Jaw pain after root canal crown

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Avatar n tn I went to have a root canal on the advice of my dentist. I still have the same pain after the root canal - in the same place. Odd thing is the two teeth are in identical places in my mouth one on top one on bottom. I can not bite down without pain. As long as I do not bite I am fine - other than the headache I have had on the same side of my head since all this began. Yesterday I went again and they ground on it some more.
Avatar m tn however, the temporary crown came off within an hour after placement compared to my other root canal in which the temporary crown lasted a very long time. Anyway, i just had my permanent crown put on my bottom right molar and everything was fine for a week to two weeks until I drank something very cold that sent a horrible pain through my jaw into my TMJ causing a severe headache, all lasting a quick 10 minutes.
Avatar f tn I had root canal done on Tues.afternoon for back molar left side. The root canal was done in 1 visit. The dentist drilled through a gold cap to do this. I have a cavity in the tooth under the existing cap which will be replaced. The dentist recommended root canal prior to replacement crown. Severe pain in tooth started late Wednesday afternnoon. The pain has become excrutiating. Tylenol 3 only helps for about l hr.
Avatar n tn I already had temporary filling done in that tooth around 1 year back but had pain after every 3-4 months so i went to dentist, she did check up, X-ray and said to go for root canal. After first root canal sitting, my pain was much relieved and still it is relieved but sometimes i feel pain, not very severe as earlier in the morning time around 3:00AM till 6:00 AM and after morning brushing, it goes off. i am having appointments with my doc on every tuesday and saturdays.
Avatar n tn Still had pain, was sent to another endontist, for second opinion, who could not be conclusive, but thought pain was coming from molar behind the tooth with root canal which has the crown seated temporarily. Endodontist did root canal on the second tooth, behind root canal done first. That tooth was sensitive to cold but that has stopped since root canal a week ago. I am still having pain in the molar that had the first root canal. I am on a 4th round of antiboitics.
Avatar f tn After having a root canal in December '08 to prepare two back molars for crowns I lost my job and all my health insurance. The last molar has now split completely down the middle leaving two craggy and sharp halfs with a hole in the center. I cannot get into a dentist for at least 6-8 months, just finding work is difficult enough. My concern is since the root and temporary filling is gone what are the dangers to my health, any symptoms I should look out for?
Avatar f tn Did your dentist or an Endodontist perform the root canal? Was there a crown placed on the tooth after the root canal was completed? Which tooth was the root canal performed on?
Avatar n tn My Dentist has spent quite some time ensuring that the crown covering the tooth with the root canal (#14) was the proper height. The final crown was put on months after the initial infection was cleared up by "Z-pak" (sp?). I even saw the x-ray he took after the root canal was complete showing the 2 root structures replaced by something bright white in the X-ray. What does sensitivity to pressure, and primarily hot temperatures mean?
Avatar n tn But I've never had actual cold sensitive PAIN after a root canal. The fact that you are having actual cold sensitive pain this soon after the root canal makes me think that perhaps not all the nerves/canals were cleaned out. Sounds like a nerve may have been missed. I really wouldn't get an apico at this early point. You may benefit greatly from simply having the root canal retreated.
Avatar n tn I have just had a root canal on right upper molar tooth. I had a crown, so the root canal was done through the crown. I had it done 2 weeks ago. I was still having pain, and when I went back for the hole to be filled, the dentist decided to remove more of the nerve. I am still in terrible pain. When I eat hot or cold foods or drink hot or cold liquids I am in agony on the whole right side of my face. The whole side of my mouth lower and upper teeth are throbing.
Avatar n tn There shouldn't be that much severe pain after a root canal. Consultation with a specialist should hopefully find the problem and fix your situation.
Avatar n tn my tooth had a root canal and crown and after 6 years it still hurts sometimes. i have a root fracture (it doesnt show up on xrays but there is no other diagnosis) with no infection. my dentist keeps his eye on it so if it gets infected i can pull it before bone loss occurs. sometimes its sensitive to hot/cold sometimes pressure. another poster mentioned pain after flossing, sometimes i get that too. most of the time its a barely there ache and other times everything causes a lot of pain.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done almost a month back and at that time there was pain but not too bad and within a week the pain was gone. But now after almost a month the entire jaw where the root canal was done is hurting and it seems to be accompanied with some pain in the temple on that side of the head and pain in the ear too. So I was wondering is this is normal? Another question that I had was how long can I go before I I absolutely need to cap the tooth with a crown?
Avatar m tn From my reading, I can only see two teeth, the one on the lower left that had a root canal and another one on the upper left which had a root canal before this lower left one. You should go back to your dentist to get it evaluated. If they can't find whats wrong, you may need to see a root canal specialist.
Avatar f tn They scheduled me for over a month later for the root canal. The pain was so severe five days ago that it was waking me up and keeping me up at night and nothing over-the-counter was helping the pain. They moved up the procedure. When they did the root canal, they put the formaldehyde-type stuff in the tooth and filled it with a temporary filling. Once the novocaine wore up, I immediately had pain. I took the pain pills i was prescribed and went on.
Avatar n tn I was so tense, out of breath, and in pain by the time she completed the root canal! After the root canal she told me that I would still have some pain but that it wouldn't be throbbing anymore. Well, it's Thursday, 5/31/07, another 8 days since the root canal, and I've still been having throbbing pain in my jaw going up to my ear. When I open my mouth wide, my jaw is clicking like it got pushed out of place.
Avatar n tn A year ago I had a root canal done by an endodontist on my upper eye tooth, the tooth was crowned on a bridge prior to the root canal. I'd begun to have pain and my general dentist removed the bridge, removed some decay & replaced the old bridge with a new one. I still had pain in the tooth and gums which worsened over the next few months so I went back to my dentist several times and completed several rounds of antibiotics which caused a yeast infection in my gums.