Having sex everyday is good or bad

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Avatar f tn I totally agree with Annie and Heatherm4 it is bad for the sperm count evrey third day is ment to be good plus there is a test maybe baby witch is good to tell you when your most fertile that could help with making babys :) Good luck i know how hard this can be im going through the same thing xo
Avatar n tn hi ladies: i bought an ovulation kit but shows i'm not ovulating at all, or always getting negative results. if we have sex everyday, will his "swimmers" be as potent? we want a baby so bad.
Avatar f tn I needed a good smile today, you guys are great thanks! Have you noticed how much better sex is and how much better you feel like you are? I was pleased to observe this little change................ Keep going on!
Avatar m tn Anyway, I'm at 65 Days and STILL get them often.... Like when I want to escape, or don't have energy, or am happy, or am sad. The voice of cravings is recognizable. I try to listen to it. What is the voice saying? What is the tone? Urgent? Impulsive? Does it say things that sound like a spoiled three year old. (Mine usually says something like, "This blows @$$, you better take a pill....") Recognize the voice of your addiction. It is not YOU. It is your addiction.
Avatar f tn well after we had sex today it wasn't so bad. but now my vagina hurts a bit like throbbing.
1073484 tn?1257162512 Another of her excuse is work related She is always complaining that her work is draining so much energy from her, so that having sex with her on weekdays is actually like arranging a date with Maegan Fox! LOL. Im not forcing her though and i particularly dont like forced sex. i just dont enjoy it. Another is her health, she would be complaining of headaches, dizziness and whatnot. But most of al, she would made me feel that she is always giving me a favor when she relents. i think its unfair.
Avatar f tn in some way, my point is that it all starts somewhere, with the abuser perhaps. That is why it is so important to be a good parent so we aren't raising the abusers or vice versa, we need to stop the cycle and it starts at home.
Avatar f tn Btw but I was scared we went to the hospital and it stopped and after hours of waiting the doctor told us our baby was okay that my body was a little sensitive due to pregnancy she said sex is okay and as long as im.
Avatar n tn to much sex is not bad. The burning and itching is probably a yeast infection go to the drug store and buy an over the counter product for the infection if it helps good if not see your doctor and after taking the meds. take a good refrigerated type probiotic you can buy at any health food store.
Avatar f tn Idk what it is either but the sex is amazing even tho we can only basically do one position that doesn't make me cry. Since I found out all I want is sex with my fiancé everyday and sometimes more than once...he can't keep up with it though. I hears that the pregnant woman that want it more is because of a chemical in the sperm we don't have anymore and it helps plateau are emotions.
Avatar f tn The sperms softens the cervix and if you orgasm while having sex it causes contractions which can help stimulate labor and cause you to dilate.
Avatar n tn We been together almost 6 years on and off and he has always been extremely sexually active. He could seriously have sex everyday 3x a day. It's always been hard for us because I'm good with it 3x a week lol. I try to make him happy tho. Last pregnancy we had sex til the day that I gave birth and even before my 6 week check up although it hurt like hell. I'm now 33w5d pregnant with twins and I can't do it anymore.
5761111 tn?1373909851 Ahah I feel soooo bad for my hubby he's always I mean everyday grabbing me and kissing me and I'm likeee go away ahaha. Yesterday we had sex first time since last week .. I feel bad. I'm tooooooo tired....
Avatar f tn The only way to have sex is me being on top or in the shower. I don't see us having sex everyday like we have been much longer...
Avatar f tn So how long are you ladies planning on waiting to have sex? Baby is only 2wks2days but I feel great! I know we are supposed to wait six weeks but I've been thinking we're going to try it at 4wks. Ive had no pain and no bleeding for almost a week. I am thinking if we take it very slow and stop if it hurts ill be ok.. what do u guys think? Also am I the only one who still goes on this site everyday even though I'm not prego anymore??
3185867 tn?1348438043 Its not that I dont wanna have sex its that it hurts. And its been frustrating me so,bad that I been stressing... It makes me think if.i dont give my,fiancee sex hes gunna leave me. I wanna be able to pleasure him,and I cant. :,( we just tried and I got so frustrated because we culdnt find a way that didnt hurt that I just started balling...
Avatar f tn my husband and i just had sex earlier!! So question during n after sex is it normal to have a little pain in your lower part of your stomach? not horrible pain just a little???
Avatar f tn This is my 4th pregnancy and he never has thought he would hurt the baby.. he loves having sex with me pregnant or not!! Tmi but he says the vagina feels awesome wen pregnant lol... Men are different. And it depends on them how the see and handle things also.
Avatar n tn I just started having sex and it's suppose to be a good time in my life where I am exploring who I am and who we are as a couple but having this in the way makes it hard to be that young and in love couple. I do take yazmin birth control but I don't think that has much to do with it since I've been taking that for years and never had a problem till I started having sex.
Avatar f tn He was diagnosed with inflamed colon. It can be caused from a virus or colon disease or salmonella poisoning. He is at our doctor right now. I am very worried. However I am not sure I will have him go through the amount of tests you are going through. I would have him look at diet, stress reduction, acupuncture and a naturopathic doctor. All of your tests are coming back normal thank God. So delving in to other possibilities like do you eat soy? are just some of the things I'd look at.
Avatar f tn I recently notices that im having bad adore frpm my vagina with yellow little discharge ans btw iam a newly married and we almost having sex everyday ...is it a fungal infection or bacterial and wt is the medication should I take and is it effect if iam pregnant .!!
Avatar f tn It also isnt something that just appears. Bipolar symptoms will start in early teen years and is usually misdiagnosed as depression or bad behaviour. Bipolar will also play a major part in the background of your life.
Avatar m tn I miss being with him... We broke up and we continued having sex together, then we had to cut ties cuz we wouldnt move on. So we took a break, but every single time we see eachother its like a tingly sensation, that attraction comes back. If we close enouggh to eachother and no one is around we jump on eachother, that sexual tension breaks, that heat comes back. The hot sex is back... everything. Then we laugh about it, and realize we're busy and need to go do our thing.
Avatar n tn This is definety a ? for the Womens Forum but I'd say yes, it's strange & dangerous. Sounds like borderline OCD & if tissue gets scratched w/ those nails, may get infections. If a scratch is present w/ a parnter, it can poss. cause some problems. Do you know abt the Womens Forum? This is 'Undiagnosed Symptoms' & wonder why so many females are asking abt sex or vagina questions? Seems more intimate over there. Anyway, OCD is a poossible answer & I'd discuss w/ MD.
Avatar n tn In any case, the symptoms you describe don't sound like those of any STD, and in any case no STD can cause symptoms less than 2-3 days after exposure. Seeking testing is a good idea, if only for your mental health. But you can wait a bit. If you don't develop abnormal discharge of pus or mucus from your penis or sores on the penis in the next 2-3 weeks, that's a good bet you weren't infected with anything. Of course if symptoms appear, get checked right away.
Avatar n tn the only time my vagina starts to smell is after sex or during. anyone know what this is? and also...i've been trying 2 get pregnant....me and my boyfriend tried 4 times. during my most fertile days. but still nothing, zip..not prego but back to the question i asked. what is the horrible fish like smell?
445263 tn?1208805016 This posting is to let everyone know that these side effects went away for me. It has been about ten weeks or so now, and I am back to a normal memory level and all of the above listed side effects have dissipated. I believe that all of these things are indicative of my body being acclimated to the drug. Oh, and by the way, I have not experienced ANY decrease in sex drive, nor have I experienced ANY weight gain.
Avatar f tn numbness, pain so bad that I can barley walk or move, balance seems to be an issue sometimes, anziety, headaches, dizziness and blurd vision, I have totaly lost my sex drive maybe due to the pain, I have muscle spasm small and big in all parts of my body from eyes all the way down to my toes, I have what I discribe as burning now, and something that seems like Im having a shaking from the inside of my body that makes my teeth chatter, also I go to the bathroom alot.
Avatar f tn yeah so had a bf in august 24-december 12, then another guy for 1 day [no sex or sex things with him] and then i met my current bf december 1, met another guy december 26 had a fling with him on december 29 and jan 1 and on feb 3...then my bf now on 2/17.... ummm...does this sound slutty...oops!!!!!!!!! oh yea all sex was protected except jan 1...