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Avatar f tn One thing I forgot is that my blood pressure is very good, about (100-105)/(63-70)
769503 tn?1238499921 I would prefer Losartan, which seems to have a superior action with few side effects. The dose of Ramipril is half of what can be prescribed daily (20 mg). It is NOT o.k. to take more propanalol. I would discuss with your physician the idea of eliminating both drugs and going to simply Losartan.
Avatar f tn 5mg everyday, for to treat the diabetic nephropathy, i can get ramipril in my town but its 5mg ramipril capsule in the chemists, and his medications are over, so should i let him take the 5mg ramipril? my big concern is would the dose cause hypoglycaemia or any other effects as the dosage will be double the dose hid doctor prescribed? please help me on that, i will be grateful...thank you.
Avatar n tn Beta-blockers (metoprolol) block receptors on blood vessels and the heart that are affected by adrenaline. Ramipril is in a class of medications called ace inhibitors. ACE inhibitors affect an enzyme produced by the kidneys that affects blood pressure. Sice the medications are different they have different side effects. Some of the beta blockers side effects include decreased energy and libido. ACE inhibitors can cause renal problems in some and sometimes a persistant cough.
769503 tn?1238499921 No, do not take any more medication other than what has been prescribed for you. It is irrelevant what doses other people are on, because the doctor will prescribe a dose that is for you. If you are still having very high blood pressure, you need to make an appointment and see your doctor. He will either change the dose or change the medication to a different one.
Avatar m tn I'm a little worried, and I am contemplating calling my cardiologist back and seeing what he thinks about me wearing a Holter monitor. Is it possible that the Ramipril is lowering my blood pressure to much and that is causing an arrhythmia? Is it the hypokinesis? Should I just relax and listen to my cardiologist?
Avatar m tn I did have a normal stress test two months ago, and my echo was fine, except for the borderline hypokinesis. Is it possible that the Ramipril is lowering my blood pressure to much and that is causing an arrhythmia? Is it the hypokinesis? Should I just relax and listen to my cardiologist?
Avatar m tn Franco, That is great news that you have been exercising so well and have lost 20 lbs after your heart attack! I would very strongly recommend that you continue to see a cardiologist or at least an Internist who is comfortable in managing ischemic cardiomyopathy (reduced left ventricular function in the setting of known coronary artery disease; which is what you have). An ejection fraction of 35-40% is NOT normal and is called systolic heart failure.
Avatar n tn I take a half dose (25mg) along with 600mcg of Monoxidine (a centrally acting drug - another one which I have found has no side effects although it is not as good at controlling BP).
Avatar f tn I also am Steroid Dependant due to Adrenal issues.. I have alwYs had good BP but now it's suddenly gone up to 150/155 my consultant sent me to Care of Gzp with updose of Ramipril.. pleSe can anyone tell me how dangerous this reading is . Thankyou to anybody with any info for me.
Avatar n tn Not all medications work the same for everybody but this is my saving grace. I understand Ramipril has a beneficial side effect of strengthening the interior walls of veins and arteries as well. If your BP is over 140 on a fairly regular basis you should seek treatment immediately or you are causing yourself escalating damage that may not show up right away, but can cause you untold problems in the future. I hope this helps you make the right decision sir.
Avatar n tn 5 once a day.The good thing if there is one after all this is the angiogram found that my artiries to my right leg is totally blocked, and the left one is also somewhat blocked so much for my back surgery.My legs are hurting me more than ever, I am out of breath just getting into bed.It has been five weeks since my back surgery and four since my heart attack, what can I do or take to feel better?
Avatar n tn but no one has yet voiced to me personally if this change is good, bad or indifferent. For anyone to say that I'm going to live to be 63 is a wash...may be I will and may be I won't. There are no guarantees. But I'd hate to be planning today for tomorrow and missing out on living today...which was the way I was approaching life. I used to save for the rainy days...well my rainy days are here, and it's a downpour!
Avatar m tn Most ECG's are taken with a patient laying down and fully relaxed, which is really no good if the pain comes on with exertion. It is obviously going to look normal. So, say the patient has a 60 % blockage and feels fine while laying in your examination room. You take the ECG and it looks fine. The patient leaves and then obviously they could have a heart attack at any time. Even within minutes. If the plaque ruptures, it can block the vessel lower down.
544430 tn?1283716258 i have an occasional cough...the DR says it is caused by Ramipril but cant change my med because im been treated for Excema which i've had now for 18 mths..
Avatar n tn cardizem CD, ramipril,metoprolol, nitro PRN, Ticlid, folic, poly-iron, aspirin, CQ10 . WHY IS THIS HAPPENING that I'm still young? WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM HERE! DOES ANYBODY HEARD OF THIS RARE CONDITION? PLEASE HELP!
Avatar m tn From this forum I have understood that there is possibility of LV reverse remodelling if pulse rate is kept low. Now I fear that if I reduce my coreg my pulse rate will increase. When I asked this question to my cardiologist he replied that if I cannot tolrate higher dose it is better to keep it low. Can someone tell me if it is necessary to maintain high dose of coreg even with the difficulties I mentioned above so as to get advantage of low pulse rate.
Avatar n tn Like you I was originally told that I had acid reflux which was crazy. My cough is a strong itch more under my right ear than in my chest; the cough is never in my chest, just in this location. I can press my finger on the area and cause myself to cough. If I am eating something (especially salty foods) and swallow, if a grain of food gets on the area I start to cough. If I lay on my right side and have sinus drainage, I cough.
Avatar m tn I heard the ejection rate anything greater than or equal to 50% is good. At present she is very depressed, not eating properly. She is a vegetarian. Do you think any healthy diet can improve her better, especially for the heart?
Avatar f tn My doctor has just changed my medication from Amlodipine to Ramipril 4 weeks ago. My dose has increased from 2.5 to 5.0 My blood pressure is lower in the morning and evening generally but recently has been erratic. I have headaches, feel nauseous, tired and have chest discomfort. Is this normal. Please help.
Avatar n tn This hearth enlargement, called heart remodeling, it is a not , in the long term, a good effect, and it is the main reason for treating us with ACE-I that are supposed to avoid it. If you have reports of the echos, normally they indicated the length and the volume of left ventricle and you can see if they have changed over the years. I am surprised that your dr. has reduced your ACE-I, did he gave you any explanation?? Did he detect any problem with the kidneys? Increased Creatinine levels?
Avatar m tn One other thought, sometimes statins can have side effects I see she is taking Crestor and Ramipril check out thats not the cause .
Avatar m tn I am also on some medications for cholesterol (my bad cholesterol is under control, my good cholesterol (HDL) is too low) and my cardiologist is trying to get the HDL numbers up. My cardiologist tells me it's okay to have a glass of wine each day with my evening meal while on cholesterol meds, however, I keep forgetting to ask my Endocrinologist if it's okay to drink a glass of wine with the diabetic medication. Is it okay? Thanks!
Avatar n tn There are a lot of firm believers out there that believe that COQ10 will do a lot to help the left ventricle become more efficient.The ubiquinol is the purer form of COQ10 and 200 MG is a good dosage . Do some research a lot has been written about it. Another supplement that can help with increased energy levels is L-Carnitine. Both have been recommended for consideration by several Drs associated with the Cleveland Clinic.
Avatar m tn my wife age 39 having diluted cardiomayopathy no symptoms of short breath, swelling, pain etc. docter says unknon cause. now treatment is carvedilol 12.5 mg twice. ramipril 2.5 mg once. spiromide 20mg once. loprin 75 mg once. q10 enzyme 50mg once. Is it a good treatment for the patient.
976897 tn?1379171202 My Ramipril is hardly working now, it looks as though I'm becoming immune to its effects. My current BP is around 145/105 and sometimes higher. Is there a natural substance which helps with BP that anyone knows of? Or, do I need to ask the Doctor to change me to another med?
Avatar m tn Diastolic dysfunction is a fairly common finding and grade I is the most mild. It is common for it to come and go based on your conditioning at the time of your Echo. I've had a few echoes in my life it has shown up once and was gone on the next. Don't stress, get with your doctor and get a good cardio program and it will most likely go away.
Avatar m tn If you aren"t already, you need to follow a strict "Kidney Diet" the following website is a good start for receipes and and nutritional breakdowns specific for CKD: This website is a comprehensive nutrition counter for specific foods:
Avatar n tn Hello, Your blood pressure is obviously high but you have started with the lifestyle modification with exercise and dietary changes. Moreover ACE inhibitor drugs like Ramipril is a good antihypertensive and should lower the blood pressure. However ensure that you take this drug regularly as prescribed and get your blood pressure monitored at regular intervals.