antibiotics because I was on the a few weeks ago and got very, very ill from them.
Avatar f tn The tooth filling dropped out some 8 months later and pains started again so we understood finally that it was caused by the slight decay in my wisdom tooth. The tri geminal nerve feeds through to the jaw and teeth. I sympathise completely with you. I too cried a lot - the myriad of pains are just intolerable. I hardly slept during this period. Standing under the shower helped. I wish you luck. I hope you can get tested for all the items I mentioned. It was an expensive illness for me.
Avatar f tn Hello, A dental examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and management of your condition. A tooth abscess is usually a complication of tooth decay. Prompt treatment can save the tooth and a root canal may be recommended in an attempt to save the tooth. Untreated abscesses may get worse and can lead to life-threatening complications.
Avatar f tn Did the dentist take an xray of the tooth? If the throbbing is coming from the tooth root there may be an abscess forming. As long as the filling is intact and the chip has no fracture where sugary foods and drink can penetrate through it to the inner tooth, there should be no problem. If it is around the outside of your tooth, it that would be a gum problem. Did the dentist say the gum looked healthy or not? Flossing in between the teeth to the gum line will help.
Avatar f tn If you are on tx, and if your neutrophils are low, I'd take the antibiotic just for getting a filling (because of the needle pokes and the gum line trauma)...and I would wait to have the tooth pulled until I was done and recovered from tx...But that's just me and my 2 cent's worth...Good luck...
Avatar m tn Five days ago I developed some nagging pain in my upper right jaw. It would occur mostly when I drank something cold (I don't drink hot beverages so cold was the only thing bothering it). The pain was not consistent and would usually subside within a few minutes. I've been told I have acute gingivitis so I thought maybe my gums were inflamed and a root was exposed. I was able to pinpoint that it was coming from tooth #5. I went to my dentist today.
Avatar f tn An abscessed tooth is a painful infection at the root of a tooth or between the gum and a tooth. It's most commonly caused by severe tooth decay. Other causes of tooth abscess are trauma to the tooth, such as when it is broken or chipped, and gingivitis or gum disease. These problems can cause openings in the tooth enamel, which allows bacteria to infect the center of the tooth (called the pulp). The infection may also spread from the root of the tooth to the bones supporting the tooth.
Avatar m tn I've read horror stories of horrible and dangerous bacterial infections from wisdom teeth from either neglect or infections from extractions and I'm worried I've waited too long and am now getting a bad spreading infection. I plan to have a dentist examine the tooth when I can, but I'm afraid of a resulting infection if it isn't handled properly. I've actually had the tooth examined some time ago by another dentist while it was inflammed.
Avatar n tn I had an abscessed tooth removed after being on antibiotics for one week, my jaw was a bit swollen before he removed the tooth the swelling had not gone down with the antibiotics. There was an awful smell which he said was the abscess. I am taking amoxcillin at the moment and it now 8 days since the extraction but my jaw is still swollen the same as it was before the extraction, is this normal should the swelling be going down by now, it is not really painful.
Avatar n tn On Tuesday, I had my upper left wisdom tooth removed due to a cavity/decay. This morning, I woke up around 6 a.m. with mild ear pain. As the day progessed, the ear pain became a little worse. I called my dentist and he had me come in to see if I had the beginning of a "dry socket." The dentist said that he could see the blod clot in the socket, but it was not formed as well as it probably should be formed.
Avatar n tn Assuming toothll4 refers to upper left first bicuspid, An endodontist is supposed to be able to confirm if the tooth is afflicted with pulpitis. If the tooth tested vital and no decay or crack detected, root canal treatment is contraindicated. Further investigstion of the source of pain is warrented. Seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn The root canal was not easy - I felt some of treatment due to inflammation from crack and afterwards I had pain for a few days both in the tooth and jaw. My jaw pain is on left side only - same side as tooth. My crown was placed on tooth with temporary cement and left like that for months - but the off and on discomfort remained.
Avatar f tn I have had an abcess (fistula) since Xmas on a 2 year old root canalled tooth...(7) I had #7 RC and crowned with a post and core due to horrid decay. (2007) Apparently it was never cleaned out adequately. Apico is out due to the post and core. They want to extract this tooth next week and do an imedicate implant. I am very concerend that implanting this area at the same time of extraction with an abcess will cause worse problems. I am a heart patient and concerend. Should I be?
Avatar n tn Really, the only thing wrong with me is that I have very bad premature tooth decay which Iave not adequately dealt with that began about 6 years ago. Anyway, a while after having some extensive tooth work done about two years ago, I noticed that I had sore spot under my right jaw. When I felt the spot, I could feel a small (bean-sized) lump that was positioned in a hollow space next to the interior of my jaw.
Avatar m tn Hello, I opted out of a root canal for my # 3 tooth because of the decay in the tooth. I know I should have tried everything to save a first molar but my question is this. How likely would the root canal procedure have worked on the tooth considering it already had a filling and the decay was coming in from two sides (front and back of the tooth) at the very bottom?
Avatar n tn The first dentist knows which tooth and the second dentist says I have so much pain I cant determine where the pain is so she puts me on antibiotics for 10 days. I'm still in pain and this is day 2 with meds. Any suggestions?
1398151 tn?1280530449 Temporal arteritis, internal ear infection, and tooth decay can all cause a temple pain. Infection in the eye, glaucoma, near and far sightedness and sinusitis are the other causes. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined then. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have been taking 600 mg IBU tid and 2 Vicodin at HS (just so I don't wake up in pain in the middle of the night). Pain is usually upon waking in the am (I think I am a grinder) and after eating or drinking. I just pulled a piece of retraction cord out from around #18 (I thought that was supposed to come out before temps put on?). I had these crowns done as "preventative maintenance" due to very large fillings and some decay under the filling. I really want to avoid RCT.