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Avatar n tn i dont have an answer to what is going on with all of us but i do know that i get major relief from the itching by using clear CALAMINE LOTION...i just dip a q-tip in it and swab it inside my ear. I hope that helps everyone even if you have to do it several times a day it beats the nagging itch! I also want to say that i too quit smoking so maybe it is related you never know.
Avatar n tn I have a 4 month old cockapoo who has chronic itchy ears. We've been to the vet twice who says there is no infection or mites. I have been using witch hazel ear wipes that don't seem to help. I'm thinking it is allergy related. What are the ingredients I should be looking at eliminating? She is very finicky. I've yet to find a food she likes. She doesn't like any treats, other than cheese. Could the cheese be an allergen? Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I took some Benadryl last night and it helped me sleep, but it continues to itch like crazy! What could it be and what can I do to help control the non-stop itching? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Dogs have allergic reactions to everything we are allergic to and more. Whenever possible, it is best to attempt to determine what the pet is reacting to. Providing your veterinarian with information concerning the age at which the problem began, the time of year it occurs what diets the pet has eaten and any supplements it has taken are all pieces to the allergy puzzle. Sometimes a definitive answer can't be found and the allergies need to be treated in such as way as to ease the symptoms.
288415 tn?1231634102 Hey, its now Wed. night, my ears feel like normal peoples ears!!! This DERM OTIC OIL TOOK CARE OF MY EARS IN A COUPLE OF DAYS, remember I have suffered with this for about 28 years, Thanks God my daughter found this site.
Avatar m tn After trying anti-biotic drops off and on for a few years, several trips to the ear Dr for cleaning (usually sent me home to do more drops to loosen wax up more and come back....which made no sense since I thought my wax was "wet"????) I was told I needed surgery to widen my canal (shave the bone growth I also had due to surfing in cold water).
Avatar m tn My ears are constantly wet and they are terribly itchy I have to scratch, they get red and soar and sometimes the scratching is so intense they bleed, I cant resist the scratching. and the liquid is clear some times yellow and watery sometimes there is a yellowish or greenish gunk that comes out and its mushy and it drips out. It also has a horrid smell to it. When I wake up sometimes I feel off balance or not well and my ears are soaked.
Avatar m tn Am I just extremely prone to ear infections? I do not swim often, and I try to keep my ears dry when I shower. Any ideas of what this could be?
Avatar f tn He hates it when I try to stick my fingers in his ears to scratch his itch, he hates that so much that he growls and tries to bite. I'm at a loss, I just don't know what to do anymore. I hate to see him suffer so much. I desperately wanna help my big boy but I just don't know what to do. Vets are useless. It took four techs to hold my dog down while they cleaned out his ears, he threw each one of them off of him. Boy did I pay big for that one. Please help.
Avatar m tn // I don't know what to do because this is driving me crazy and nothing I am doing seems like it's helping. I've changed facewash, deoderant, shampoo, face lotion. I've changed clothing detergent and fabric softener. I've even changed the state I am in - I was in Missouri when the problem started and now I am in California by virtue of a business trip. I have changed the foods I have eaten, and I still get absolutely no relief.
Avatar n tn Would a decongestant such as benadryl help with this problem? I do believe it's my allergies causing this. What do you think? Thanks.
1095600 tn?1333826607 With it being winter I know I get very dry skin and can start getting scaly skin. For him his ears get very dry and scaly. Often it gets to the point where he scratches and licks at them till they get red and raw. Is this something I should be concerned about or is it like humans when they get itchy dry skin?
Avatar f tn ) I have started using baby shampoo on my eyes and ears several times a day. This seems to sooth them some-what. I have some allergies and take 50mg of antihistamines every night before bed. Can anyone give me any suggestions??????
Avatar n tn Swollen lymph nodes usually mean your body is fighting off a virus or infection. I'm not sure what the dry scalp would have to do w it though. However, I would consult a doctor though just to make sure.
Avatar n tn Her water dish is glass, food dishes are china, her litter is BlueBuffalo all natural walnut (so no artificial nasties to be allergic to). What am I missing? She is really uncomfortable right now and I am worried! The ears bother her most - the lip does not seem to bother her at all - there is no sensitivity when I touch it. I do clean her ears and use an ear drop that I received from the vet - but she is clearly producing too much wax. Please help! I hate to see her distressed.
Avatar f tn An ENT doctor told me to use pure Mineral Oil (in droplets) using a dropper for my itchy ear. I've tried it but don't like that it makes my ear feel clogged. I do one ear at a time and wait a long time before doing the other ear. I'm beginning to notice, every time I eat something it causes my ear to have a reaction. I am interested in other remedies should this annoying issue continues. The doctor did not see any issue other than dry skin in my ear canal, boy, this is annoying.
Avatar f tn When I touch my earlobes I can feel little knots where my peircings used to be but other than that it's smooth. What can this be??
Avatar n tn This definetly is affecting my self esteem as a teen. My face looks so horrible. I don't know what to do. They went away for a little bit then came right back.
Avatar n tn Let it sit for a minute or two and then tilt the head back over to drain. I had to do this in both ears, as they were both having the same problem. I did this in the am and pm, but after about 2 days I found I only had to do it at bedtime. I suffered for 15 years and tried everything. When I find the solution to my tinnitus I will post again. Regards to you all.
Avatar f tn I have this ringing swishing sound in both ears. I will be 45 in a couple of weeks and I do not know what it is like to not have it; but, it is aggravating nonetheless; esp. when lying down to go to sleep at night. Sometimes, it is worse than other times. Especially, when I have a head cold, sinus, the few days leading up to my period, etc. and there are times I will get lightheadnes and or dizzy spells that can last up to 3 days and nights....had that to happen just last week....
Avatar m tn I have been to doctors many times (gastro doctors) and they say probably it is irritable bowel. However, I think it is due to cirrhosis of the liver. I do not know what to do and nothing works to have a nice day.
Avatar m tn What would cause husbands palms of hands to start itching, some swelling with whelps. It also does this with top of ears and top of knees and in top of head. Not all of the time though.
Avatar n tn Did they do actual allergy testing? What I would do becasue its all over is change laundry detergent. You might be allergic to it and then change soemthing else until you pinpoint what it is. Like perfume, makeup, dish detergent...
Avatar f tn It could also be due to eczema. But to exactly pinpoint the pathology you will need to consult your primary care physician who will examine you and may ask for blood tests. If the need arises he may refer you to a dermatologist. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I have been to doctors many times (gastro doctors) and they say probably it is irritable bowel. However, I think it is due to cirrhosis of the liver. I do not know what to do and nothing works to have a nice day.
Avatar n tn Hi, Your symptoms suggest me that you are having chronic neurodermatitis predisposing to fungal infection. There are several irritants responsible for neurodermatitis which includes sweating, dry skin in winters, emotional stress, certain foods like Sweets, chocolate, nuts, fish, cheese, sauerkraut, spinach, shellfish, tomatoes, wine, citrus fruits, grapes, milk proteins, kiwi. Certain textiles, perfumes, working in wet conditions, iron, zinc or vitamin deficiency.
Avatar n tn I am not seeing any improvement after taking their advice. I would also like to know what this is and how to treat. Sometimes it starts as just a reddened area..fairly large..other times a small round bump or flat . in my case either behind ear, eyelids, forhead, neck area, or upper chest area. Has been going on for over a year.
Avatar f tn My Ears Are Outrageously Itchy !. It's Not An Infection Because I've Had Multiple Ones && I Know The Symptoms But I Have No Idea What To Do About This Itch , It Happens Mostly When I Lay Down Or At Night Time . What Do I Do ?.