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Avatar n tn Two and a half weeks ago, I had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a new guy I'm dating. Two days after our encounter, I woke up with a red, itchy throat, swollen tonsils and a white coating on my tongue. I also had all of the symptoms of a yeast infection. I went to my doctor to have all of the STD tests run and am awaiting the results. I also was given treatment for oral thrush and vaginal yeast.
Avatar f tn Then on Saturday my ears and throat started to hurt and I noticed my tonsils where swollen so the next day I went to a clinic and noticed I broke out in a rash on the sides of my toros, center of chest (breast area), and back of arms. I went to a walk in clinic and came back negative for strep throat or mono and was told the rash didn't look like anything serious. But today the rash is starting to spread and is now on my right leg around my knee and thigh area.
Avatar f tn Had them ever since, itchy, smelly, but easily removed until NOW. A week ago, got very bad sore throat. Itchy tonsils like never before. Picked pockets of tiny stones out here & there, but then the bleeding started. I quit the picking & scraping, but am left with large white patches on my throat & both R tonsil is completely hard & white on the backside. (Have to fold it forward with a tongue depesser...yuck...
Avatar n tn Two and a half weeks ago, I had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a new guy I'm dating. Two days after our encounter, I woke up with a red, itchy throat, swollen tonsils and a white coating on my tongue. I also had all of the symptoms of a yeast infection. I went to my doctor to have all of the STD tests run and am awaiting the results. I also was given treatment for oral thrush and vaginal yeast.
Avatar n tn The best choice for you is to see the ENT. This specialist will check your throat and tonsils. It seems that your appointment in a month is too long for you to be worried sick.
Avatar n tn My symptoms were mostly lots of throat drainage and phlegm in my throat, but then I started getting an itchy throat. I started taking claritin to stop the itch, and to prevent the sore throat that I would get from the drainage. A few months ago, I started sneezing these white particles, which are the size of, or atleast comparable to the size of a piece of oatmeal. I looked at one under a microscope and it just looked like a glob of brown cells. They also have a strong, bad smell.
Avatar f tn although it don't hurt, it feels like my throat is itchy and once that feeling comes on I began to cough again and than sometime vomit. any suggestions as to what it could be?
Avatar n tn help needed throat gets itchy and ears are also itchy and to get relief i spell "G" like grgrgrgrgr and afterwards some white solid mass comes out of my throat..please help..
Avatar n tn Hi, Im a 21 yr old female who recently developed two raised pink/flesh colored bumps on the Left side of my throat where tonsil was located ( I had both tonsils removed when I was younger) my throat is extremely itchy and slightly reddened I have no pain or sore throat just the itching and those two raised bumps could this be an STD or what does this sound like?
Avatar f tn (is that the tonsils?) I always seem to have mucus at the back of my nose/ in my throat. I also sometimes have pain in my ears when swallowing. They can sometimes feel very itchy inside and I do have some temporary deafness (like muffled) every now and again. I dont know if these could all be part of the same problem, cause a friend says that the nose, ears and throat are all connected. But I've been researching on the internet and have found so many things that have scared me.
Avatar f tn ok hers the deal in july 5 had sore throat went to docs diagnosed me with pharyingitis and the left tonsil had been swollen for a long time never went down and i got over the sore throat on the 19 and now today i felt some pain on the tonsil no sore throat and im so scarred cuz what if its hiv i have no white on them i was tested for strep came back negative what could it be caused from i have had allergies latley itchy runny nose watery eyes could this be the cause?
Avatar f tn It's been 6 months and my throat is still hurting and tonsils also. It goes away for a day or so then comes back. I had my HIV tests at 10-11 weeks come back negative and I have been tested for everything but herpes and it also came back negative, this was back in April. My armpits gets itchy and sometimes hurt there are no swollen nodes though but sometimes my groin nodes get bigger but dont hurt. I also noticed I started to get like a rash with a few tiny red sores on my shaft.
Avatar f tn It never went away and continued. Friday was the same thing my throat felt to itchy and irritated I would keep coughing. Friday night it felt gross to swallow my saliva. Saturday it was the same thing so I looked in my mouth and noticed my tonsils were swollen. I've always gotten sore throats when getting sick but have never had swollen tonsils. Later that day I started feeling warm and weak with chills I checked my temp and it was only 99.
Avatar m tn It causes painful urination, discharge from genitals and throat pain if throat is infected. I do not say that you have these illnesses but you need to be careful.Practise safe sex and use a condom. Discuss with your doctor and consider change in antibiotics. Hope you find this information useful. Take care!
Avatar m tn itchy sensation in the tip of my penise with an urge to urinate a lot. But definitely no discharge. 16 june 2008: went to see my urologist who gave me Ciproxin for six weeks because he thought it was prostatitis. He also took a swab of my throat, everything came back negative 22 july 2008: went to another ENT, who took blood (including HIV, antibody) and was also considering reflux. This was 10 weeks and 3 days ago.
Avatar f tn This is the tube that leads from the ear to the throat, you may see a little hole by the side of your tonsils, that is the Eustachian tube which drains away any mucus from the sinuses. If you have finished the antibiotic, it would be a good idea to get a swab taken again to make sure that the bacteria was successfully treated with the course of antibiotics. It may be that the course of antibiotics was not sufficient to kill all the bacteria.
Avatar n tn I have this dry, itchy cough which started out with a lot of flem and mucous but is now mainly just a dry cough. It's also very itchy and irritating, feels like I have something stuck to the back of my throat. I had the same cough last year about the same time march/april. It lasted about a month and got so bad that there were occasions where I just couldn't stop coughing or even say a sentence without the need to cough. It also gets worse in the evening.
Avatar f tn It could be enlarged tonsils. It could also be due to a throat infection or sometimes due to GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), where the acid contents of the stomach come up into the throat and irritate. Only a consultation with your primary care physician can help diagnose. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
2135035 tn?1345466635 Hi , I had exposure unprotected in tanzania on 15th march then on 2 nd april i had sore throat in morning means it used to pain a bit when i used to swalloq somethibg. Then after 4days the pain was not their but but i saw there were 2 white raised spot on right 2 on left tonsil and one on uvula my mouth was very dry by then.. Then the white spot on my right tonsil diminished (after 2 days) but right tonsil was bit swollen and the mouth was dry but white spot on left remained ...
Avatar f tn I started with spots in my throat and an elevated temperature last week, but my throat didn't hurt per se, it was itchy and hot feeling, a bit like thrush would. However it started after I had terrible acid during the night coming up my throat. The spots on my throat look nothing like regular tonislitis, but the dr gave me antibiotics nonetheless which did not work. It only got worse.
288415 tn?1231634102 I sense relief then the symptoms return. Most days I can hear but am constantly aware that my ears are itchy. The challenge is to not itch. If I itch, I usually get flaky stuff that I literally can lift off my inner ear.If I itch too much it becomes wet and begins draining a wet clear fluid. Then at night, whatever side I lay on clogs shut. In the morning there is thick crusty crud that again I try not to pick at. Im obviously in continual circle of symptoms here.
Avatar n tn What condition could cause veins to show in the back of the throat? There is no white build up usually asociated with mono or strep or anything? Could it just be irritation? Story: Since August I've had swelling adenoids (left side) and Lymph nodes swelling in my throat on and off. I've taken two HIV tests well outside the window period. Going back to the ENT soon just wanted to see if anyone here had a heads up about something like that. It doesn't hurt at all. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hey there, I'm a 20 year old female concerned about catching something after having a man (of unknown status) ejaculate in my mouth twice. Five days after, I woke up with a swollen/sore throat and red, sunburn-like rash covering my groin, buttocks, breasts & surrounding area, but it didn't itch and I no fever. I had slept with a tampon in, and was concerned about TSS, but had no other symptoms.
Avatar m tn I developed cold symptoms about 2 weeks ago, starting with a sore throat, then a stuffy nose, and then a slight "itchy" cough. The cough subsided within 4 days, and the stuffy nose practically subsided, but I STILL have a sore throat. It seems to act up at night the most, and during the day it almost goes away to the point where I feel perfectly fine.
Avatar n tn sore throat starts. For 1 week: sore swollen tonsils and sides of neck tender. 8th day: swollen neck and tonsils waring off. Low back pain I've never experienced starts. 9th day: Left eye redness, bright red & feels dry & not itchy...for 2 days. 11th day: notice small white spot on cornea of eye. panic and go to family practioner. He prescribes meds: cephalexin for throat, bacitracin ointment for eye.swab test in throat for possible staph or strep.
Avatar m tn about 2 days after finishing the 5 day cure my throat began to hurt again. my tonsils were red with white spots on them,and also the back of my throat was red (i could see blood vessels , it looked like an infection). after this i went to see the doctor again, and got 7 days Doxycycline (anti biotic). 2 days on this pill, my throat pain was gone, but it was still red. i finished the 7 day strip, after that my tonsils were still red. i also noticed a scalloped tounge. no pain anymore .
Avatar n tn Hi, Okay, Let me start by saying that I had my tonsils removed a few years ago. Six days ago my throat began to get sore and by the fourth day it was extremely sore to swallow. So I went to see a doctor, he told me that I had a viral infection and sent me home with no medication. The next day (yesterday) I started to get a rash on my forehead, it started like little pimples with white tops.
Avatar f tn it felt like something was stuck in my throat when I swallowed and my tonsils hurt really bad. I went to a doc for that, who just gave me sudafed. My sore throat went away.) Anyway, I finally had enough of the itch about 10 days after the incident (which started about 5 days after) and went to the doc again. He said it was a yeast infection and gave me diflucan. The itch stopped after a couple of days. By the way, in the midst of all this, I was also diagnosed with thrush.
Avatar n tn Swelling is less severe than the last one, but I have more itching in the throat and pain too. I can feel my tonsils have swollen a bit. It took almost 1 hour for the first eye to swell and then the second one started. The swelling is more in the corner between upper nose and upper eyelid (below the start of eye-brow) and when i touch it, it feels hard inside. What should I do next? Do I need to see an eye specialist or a better allergist. Any good doctors in Chicago Area? Thanks in advance.
1672333 tn?1416698518 I'm glad you didn't have thrush, I figured since you had strep throat, a classic sign is pus on the tonsils or on the sides of the throat. Usually, thrush is on the tongue. Anyway, I hope you get this resolved verys soon. Since it usually takes some time to get an appointment with the ENT's maybe make the appointment and if the throat clears up you can always cancel. I wouldn't wait though if possible. If your sore thoat resolves, it takes a while for lymph nodes to go down.