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Avatar f tn So for the past week now I have had the whole itchy throat thing. Normally is will last a morning every few months or so and not the severe, but not this time. This time I also have a cold with it. The cold isn't co getting me at all but is giving me a raspy voice. I have a really dry burning kind of cough. The reason why I cough so much though is because of the itching. It had gotten so bad that I will have coughing fits for up to 5 minutes straight.
351479 tn?1196690762 assuming you don't have a fever or body aches you probably have a cold, thats why you have phlegm and an itchy throat. As for your ears aching its because you have phlegm congested in your system. take a lozenge every 6-7 hours, drink lots of fluids but don't drink orange juice though because it'll make your throat itchier only take vitamin c when you feel like your going to get the flu or a cold or when everybody around you is sick.
Avatar n tn I am very scared about that......BUT I spit blood ONLY in the morning...during the day I still coughing but no blood...only in the morning...or if I sleep for about 2-3 hours during the day,but straight after sleep.....once I stand up ,after that no blood.....I spit red blood about 10 spits....Could you please tell me what could be....sorry for English it's not perfect!!!!
993601 tn?1249962929 I sometimes get a scratchy feeling in my throat (not painful at all). I sometimes get really itchy ears, and an itch nose oh and itch cheeks. I have suffered from a few bouts of hay fever in my life so i know this throat thing isn't hay fever. What do you think it is? Please help.
Avatar f tn When a person sleeps the airways are usually patent allowing normal passage for air entry. The upper airway that is at the region of the tongue and the soft palate is the most compliant (soft) part. So, this is liable to collapse and cause airway obstruction. This can cause choking episodes in sleep and a dry throat and mouth. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn these bumps are much smaller than the ones i got in the beginning but they itch just as much. this morning i woke up feeling very weak and was sweating a lot. i don't know what's wrong with me! Please help!
Avatar n tn ive also had an upset stomach i was sick 3times last night but when i woke up this morning i still felt ill..ive also had an itchy throat and migrans and feeling boiling..When i woke up this morning i also had swallen lips and eye brows, whats that all about?? (Im not a women, im a 17yr boy..
Avatar n tn Looked through several web sites and read several forums and realized that it may have something to do with the phlegm in my throat. In the morning I gag and I am constantly swallowing to get the phlegm out from the back of my throat. The taste and feel of it back there makes me nauseated so I try and eat something to removed it hoping it will push down with food.
Avatar m tn I have cough sometimes throughout the day because I feel my throat is very itchy and after eating meals I also coughing. I always feel my throat have phlegm stick on it. I think the blood is coming from my throat because of excessive hard coughing. I need to know what is happening in my cough and throat, anyone can help me.
Avatar n tn I recently am experiencing a rash all over my body excluding my head, hands, and feet. It is puffy red spots appearing in the early morning and then going away by late afternoon. I also have a headaches, sinus congestion, sneezing, and a persistent cough. This has been going on for about 2 months. Blood tests come back negative. I am in a house that flooded. Could this be associated to mold?
Avatar n tn my husband has the same issue, gets really itchy only at night and in the mornings when he wakes. He did a skin allergy test and was diagnosed to be very allergic to dust mites. On top of that, a well known dermatologist also diagnosed him to havepityriasis lichenoides chronica. There's no cure to that, it gets worse with baths due to the water 'hardness'.
Avatar n tn and obviously others running with me ask what is wrong -- I sound terrible. This gagging problem occurs in the morning and not at other parts of the day. At other times when I run, I do have to spit mucus, but the coughing and gagging occur in the morning only. My morning routine before running is to drink several cups of regular black coffee and eat Cheerios cereal and a carton of yogurt.
620060 tn?1235519391 Does anyone know why it would be doing this? Another newer symptom is tingly, itchy legs, and a vibrating feeling in my hip. The vibrating feels like a cell phone vibrating in my hip pocket. I've reached to get the phone so many times and it wasn't even in my pocket. I'm having some weird stuff like this going on. I've also had a headache for at least a week non-stop. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Help!!
Avatar n tn I told my wife about and she just said that I might have caused it since i sometimes induced spitting out phlegm once i fell it itchy in the throat...Actually, I have experienced this before and cant remember when was the first time, I prolly just ignored it for I feel that my body is just normal. My work also kept me busy. Any comments, findings about this? thank you very much. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/284669'>spitting blood in the morning</a>.
Avatar n tn When I vomitt, i bring up anything i have ingested but if this nusea comes first thing in the morning, i bring up thick saliva which i am unable to control. I have been told this is allergy but to what? I do not know. All these put together, is distressing and weighing me down as i become lethargic because i cough throughout the day and nights are the worst when I feel I could choke on my saliva. What can i do? I am 42 and female and am not sure if this is my immune system playing up.
Avatar n tn Oh, yes........the MACK TRUCK that has it's route on HCV HIGHWAY....(for those of you from included)no, HCV HWY is nothing like PCH Highway....) THAT TRUCK has hit me just about the whole entire 31 weeks.......I hate that feeling when the body is totally exhausted....and really energy generating there.....AND THEN THE BRAIN IS WIDE AWAKE....THE BRAIN WANTS TO PLAY.....but the body will not comply..........I love reading, but the focus is difficult....
Avatar n tn I will show him your report. Sometimes food will trigger my itchy arms and sometimes being in the sun and the pool. The sensation feels like it is coming from internally and no matter how much I scratch, I cannot get relief. I have had this problem on and off for a few years......since we moved to this area of Florida. However, this year, since June, it is unbearable.
14947301 tn?1437508268 I've had them both done and didnt feel any pain afterwards. At worst you'll have soar throat from the endoscopy, and may have some pain from where they biopsy, but nothing severe.
Avatar f tn Hi everybody, I have been getting sick in the morning and this is not the first time this has occurred. I am now almost 22 and I use to have this problem all the time in high school. But after I moved away for college the problem stopped. I just came to Vietnam, I am studying abroad I am supposed to be here till November but if this continues I may go back early. It is interfering with my classes in the morning.
Avatar n tn every now and then when we have throat infection our whole upper respiratory tract gets infected and we have a connection from our nose to our eyes it is called a Nasolacrimal duct. so when the duct gets infected it gets swollen and blocked. so the tears cannot run down through them to our nose so our eyes get watery. also it gives ascending infection to the eyes.
Avatar n tn If the Candida is giving you difficulty swallowing, you may want to drink some lemon water. Take the juice of a fresh lemon and put it in about 20 oz of cold water do not add sugar. It will not taste wonderful,and it will (and should) be bitter. You say Yuck, but try it anyway. The acids from the lemon juice may temporarily "deaden" the nerves in the throat as well as shrink the tissues, reducing the pain and the swelling.
Avatar f tn What causes it??? Why can't we get rid of it. It comes in the same spot in my throat every time and I have it day and night. I cough up loads of thick clear mucus and it seems to be sitting at the back of my throat. I use dozens of tissues and sometimes feel like I am choking. Help! Has anybody got a cure??
Avatar n tn Apply warm compresses on the site and the blood under the skin which causes the discoloration of bruising should be totally reabsorbed by the body in three weeks or less. If it persists or the symptoms worsen then you should get it examined from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar m tn The morning following intercourse, I noticed a tender/itching sensation primary on the left top of the head of my penis, along the edge of the crown. Applying a water based lotion soothed the area. The sensation isn't as prevalent today but there are a few additional factors: This morning I visited my doctor to get my blood drawn for a cholesterol test (scheduled weeks earlier). I did not bring up my penile symptoms because I had assumed it was friction related and not an STD.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from consistant itch and ringing in my ears and a sore itchy throat. I also have trouble brathing at night an morning. I have gone to several of doctors and have been tested nothing is wrong. The list ER i went to the doctor told me I had a lot of wax in my ears I went home and used a ear wax removal kit but no wax was out and still the same problem! What sholud I do. Also for the past 3 months I have been getting a rash around my neck. Do you know wht this might be?
681588 tn?1275086789 It doesn't hurt when I swallow, nor do I feel like I've got anything with substance stuck in my throat. I've been known to have minor colds once a month for the past year, but for the past 2 months I've been cold-free. I've never had strep, pneumonia or any major respiratory infection. But I do get sick a lot. My immune system is crud for some reason!
Avatar m tn This can be associated with postnasal drip and throat clearing. This can in turn irritate the throat lining. If infection is suspected, you need to send the sputum or throat swab for culture, microscopy, staining to rule out the pathogen and should also take chest radiograph. Antibiotic sensitivity of culture will decide the effective drug.
Avatar f tn I'll post follow-ups in the riba thread in a while.
Avatar n tn i do throat clearing all the time .more throat clearing after eating. as if a small mucus is stucked in my throat,which is not comming out.i was admitted for this in hospital.they have lots of tests including ct scan of chest,mri scan of throat,barium meal,endoscopy,24 hr esophagal ph monitoring,usg,blood tests.all are GERD.what should i do now? please help me. one thing i must tell u.this started at sep.2009.
170935 tn?1225374676 This happened over 2 mnths ago and I've pretty much recovered from every thing else BUT the tightness/wheezing in my chest and the itchy feeling. This has consistenly persisted over the last 3 months and I've been freaked out by it too, as I have never experienced anything like it. Nothing I've tried has worked to make it go away.