Itchy bumps on back neck

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Avatar n tn at first I thought it was the cloths because they were new so I took it off but today I woke up itching and I started feeling itchy on my back as well. the bumps are only red when I itch them. since they were under my ears I thought it could have been my earrings because they were new as well but they've been out since sunday and its now Tuesday.
Avatar f tn A week or so ago, I developed a non-itchy rash on my face, and shortly thereafter something similar appeared on the back and sides of my neck. There are a few bumps on my shoulders and back, but that's about it. The bumps are small and light red and they don't itch or itch very very little, like mildly dry skin would.
Avatar m tn I noticed since about 4 weeks ago I started to getting these small itchy bumps on the back top side of my head. Recently noticed some starting on the side of my head around the hair line and some at the hair line at my neck. I also have tiny flakes of skin falling out of my hair when I run my fingers through it. Washing my hair seems to help relieve some of the itching temporarily but after two or three more days it gets worse with the itching and dry skin falling out.
Avatar f tn Mainly on hands and lower arms but some on back, knees, back of neck, and pubic area too. I think when I get nervous it gets worse.
Avatar n tn I recently develop very serious generalized itching mostly on my back arms, legs and back, which cool down when I take Benadryl, also when I scratched hard the area becomes instantly raised in weird snake-like fashion and turns a little red. I also started seeing this strain of Buttons under my chin, ant. and post. neck and lower back. At first I thought it was just acne, but they never turn yellow, just flesh colored or a little red.
Avatar n tn I'm a 51 year old female and for the past 6 years I have been experiencing very small itchy pumps on my upper torso (arms, chest,back shoulers) and in the lower back of my head. They come and they go but always seem to come back in the same places. These little bumps itch intensely and I find myself scratching them until they open up, bleed a little and then form a scab. They began coincidentally when my menopause began. In the beginning it was worse right before my period and when I ovulated.
Avatar n tn On the rear of my neck I am getting extremely itchy pimple like bumps. At times they seem to be ok and almost seem to disapear, then come back with a vengance.....
Avatar f tn i recently just broke out in small itchy bumps on my arms stomach back and neck. not at all times do they itch. what can this be?
1508709 tn?1289940165 My Dad would never go to a barber shop because he likes my Mom to cut it, but we took him to a local Barber for his birthday about three years ago, and ever since then he's had these bumps on his neck. He's tryed pretty much everything that people he knows recommend. They've got so much worse, and are always inflammed, red, and rather large. We thought it could be some type of acne, but these things are not popable. We've tryed unfortunately and they just get larger and really itchy.
Avatar f tn Almost 3 weeks ago I started to have hard red bumps on my neck and back, feeling itchy in my hands. After few days I had new bumps on my face, my tummy and my left arm. In the last few days they got much worse on my neck and back but basically disappeared from the rest on my body. When they first appeared at the beginning where like small mosquitos bites but now some of them are flat, other ones look like imploded and the have a white hole in the middle and they look much bigger.
Avatar n tn Got em - red bumps, skin tags, scraggly thingies growing like cabbage - real attractive! I am keeping the high neckline shirts going until the sweat comes out my pantslegs! Wasnt "Red Bumps on Neck" an old Willie Nelson song.
1528052 tn?1291767540 For the last 4 months I've been getting itchy bumps all over my upper torso; My back, neck, arms, shoulders, stomach, and right near my pubic area.There are rare occasions that I don't get the rash, but when I do it's right after P.e or after I've taken a shower/bath. I have changed my laundry detergent and am now using Arm and Hammer (for sensitive skin). I've stopped using my regular body soap and I use Dove liquid soap.
Avatar n tn I have itchy red bumps all over my back, my neck, behind my ears, going into my ears,on my face, in my hair and slowly appearing on my chest. It took one day for this spread. I don't know what it is and my doctor doesn't either. HELP!
Avatar n tn 1.5 years ago I started having itchy and painful bumps on my scalp. Mostly on the back side of my scalp. I received antibiotic treatment and they went away. 6 months later they came back. I received antibiotic treatment again. They went away. This past summer they returned. I waited for them to go away. They did not. The severity varied until December of 2008. I went to the doctor and he gave me antibacterial shampoo treatment. This has not been helping.
Avatar n tn Shes going again today to a different doctor in hopes to find out something different. My problem is I have Itchy Red bumps on my penis & scrotum. Some on the head(2) and shaft(5), others on the scrotum(4) as well. I've been washing with a shampoo to clear up body/crab lice. Could this be causing a problem? I've been putting hydrocortizone all over to help w/ the itching and it seems to help for a couple hours. but the bumps are not going away.
Avatar n tn don't have a rash or any raised bumps just very very itchy from neck down. any advice.
Avatar f tn I recently became itchy on the base of my neck, i discovered what felt like bites, i ignored it and just kept on scratching, then my hips became itchy and upon a doctors visit i discovered i had scratched my hip so much it had become an open wound and it was starting on the other side, now it has gone from head (still itchy) but it is on my fore arms, my back, my knees, behind my knees, shoulders and my lower legs, the doctor i saw prescribed a steroid cream which has kind of helped with the itc
Avatar f tn Hi, I was wondering I had this patch of well I thought it was dry skin it was kind of scaley when I noticed it and itchy so I would put cream on it and it seemed to releave it some what well now in its place the skin discolord a little and the itchy dry skin is gone. On my neck i notice i started to get small red bumps that are itch they are close together and itchy some are filled with a clear sort of liquid the frount of my neck is getting red now and it is itchy now to.
Avatar m tn I have like 3 different style bumps, though - tiny pink bumps on hands and fingers, dry (ringworm-like) bumps on my upper arms, and tiny pin ***** bumps on my stomach.
Avatar f tn Now I'm getting really worried. Sense yesterday I've been really itchy on my feet and hands and back and my tummy. I notice today I had little tiny dots in my tummy. I'm 35 weeks tomorrow. I'm really worried.
Avatar m tn They turn red they look like bug bites but its winter and bugs don't come around this time.
1211220 tn?1335633152 Hello there. I have had these red bumps on the back of my neck and spread down to my upper back since January 2012. They are very itchy and there is no liquid oozing out or if squeezed any debris coming out like with acne. I saw my dermatologist in Febuary to discuss with her and she said it was acne even though I was put on accutane, during that time which cleared up my face nicely.
Avatar f tn So about 8 months ago my son who is 9 broke out in a rash/bumps which started on his butt cheeks, moved to his legs (mostly around ankles) but still had bumps on his theigh too, then He had about 15-20 bumps on his stomach, back, arms and neck. So I took him to the dr and the nurse practitioner diagnosed him with scabies. We treated him with the cream along with putting hydra Cortizone cream and Teatree oil all over his body. Within a week they went away.
Avatar n tn I have red itchy bumps on my back, chest, and a little on my neck. I have had them for a very long timem any idea what i have??? Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn For the past week and a half i have been noticing small itchy red bumps appearing on my skin it started only on my wrist then spred to the back of my legs, my arms, underarms and neck.. it seems like every day there are more and more and they become more itchy i don't think any think in my lifestyle has changed ex.. eating habits laundry soap, body wash etc... i don't know what is causing them althought it started the day i found out i had a virus in my intestine and was really sick...
Avatar n tn I also have all the same symtoms,. itchy head, back of neck bumps on the front of my neck, but no lice! My mother thinks I am paranoid, Ive had her check my hair so often, even with a magnifying glass!-but theres nothing there. the doctor prescribed me aqueous cream and coal tar shampoo, and it worked for a short time but not in the long run. I only use natural shampoo- at the moment something from the dead sea 100% organic, which is really expensive, but isnt helping....