Is metronidazole for yeast infections

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Avatar n tn I know that metronidazole is an antibiotic (brand name Flagyl), but I was always under the impression that it was used for skin infections, yeast infections, and infections in the joints. I've never known it to be prescribed for an abcessed tooth, however maybe it's because you have lupus that your doctor wanted to prevent the bacteria from your tooth abcess from attacking your joints, I don't know. I would call my pharmacist, though, if I were you.
Avatar n tn There was 20 pills i am currently still taking this medication, however i believe now i have a new problem I now have a yeast infection and i am married and I believe i have given my infection to my husband too, How can one prevent this reoccuring infections? what is the best treatment for the yeast infection? I also have reoccuring yeast infections around menstration time why is this? How or what should i be doing differently? Is there other treatments for yeast than creams?
Avatar f tn So I started this a couple days ago and today I had a heavy amount of sticky discharge. This isnt normal for me. So I was wondering if this has happend to anyone else. Is it just the antibiotic clearing the infection.
Avatar f tn what are the symptoms for a yeast infection? If it is a yeast infection can it cause my period to be late or could it be the medicine that screwed up my period????
Avatar n tn Flagyl is usually given either for Bacterial Vaginosis (an overgrowth of a certain type of vaginal bacteris which causes discharge and an odor), or for Tricomonads, which is considered an STD. Yeast infections do not cause bacterial vaginosis, however, yeast infections can occasionally be mistaken for BV (bacterial vaginosis).
1245078 tn?1268582322 Are you on the pill? I used to have chronic yeast infections for years in my early twenties. Like you, I followed my doctor's advice and was very careful but nothing helped until I stopped taking the pill (it has something to do with the artificial estrogen). So if that could be the reason, you might want to talk to your doctor about alternative methods of contraception.
Avatar n tn 2007 (chlymidia) which i came up positive for and was treated right away, weeks later i have been having recurring yeast infections and i was finally told that i has BV. i just finished my medication today 3/19/08 (metronidazole), and im still having vaginal discharged. it went from a watery milky white (with no odor) discharge to a THICK white discharge (with no odor).
Avatar n tn I took it for bacterial vaginosis with my 2nd child and was fine but I wasnt aware that yeast infections needed such an aggressive treatment like that. My OB has always told me to use Monistat 7 for any yeast infection ive had. Is there a reason why theyre prescribing flagyl as a first option?
Avatar n tn I'm 25 weeks pregnant my doctor prescribed me Metronidazole Vaginal Gel for a bacteria that I have, has anyone else taken this during a pregnancy ? I'm really scared I've read about women who've lost their baby by taking this gel I'm really scared I called my OB and I asked him if its safe for the baby and he said it is but I'm really concerned about this, its my first baby too. I need Help anyone ??
Avatar f tn In this response I included the medical information from Metronidazole. Mainly what it is saying that they don't have conclusive information on the effects. As far as the data shows they haven't seen effects in humans. I can't stop you from worrying but I can tell you that before you use ANy other type of product make sure of 2 things. 1) That you speak to your OB/GYN about using the product first. 2) Make sure you are not "self-diagnosing" your issue.
Avatar n tn at this point it's best to be following up with your provider when you have symptoms of yeast to get properly tested to make sure yeast really is the issue. sometimes breaking the yeast cycle is hard so it's best for a proper follow up and testing. bc pills can also add to these issues. you might need to try a different brand to see if that helps too.
Avatar f tn I agree that Vancomycin is an option instead of the metronidazole. Although Vancomycin also has it side effects. It is the next drug in line if you want to continue the drug route. It won't cause peripheral neuropathy. It is something to discuss. Yes a "friendly" yeast is a good addition to the probiotics. Since you are being treated right now with Nystatin. It may kill of the yeast for now but after the Nystatin is finished it will be a good addition. Some things to think about.
Avatar m tn 3) I read online that metronidazole cream may not be effective for fungal infections, is this true? 4) What would you recommend I use for this, can I buy it in a drug store/pharmacy? 5) With proper treatment how long should it take to go? Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn Never had any sign of herpes. I get Chronic yeast infections (for about a year) that respond nicely to Diflucan. (Latex condoms immediately trigger yeast infections in me; I use non-latex now.) Unfortunately, as soon as the yeast infection clears up, it's followed immediately by a bacterial infection. Sometimes there's blood in the discharge. This has been going on for about a year now. I take Flagyl for the BVs.
1142929 tn?1271626435 Hi. So I took medicine for a bacterial infection and for a yeast infection a week or two later. I have had problems ever since, for the past four months. I was tested for herpes and every other STD in October and all was negative. Since then, the only contact I have had with a guy is fingering...once in December which didn't really change anything and once last month, which made me worse, as it was very rough fingering. I don't understand why this is happening to me.
Avatar f tn Recently did a yeast culture test and stool test and susceptibility test but waiting for results and pretty sure it could be C.Glabrata since it is resistant to the Azoles. Are Echinocandins used for to cure rectal yeast as well ans what is the rate of success? Also ordered Boric acid suppositories to treat vaginal yeast infection, is it safe to use it rectally as well? This is getting very very frustrating.
Avatar f tn How come you never hear of this happening? You'd think people would talk about it more. I can understand why it is not tested for if it is not life long and no treatment. I'm shocked to hear of viruses in the vagina. Are there certain symptoms that indicate it is a virus in the vagina? And how do you know when it has run it's course and no longer infectious.
1648058 tn?1330930902 HELP PLEASE! i have been having on going vaginal infections for close to 5 months straight now. i believe i also have endometrosis as i have suffered from symptoms of endo for 12 yrs. i was diagnosis with yeast infection,pelvic infection, urinary tract infection,& herpes. now i have something AGAIN! ive taken all the meds the doctors have prescribed me and have had little or no relief. i dont understand why my body is reacting this way>>?
Avatar n tn Is that for yeast infections? Sorry the name is generic I think so I am guessing. Is it a one day?
Avatar f tn not really since the most common causes of itchiness aren't treated with flagyl. did they also test you for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally when you were seen or did you just take a pee test for std's?
Avatar n tn Hi Elaine, I have suffered from bacterial infections and yeast infections in the past. Last week, just after my mentral cycle I noticed a foul smelling odour and had a white discharge. I listened to my friends and douched (I know its bad for you) and it cleared up for a few days then came back. I went to the pharmacy and got a new medicine that said it will clear up a bacterial infection or yeast infection.
Avatar f tn This didnt help and a week after I went for another follow up with the same doctor, This time while he was examining me, because I was still showing those symptoms, he told me that he sees like it was a Yeast infection(that is for the second time I was diagnosed with this but with first time, Fluconazole didnt help) I was again prescribed a Metronidazole (4 tablets at once) and a vaginal cream terconazole.
Avatar f tn coli, gardnerella, etc). Went back to GYN who is running a test for Group B Strep now. She also found yeast in my vagina and prescribed me 2 days of diflucan. After 4 days off abx (flagyl), 3 of them were hopeful as symptoms were negligent if there at all. Now on day 4/5 they are back. My tongue is as white and furry as ever and I did a simple saliva test, which resulted in long hairlike particles as well as lots of snowy white bits that sunk to the bottom of the water glass.
Avatar f tn It eventually went away with only a little help from Monistat 3 day. While researching online for yeast infection symptoms, I came across an article that said yeast infections can be commonly confused with herpes. Consumed by fear and worry, I got tested for herpes, which has since come back negative (I have also tested for every other STD - all negative). I am a very fair-skinned natural red head, so my skin is sensitive.
1420263 tn?1282356396 my question is, for those familiar with yeast infections or using monistat 3 - do you think that this means my yeast infection is just clearing up? or does that mean it's still there and coming back? the burning wasn't bad at all, it was very light, very mild, but the fact that it was there at all irritated me. i can't tell if it's just my body trying to get back into a healthy balance or if my yeast infection is still there.
Avatar m tn I have had recurring yeast infections for over a few years now. My cultures come back positive for bacteria and yeast and my gynecologist had prescribed me Diflucan and miconazole combined with Metronidazole. Since the antibiotics tend to also promote yeast infections I would take the Metranidazole, then take the diflucan after. The issue is since I would have a yeast infection originally the diflucan just has yet to be strong enough to actually overpower the yeast infection.
1122973 tn?1269735728 Doctors misdiagnose all the time in eveything not only in that urology aspect, if you aren't happy with you medical visit you can always see a second doctor ---which I advice to always do. Also getting a pap smear is not getting tested for STDs unless you ask for them. A pap only checks for HPV cells or for cervial cancer cells (Call you provider and ask if they tested for any STDs on your last pap). good luck.
Avatar m tn It's been a week and my symptoms improved but have not gone away. The red/swollen meatus is still there and there is still a little redness in my foreskin (the part is located near the opening when folded over when flacid). Basically the consistent symptoms are the meatus/urethra, while the skin problems seem intermittent as they respond to cream.
Avatar m tn I guess I have 3 questions. Could this possibly be a severe yeast infection? Is it possible to have a false negative herpes blood test? Is it possible to be intimate with a person, you have herpes and they don't? Would you get oral and genital herpes from having sex with an infected person? Thank you.
1142929 tn?1271626435 Wondering why I am sore after a month, if the yeast is mostly gone and there is no bacteria.... I should add that I had been having problems for a few months, even before he fingered me. I was dealing with a yeast infection and weird irritation.... it was feeling better for a few weeks, but then I had started to get a little itchy and then after he fingered me it became a yeast infection, or maybe I was already getting one.