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Avatar f tn Hi im 24 having sex almost everyday but i dont fall preggies my last period was during christmas nd it was very lite i took a test its negative pleas help me and my partner we lookng foward to a lil bunny
Avatar f tn We have preseed for the first time this month and starting soon since my ovulation is almost here. We have been trying for 5 months. Having sex everyday and sometimes up to twice a day. Is that too much? Is that why I'm not getting pregnant? I need help please answer!
658901 tn?1403818234 Well now when he comes all he wants is just sex Im feeling very sick I thought I was pregnant but Im having bad side effets on the depo shot, so Ive been turning him down.
Avatar f tn I think it's as long as you keep up a healthy sex life and have sex often. My husband and I have had sex my whole pregnancy, so when I got checked at 36 weeks I was already 80% effaced and 1cm dialated. I would keep on having sex and let him go inside of you, his swimmers will help thin your cervix out a lot.
Avatar f tn I feel srry for u ladies sex while pregnant is the best sex ever! I'm 39 weeks 6 days to go...
Avatar f tn My husband never wants to have Sex & I want to have sex everyday ! Does he not get that once the baby gets here I won't be about to have Sex for a Long time ?!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn In the meantime I can't even function normally. Everyday i am constantly sick and i am a 21 year old healthy college soccer player and full time mom. I am a healthy person who has never even broke a bone or had a major surgery and now I can't even feel like a person because everyday i am battling with my body just to function normal, actually even half way normal. If anyone has any advice or perhaps similar problems, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn (period) The minute you stop having sex, the yeast and bladder infections go away. Terrible!! Why is that!!? Something so natural, causes so much pain, and discomfort for us. The minute I broke up with a boyfriend, or went about a month without sex, Id feel, "back to normal" down there again. and its very hard to make your boyfriend understand what is going on with you, I just dont see how some of my frineds can have sex 3 times a day everyday without an infection.
Avatar n tn I was under the impression that this is the Women's Health forum...anyway, I understand the urge to "monitor" your discharge but it can be irritating and even cause an infection to stick your finger up there. The vagina cleans itself really well so even in the shower it shouldn't be necessary to do that. So, your urge is natural, but try to resist because your suspicion that you may do yourself harm is correct.
4032497 tn?1363225295 Is having sex everyday night for few days healthy?? I don't have sex normally every night but would love to tonight. I had sex last night though. Will it hurt anything?
338416 tn?1420049302 It isn't having stress in our lives that is detrimental because we all have stress - it is how we respond to that stress that makes a difference. My DH is definitely type A and I am type B. huge difference of how we respond to stress - he lingers with it, while I get over it quickly. before I hit send and sounded like a complete idiot about stress being good in small doses I did a quick google -here is the link to an article about why we need some stress.... http://www.oprah.
Avatar f tn and regular sex is good for the baby and the daddy to be, as long as you have a normal healthy pregnancy(:
145992 tn?1341348674 And I often see the one who wants sex more does nothing to give the other party what they need that is not related to sex. So, I think some give and take should happen. I don't know if that helped one bit and probably it didn't. But I know it is hard. Don't give up and just try to talk. Everyone gets the farthest with communicating when they speak from their heart. Handling his anger the way he did is not helpful to resolving the issue. He should know that too.
467126 tn?1283148458 my sex drive is through the roof!! i can never get enough...its 3x a day everyday!!! its been like this since i got pregnant...!!! wow!! i was like that before but not as much in the mood as i am now~ are you guys experiencing the same?
7251241 tn?1389567812 Hi, Is it safe having sex when pregnant. I am going on 6 weeks pregnant, but have found on-line that having sex can be dangerous to the baby....? Is this true or can it be dangerous??? Thanks.
Avatar f tn the best advice i can personaly give you is fight it fight it fight it it is a battle trust me but you have to do it, Understand your body ,learn techniques on how to relax I personally suffer from severe anxiety and derealazation and its scary but im slowly learning on understanding my body needs talk to someone professional best of luck
436516 tn?1382388265 My quality of life is GONE. My sex life is gone... I mean who wants to have sex with someone who might start coughing in the middle of it all? Expecially when it causes bladder issues!!! My relationship is suffering, my children are worried, I can't leave the house without a fresh COLD pepsi and praying that I wont cough while I'm out. If this is living, I don't want any part of it anymore.
Avatar f tn Unless you have major complications or doctor says you're at risk for preterm labor, then sex is perfectly healthy and safe up until you go into labor.
1454858 tn?1306787978 princess - I am only a tiny bit nervous of sex while preggo and I know dh is too. He is generally having an adversion to me. I don't know if it's because I'm cranky, I've been sick, he has been picking up most the chores lately, he has just been more interested in his cars lately, because we had SO much on-demand-sex before this, or what - but my man doesn't seem interested either. I know it's not because of size or anything - I am still early on and am not really showing much.
1878614 tn?1320572024 Sins we've started to have sex, there have occured many problems. Which could be from the past that is coming up now or that we are doing something wrong. We both had previous partners. We get tested for Hiv every year. Beginning: 2009 I sarted to develop low back pains and shooting pains in my vaginal area while having sex. I went to a gynaecologist, he did a few minor tests and said that it could be endometrioses and that he will do a laparoscopy.
214607 tn?1287681159 Of course, I only want a healthy baby. So if it is to be that I am to have another little girl, I guess that I will have to name her VERONICA LILY. Yes, that is it...and that is a good weight naughty...nice and healthy... Utah...maybe as the day goes on you will think I am having a boy!! lol....J/k...again, I will take anything, just healthy. Lily is a pretty name though...
1550654 tn?1294751154 I read that having sex during withdraws helps to produce the missing endorphins...I know it sounds funny but what should i do? My boyfriend is not here and for some reason i keep getting this urge to well, you this part of my body coming to normal oh and will it takes these freaking headache away?
Avatar f tn hi im 18 and have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. When we began having sex it was fine (but not enjoyable). However i started to find it painful, it feels as if its too big for me. I also find it difficult to use tampons. In the last year we have had sex twice because it makes me feel like crying. Its not because of the pain, it just feels wrong and dirty. I also hate being touched and get angry when my boyfriend touches me in a sexual way.
Avatar n tn I don't know what's behing all this? But I am sure it is all happening due to unprotected sex. I would be grateful if someone can advise me.
Avatar n tn If anyone has any advice that could help me I would be really appreciative, as this is seriously freaking me out, and is putting me off having sex as it is really embarrasing.
Avatar m tn But now I notice that my glans is rather dry, the inside of my foreskin looks dry as well, and there's some redness in my glans (like when having mild balanitis), and I think it is because of friction between the two dry surfaces (which itch a little when they move). Curiously, the tip of the glans which is not covered by the foreskin doesn't look red or itches at all. After I have an erection and the glans returns to normal, it looks "wrinkly" and with a more dry appearance.
Avatar n tn It is also the whole behind my back and choosing to do that over having sex with me that night is sad I think I am human the computer isn't. It just makes me sick to my stomach. I am just scared to leave him b/c there are so many good qualities about him besides this.