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Avatar n tn I've been recently diagnosed with the start of menopause at age 49. I have dizziness every single day. I have these spells each day, and throughout the whole day. Some days are less spells than other days. They are quick, short lightheadness feelings, about 1-second duration, but I have several each day. Any ideas out there? Anyone with similar symptoms and in menopause?? Thanks for any responses.
Avatar n tn I started early in menopause. I started into menopause in my twenties. I had a hysterectomy and had one ovary removed. I have not gained weight as long as I keep exercising. I had to start on estrogen and then both estrogen and testosterone(estratest). I only noticed the hot flashes. I was irritable but it was for other reasons, not menopausal.
116881 tn?1189759423 I just read about your dizziness. I too, age 49, just was diagnosed with the start of menopause and one of my symptoms is daily quick flashes of dizziness. I've asked my doctor and waiting for a response. I hope you find an answer. If this is related to menopause, I'll be okay with it, but if not then ... that's scary.
Avatar f tn It's shocking that no doctor connected these symptoms with your hysterectomy. Hysterectomy has been shown to impair ovarian function. That impairment can be complete (as if the ovaries were removed) or partial. A woman with all her parts and in natural menopause has been shown via studies to have higher levels of hormones than women who have had hysterectomies, even those whose ovaries were not removed. I was a complete basket case after my uterus and ovaries were removed 12 years ago.
Avatar f tn I had my thyroid ablated 5 years ago and take synthroid daill-88mcg 5days a week and 100mcg 1day a week. I also had a hysterectomy in July 2008. Would the hysterectomy affect my thyroid?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone who has had been put into surgical menopause has also been granted with low blood pressure. Too low of blood pressure to be exact. With a million and one symptoms of weakness, fatigue, nervousness/jitterness, migraines, blurry vision, lightheadedness, dizziness, more fatigue after exertion, hot/cold flushes, etc. My blood pressure has generally been low but has gotten really low that they put me on Florinef and I am trying to sort out WHY WHY WHY.
Avatar n tn I don't, I'm 35 and have two beautiful children so I think I will go ahead and do a full hysterectomy. I was just concern in regards to menopause because I didn't want to go through all that right now with hormone replacement, hot flashes. I've learn so much on this site, and can't believe how many women are going through this and how the medical establishment just doesn't cares. Our pain is real and not in our heads.
Avatar n tn I'm 47 years old and had a total hysterectomy (ovaries, uterus, & cervix) along with a bladder sling 6 months ago. I had an enlarged uterus and was severly anemic prior to surgery. Needed an iron infusion a month before to bring up levels. My OB doctor felt it better to do a total than to risk cancer later. Looking back I should have had a second opinion on that issue.
Avatar n tn I finally went to my OB in the beginning of November who did some tests on me and said that I was experiencing menopause. I'm 25 and my son is only 1 1/2. No freakin way! He put me on Hormones (which by the way can cause every cancer in the book) and said that I will feel better within a day, but did not want to take Mirena out. I said ok and went on my way. I talked to many people for advice who told me to get it taken out right away and go off of the hormones.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was wondering if any of you all have been put on hormones after a total hysterectomy. My doctor says there are too many risks and I don't need them...I am 38. I don't know what to expect here 2 weeks after surgery, I keep waiting for a hotflash or something weird to happen. :) What can happen if I don't take them? I've had nightmares of growing hair on my face or my voice getting manly. Are my fears real? Can anyone share their experience or knowledge about hormones?
Avatar n tn He said it is just menopause and to exercise. I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago due to polps and have cysts on my ovaries now. What else if anything can I do to feel better?
Avatar n tn I am probably depressed but feel like its because of this dizziness. I am seriously considering getting a hysterectomy to help with this. But, I dont know if it will. Help!
Avatar f tn I've read dozens of online testimonials from women claiming that the Mirena IUD sent them into premature menopause. I can't find any scientific research supporting this though. Anybody have any thoughts? Is this even possible? I am very worried because I had mine removed almost three months ago, and still no period. I have also been breastfeeding for twelve months and I hope that is the reason. But I've had the occasional hot flash, terrible mood swings and thinning/graying hair. I'm only 30.
Avatar n tn But combined with confusion, weird vision, heart palpitations (because it is scary to feel that way I thought), memory loss, sounding like an idiot when I talk because I'm mixing all my words up, all these symptoms together are leading me to think it must be menopause. Had a vag. hysterectomy (I have ovaries) so I had no hint of menses stopping, but now this all makes sense. Phew. I hope to sleep better tonight-thanks for the blog.
Avatar n tn I have had nonstop sinus pressure/pain, headache, dizziness, major eye strain, my face is sore, my teeth are sore. At the beginning of July I went to an allergist. He said I was allergic to 3 types of trees, 4 grasses, dust, molds and very mild allergy to cats. He put me on Rhinocort. NO results. Then I went back to him after already dumping over $200 in co-pays and medication and he said I have a sinus infection.
Avatar n tn For the past 3 months now I have been having strange symptoms like nausea, dizziness (extreme at times), headache behind the eye and sensitivity to light, joint/muscle aches and stiffness mostly in hands and feet but occassionally like a full body flu-type attack, weakness in wrists, cold feet and hands that feel like they are plunged in ice water whenever I take a hot bath/shower, constant feeling of cold so that I just can't get warm, occasional hot flashes and chills, exhaustion and sleepine
Avatar n tn I too have alot of the same symptoms as many of you. For the past 5 months I have had dizziness every day, more like waves of dizziness that roll over me and especially when I turn my head to the left or right. I have this constant pressure in my head and rarely will I get headaches. My eyes feel weird and I don't really know how to describe the way they feel, I just feel kind of out of it. I also have this almost constant fatigue.
442027 tn?1209869942 Hysterectomy Questions- Now the left ovary is starting with Cysts. Would it be best to have full hysterectomy? What about a raditical hysterectomy to avoid even Cervical Cancer? Cervical Cancer does run in the family. My oldest Sister and my Mom caught theirs early. Now my other sister is being monitored, because something has been in her cervix for a long time. My daughter has something going on with her cervix right now too. Do I have to go on Hormone Replacement?
655277 tn?1224382126 I have been searching forums for an answer to what to do about dizziness associated with menopause and I never hear anything from those who have "been there - done that". Are they gone? Are they laying on their sofas afraid to move? Are they dead? I am nearly 53 and according to my doctors I have been going through menopause for the past 8 years! I had a partial hysterectomy in 1995 and started having flushes.
Avatar n tn I know that since my hysterectomy and the drs leaving one ovary, I have all those symptoms, fatigue, dizziness and joint pain, along with night sweats and others. After being put on a low dose of HR I was doing better but they are starting to come back, which the dr said that I may need stronger HR. Not knowing how old your daughter is and if she has a reg. gyn. I am 34, But if she does have a gyn I would go to him/her first, just to be on the safe side.
6322039 tn?1380731598 I struggled with perimenopause for about ten years and was actually glad to finally reach menopause at age 52 because at least there would be an end to the periods. I did not have a hysterectomy. The hot flashes weren't too bad, but the headaches, dizziness and occasional weakness were miserable, not to mention no libido and no patience. I am also a hypothyroid patient too, which doesn't help the situation any since many of the symptoms can be interchangeable.
1464814 tn?1286196138 Hello, i am new and i am so scared. I had a total hysterectomy in 1997 at the age of 26 for Endometriosis, i had both ovaries removed and was only taking HRT for approx 12 months post operation because of problems with the patches causing me a rash. Last year i started to get some odd symptoms. I had a vague feeling of being unwell, hard to explain just would feel really weird.
1464814 tn?1286196138 Hello, i am new and i am so scared. I had a total hysterectomy in 1997 at the age of 26 for Endometriosis, i had both ovaries removed and was only taking HRT for approx 12 months post operation because of problems with the patches causing me a rash. Last year i started to get some odd symptoms. I had a vague feeling of being unwell, hard to explain just would feel really weird.
Avatar f tn You mention dry eye- have they made sure your estrogen levels aren't too low? This became a big problem with me with surgical menopause- dry eye. And regarding your exhausted state, did they check your ferritin to find out if an iron deficiency mightn't be contributing to that (besides thyroid & dysautonomia problems)? Iron deficiency, besides dysautonomia, can also cause dizziness and headache as well. It's great you have a willingness to do your utmost to be well!
329994 tn?1301666848 I did think after I left the office that I should ask him about testing for estrogen - to see if I am actually producing any? I do believe that they do that, right? To see if a woman is in menopause or not. Maybe someone will read this that would know. I hate to post on either forum because I really do not know what I have!!! I tried to call back to ask them that, but they close at noon on Fridays.
Avatar f tn i'm no help either, as i went thru menopause at 39...sorry! but things did get a little rough, just like you are all describing right before it stopped all together. so if you want to have more kids, better get to it! lol! female chiarians, as a rule, do tend to go thru menopause at a much earlier age than most!
Avatar f tn However, in some cases it has caused serious side effects like cysts in breasts, tumors, irregular heart beats, vaginal bleeding, dizziness etc. You can only know if it is beneficial or harmful if you take it. So please discuss with your treating doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn I don't produce any progesterone since I had my radical hysterectomy in 2000. It is not patented since it is a bioidentical substance, but you still need a prescription for it unless you use the over the counter product at a very low strength. It can be purchased at a compounding pharmacy (the cream form and in any strength) or at a regular pharmacy in which case one of the name brands is Prometrium (oral progesterone).
1589851 tn?1301161280 Depending on the damage to the veins and capillaries, blood volume to the ovaries may slightly decrease or can be eliminated completely which is called isolated ovarian syndrome (common with hysterectomy operations). Many of the symptoms of PTS are associated with menopause, hormone shock, or of having an estrogen/progesterone imbalance.
Avatar m tn Low blood pressure after giving birth but steadily getting lower, 5. Full hysterectomy at age 28, went on HRT Premarin for 8.5-9 years....6. Smoked Cigarettes 3-5 a day for 6-7 years, now 1-3 a day maybe twice a week, some weeks none. 7. Have passed out with concussions over four-five times in past three years......8. Have osteoporosis per Bone Density Scan.....9. MRI six months ago showed three dots that doctors said two were of no concern, however one needed to be watched.......10.