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Avatar f tn Is 3-6 200mg Ibuprofen a day for a 3-6 days a week bad for you over a long period of time?
Avatar m tn i usually take a maalox or something like that, yet i never throw up from it so i don't know if that's applicable for you. i think it is due to the ibuprofen, but if you're not used to eating spicy foods then it could have disagreed with you, not necessarily meaning food poisoning. you should never drink and take NSAIDs at the same time.
Avatar m tn Yes it can cause kidney damage for people that already have loss of function or if taken for very long periods of time (weeks to months or in most cases years), on a continous basis, at a moderate to high dose. Addtionally having said that, ckd doesnt cause pain. so if this very brief useage had done anything, you wouldnt have pain from it. In fact, as it is an anti-inflamatory, it would stop that type of pain.
3122657 tn?1357436202 Ibuprofen is bad for our livers. Try getting a massage if you can. Bromelian, a natural supplement made from pineapples helps reduce swelling but it takes time to work. Also, make sure you're drinking lots of water, and getting some exercise. Try some yoga too. Pot brownies worked the best for my back pain.
1386405 tn?1291591400 ok I just read online that you are not suppose to take ibuprofen while you are pregnant again im 5 weeks i took total of seven not all together of course over say a period of maybe two days due to a severe toothache did i do something stupid is my baby going to be ok.
Avatar n tn Orajel or something along those lines usually works fine. I read that ANYONE taking any kind of pain reliever for regularly for long periods of time can develop liver problems. Just something to think about. Try to give your toddler frozen fruit to knaw on and try topical pain reliever gels first. Let pain reliever be a last resort.
Avatar n tn i have been taking ibuprofen for about 2yrs i want to stop how long will it take for my body to be clear of them
1305767 tn?1361196276 Okay thanks for the info! I was mainly concerned about an immediate accidental overdose. As for the long term effects I've been taking up to 12 ibuprofen a day for over a week now so even without the Meloxicam I'm risking negative effects.
Avatar n tn You were taking a high dose of Ibuprophen for a long time and it can cause internal bleeding and holes in the intestine and/or stomach. Normally you will vomit from the blood but it can also show up in your stool. I would definitely make your doctor aware of this and go from there. Any rectal bleeding needs to be investigated and especially after 50 and after taking this much ibuprophen. Hope this helps and I wish you all the very best!
Avatar f tn That is what a doctor is supposed to do help you. It takes time for any drug to clear your system and a large dose of a drug for the kidneys and liver to filter out all the Ibupropin. If you feel down maybe get a referral to a conselor to have someone there. But, it sounds like you have a wonderful friend that saved your life.Let us know what the doc says.
365850 tn?1207700206 Why thank you, mareke, for your thorough answer to my question... I am only almost 23, and quite healthy since I stopped doing drugs & smoking, & took up jogging - at least I think I am. I am using Motrin for something very specific, and am not sure if it will even do anything. I also find it helps me get a good night's sleep. Anyhow, this is all inconsequent... What other good anti-inflammatory drugs do you know of? I live in Canada, they may be available without prescription...
Avatar f tn In 48 hours I took 2600mg of Ibuprofen. Before I go on, a doctor I had not to long ago said it would be okay for me to take 600mg at once or even 800mg as long as I don't make a habit of it. Yes I did read the bottle, I do ask my parents I even goggled it. http://www.drugs.com/ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn Two completely different compounds. Tylenol, or acetaminophen has been deemed safe during pregnancy, ibuprofen, or Advil has NOT. As for aspirin, that's correct, it's a blood thinner.
Avatar n tn each acetaminophen tablet or pill typically contains 500mg of acetaminophen). In fact, acetaminophen is the recommended medication for relieving minor aches, pains and headaches from any cause in individuals with liver disease. However, when taken in excessive quantities or when combined with alcohol, acetaminophen may cause death due to liver failure.
142841 tn?1201978652 Depending on what your trying to do with a pain reliever, you should consider adding plain 'ol aspirin to the mix. Tx gave me considerable headaches for much of the 'tx week'. I alternated and rotated the stuff and avoided all of them when possible. Some of the tx aches and pains are from being sedintary and 'couch potato-itis'. Try stretching, mild exercise (swimming is great), walking, ice packs/heat and so on.
Avatar f tn Felt this same type nausea before it was removed. How long does it take for the stomach to heal after Ibuprofen irritation that went on for several weeks?
Avatar m tn I was wondering if you could tell me if meloxicam would be better for pain relief compared to 800mg ibuprofen. Also does it take time for meloxicam to build up in my body for maximum benefit? If so, how long does it take? Thanks very much!
4722421 tn?1360712171 You can risk having GI bleeds and kidney problems if taken too long. I wouldnt recomend taking this drug daily for a long period of time and if you want to, I would DEFINITELY talk to your Dr. With that said, Prescription strength ibuprofen is a 800mg pill. The max recommended daily dose is 40 mg/kg (so for you about 1800 mg max a day) Again, I wouldnt take this for extended period of time without your Dr knowing this and being on board. Congrats on the clean time!
Avatar m tn I was wondering if you could tell me if meloxicam would be better for pain relief compared to 800mg ibuprofen. Also does it take time for meloxicam to build up in my body for maximum benefit? If so, how long does it take? Thanks very much!
Avatar f tn My concern is that I had m/c Nov 9 and have had 2 periods since then with really bad cramping, so I have been taking 800mg of ibuprofen for the past 3 months almost! I dont take it every single day, but for the past few weeks I have been taking it every day because of bad headaches and cramps from this AF. I also took 2 today. I definitely am NOT going to take any more. I am on CD11 now but am still spotting from AF.
Avatar m tn hi,i had a gastric bypass 1 yr ago and my mom had hers 3yrs ago ,she uses ibprufen all the time for her pain and the dr prescribed it knowing about her g-bypass,also i take it on and off if i have very bad headache etc and never had any probs,i think the prob is if you take it every day for long eriod of time and thats not good for anyone never mind us as it can damage ur insides,so it goes for every one,but to take it on and off is fine,i asked my dr.
689265 tn?1251133687 Not very often and I would think you would have to use a lot of it for a very long period of time to have any bad effects. I prefer Ibuprofen/Motrin to Tylenol. I just think it works much better and for longer periods of time. I was just at the doctor's office today with my 6 year old and was specifically told to use the IB due to her high fevers.
Avatar n tn I began physical therapy a month ago and about 2 weeks ago I started taking about 400mg 2x/day nonstop and the ibuprofen is helping more now, the pain is pretty much gone as long as I take the ibuprofen 2x/day. I am worried that this long term use of ibuprofen is going to damage my liver, kidneys, intestines, etc. If I stop the ibuprofen the pain is back.
Avatar n tn Hi GB,,,,See,,it looks like still this is a back and forth discussion because I txed during 2004 for a one year and was told ibuprofen but no tylenol lol so who knows... I say whatever works best for you to relief symptoms but of course in moderation only. I only took if it was really needed.
Avatar n tn I have had constant headaches for the past 3 months so he gave me that. Anyone else been prescribed ibuprofen? Or know anything more about it?
Avatar f tn Sublingual vitamin b12 is amazing for energy and mood. The melatonin for sleep and idk bout u but I had restless legs SO bad and theres a product called Hylands Restful Legs u can grab from cvs that works miracles. Ur doing a HUGE thing so take it easy on yourself and keep in mind it takes a while for our brains and bodies to start functioning the way they did pre drugs.
168348 tn?1379360675 They test ev. 3-6mos Kidney function, etc. 24 Hr is normal, too.
Avatar n tn Sometimes theres a burning sensation but im sure i dont have heart burn as my doctor has done alot and that hasnt got anywhere. Also, I have had a cough for very long but not as long as the pain --- however i believe my coughs are because of a very itchy throat and they are not chesty coughs that you get when you have a lung infection and im not coughing up blood.