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Avatar m tn Patanol is rather expensive and so I'd just prefer to use otc drops. Also, is it safe to also use an otc natural tear solution if the antihistamine dries out the eyes? Thanks.
118074 tn?1228332603 Hi ladies, just have a question, what kind of OTC allergy medication is safe to take while you are pregnant? Also, can I use my inhaler for allergy induced asthma? I took a Benedryl last night for allergy and it knocked me down! THANKS! Dolly!
Avatar n tn when i go to the allergist they try to pawn it off on dermatalogy and say NO this is your department, which they basically dont want to help. i have heard this from others too!! i would expect older(60+) doctors to do this, not the younger ones, which is pathetic since u go into medicine to help not for the money. anybody else had a similiar problem?
Avatar m tn They do have claritin OTC but it is less strong. It takes a while but then it works after a while and then I hardly had any allergies. Another thing you can try along with this is daily Nasal crom spray. It doesn't harm the nose like other nasal sprays. It works on the Immunoglobulin A in the nose which traps the allergens before it gets to your blood and so you won't product histamine (which is what gives you the symptoms). It has to be used before you get exposed and daily.
Avatar m tn Acid reflux, specifically laryngeal-pharyngeal reflux, can cause the symptoms you describe. You might want to try some OTC reflux meds like prilosec or zantac. Feel better.
Avatar f tn I had a very very strong reaction to candida species and candida albicans but have never had a problem with yeast or yeast infections. I have been on various OTC and prescription allergy meds, currently I take daily clarinex and allegra, and I also take diflucan to treat the yeast allergy. I have also been getting regular allergy shots for over a year. I occasionally take a benedryl also. Despite all of these treatments nothing has really successfully gotten rid of my symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm frustrated and really need some advice. I've been having constipation and it's making my life miserable. I had an upper gi & endoscopy test Jan 08, return normal results. Feels like my intestines are swollen and burning internally, which causes the bloating sensation, but my digestive area is soft, when pressure is applied, my chest always feels tight, very tight which makes it very difficult to breathe, and the more constipated/bloated I feel, my chest begins to hurt.
Avatar n tn Also, would a prescription antihistamine be better than an OTC? I was thinking Clarinex. Also, I have developed a terrible burning rash under my left armpit from scratching I believe. It is very bothersome. I assume I should put hydrocortisone on it for a week twice a day. Please let me know of the possible skin conditions this could be, so that I can further research each. Also, your professional opinion on what prescription drugs would be favorable to my itchy problem.
Avatar n tn have been to dozens of docters inc the mayo clinic. i have tried every otc and prescription topical product out there. i have had allergy tests skin tests bone, liver ,kidney cancer. skin biopsy, cat scans etc. i have taken doxipen ,naltrexone,imuran,clarinex,clobetasol,tazoral,cyclosporine, methotrexate and probually others i don,t remember. i have taken puva and uvb treatments. i still use the uvb light daily. pruritus covers 90% of my body, lesions and open sores.
345124 tn?1234486878 if you have DEBROX in your area i would recommend it. it's otc. just follow the direction or rather once a day is fine. you have to really soak whatever is blocking your eustachian tube. hope you feel better. any brand will do.
Avatar n tn At the same time I got migraine caused by the sinusitis. The mystery is that the above illness are interrelated and occur simultaneously. Please advise.
Avatar n tn Also take plenty of fluids throughout the day. You can also take OTC antihistaminics like benadryl or Claritin. . Use an over-the-counter (OTC) decongestant combined with an anti-inflammatory analgesic (pain reliever) like Ibuprofen. However, you should not use decongestants for more than 5-7 days at a time.You can use bronchodilators for difficulty in breathing and wheezing.
Avatar n tn Our forum is at To join, you need to join yahoo, then join our group. Please come by and say hi. We are a support group for people who suffer from sun sensitivities such as solar urticaria, lupus, porphyria sun hives, photosensitivity, sun allergy, rheumatoid arthritis, actinic prurigo, hydroa vacciniforme, chronic actinic dermatitis, albinism, and more.
Avatar n tn Only on the palms of my hands at the creases on the skin, elbows, a few around the heels and ball of my feet, and scrotum. (So they are only on extremities). I haven't eaten anything odd lately, or used any unusual products or new things, so I don't think its an allergy to something unusual. The bumps are very faint, very under the skin, but itch real bad. What could this be in such unusual places, and what can I do about it? Thanks!
Avatar n tn It is very warm right now, so my 13 year old wore flip-flops to school. I tried to tell her it is going to rain and the temp will be falling today, this is as warm as it is going to get today. But to no avail. She wouldn't listen. As for the stopped up nose thing, I have the same problem. Warm, cold, warm, cold, warm = sinus problems. I have always taken plain old sudafed.
116701 tn?1210262764 LOL YUP on the CRUSTIES! Oh man it's like we live in our own world! Is it POSSIBLE to not scratch them until they bleed? I can feel them all over the place...little crusties hahahaha that made my DAY!
610453 tn?1259108322 Hello everyone I'm a 24yr old female who has been suffering from Hives for over 7months now and I've seen allergy and Endroconology doctor's and dermatologist and no one seem to know what it is. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and when I had a biopsi done of my thyroid it seems that the left thyroid was enlarge so now I'm getting ready for surgery to remove both because they are no sure if its cancerous or not. Can by me having my thyroid removed help my hives go away?
Avatar n tn I also tried the Zyrtec - seemed to last about 12hrs as well. One did not seem any better than the other. Its like the Claritin going to Clarinex. If it is a PRESSURE issue, antihistamines may not help at all. You need to lessen the pressure. Is it an ELASTIC issue? I also have MANY environment issues - including Latex. If it is an reaction to elastic, it could explain why the Prednisone worked.
1367835 tn?1278120052 She said I might have acid reflux and told me to go get otc meds.It didn't get better so I went to see the ENT cause I started to feel dizzy and my ears feel full. He checked me and said I have the thyroid nodules in the right thyroid robe and allergy and acid reflux cause my throat was red. He prescribed Nexium and gaviscon, then clarinex for allergy. He also sent me for biopsy of the thyroid nodules. The result was negative on the nodules and blood test shows that my thyroid level is normal.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your help Deeds! Did you send in your own or did your doctor do the testing? Do I just look up there address and send in my own, or give them a call. I just want to get to the bottom of this! Did you have any other symptoms other than the chronic hives??
Avatar m tn The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush (by friggy) removes infected mucus from every part of your sinuses, which Mayo Clinic research shows is the cure for sinusitis, rather than treating sinus tissue with antibiotics. Regular saline irrigation does not work in the upper sinuses, because of gravity, but the Sinus Flush defeats gravity. It is effective with bacterial and viral infections, and some but not all fungal infections. The Flip-Turn is the original, and still the best Sinus Flush. WARNING!
Avatar n tn I have used vicks, prescription creams, antihistamines, both prescription and OTC. I am taking clarinex and 150 mg of benadryl every 4 hours now but am wasting my time. When I go to the dermatologist monthly, he doesn't see much and labels it atopic dermatitis. Can anyone help please?
Avatar m tn About 6-7 months ago I developed (as if overnight) extreme sinus congestion. Usually my nose is completely blocked up around the clock, especially in the morning. Blowing my nose tends to do nothing, except for the rare occasion that while standing in a hot shower I can get a bit of gunk out now and then. I also have had extremely red chapped lips ALL the time. My family physician did blood tests to test for vitamin deficiencies and found nothing out the ordinary.
Avatar n tn Nasonex, is a nasal steroid which shrinks the swelling and decreases mucous production Clarinex, is an antihistamine and helps prevent the histamine hormone tell the body to produce mucous and fight the allergy Augmentin XR. is a broad spectrum extended release penicillin with clavulanate to fight penicillinase producing bacteria. used to kill bacteria.
Avatar n tn So I have been on Nasonex and Clarinex for allergies and Aciphex for gastritis. Stomach is better, but no real relief from suspected allergy problem, just gets better for a week or so and comes back. Recently was diagnosed with sinusitis and was put on antibiotic. My biggest problem is the constant post nasal drip - mucus draining down the back of my throat.
Avatar n tn My daughter who is now 2 gets a rash whenever her skin is exposed to cold.I started noticing it last winter, when the air indoors or outdoors is 65 degrees or cooler she gets bumps that are slightly raised and they do not seem to itch. They kind of look like welts and she doesn't seem to even know they are there.
Avatar n tn He says it feels like it will explode at any minute. It is to the point that it is about to drive him crazy. His throat feels like it is swollen inside but doesn't seem to look like it is from the outside. Does anyone know what he might have. Maybe someone has had these symptoms and has got a diagnosis on what is causing the really awful preesure.
Avatar n tn I've had mine since May and right now it seems to be responding to antibiotics, but my ears are still occasionally full and they hurt a bit, so I expect the ear problem will come back. What I've heard is that dizziness is usually not dangerous but there's not a lot of research on chronic dizziness, either. Good luck, if it's an ear issue I think there's a lot of treatment for it.